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Food and family

Eating as a family has a lot of relationship benefits. It is one of the best ways for families to grow closer together. It is amazing how something as simple as sharing a meal together can make a difference in the closeness and relationships family members share.

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Family Vacations

Family vacations can be a fantastic opportunity for improving your family relationships. While taking regular family vacations certainly won't ensure better family relationships, they certainly can help. Here are a few of the ways that regular family vacations improve the relationships in families:

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Family reunions

Family reunions provide families with a unique opportunity to grow closer with one another. Small or large, families ought to be holding regular family reunions as a way to keep the familial bonds strong across generations, as well as multiple families, extended and otherwise. Here are some of the benefits of holding family reunions:

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Taking family members for granted

It is a sad truth that people often take the relationships they have with their family members for granted. They may not realize what a great thing they have until they jeopardize it, or it might simply be laziness that leads to taking family for granted. No matter the reason, taking family members for granted, while common, is a poor idea. Here are a few things to consider:

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Struggling with sibling rivalry

It is common for siblings to struggle with rivalry but if parents do not work on controlling the rivalry, it can get out of hand and lead to destroyed relationships. Sibling rivalry can happen at any age. For some parents they feel that planning to have their children further apart can lead to reduced rivalry can be wrong as some families find that it leads to worse rivalry. This is because the older sibling has gotten used to having the un-devoted attention of their parents and when a new sibling comes into the family it can cause them to become upset and leads to picking on the younger sibling. The younger sibling in turn may end up comparing themselves to the other sibling all the time and they may have issues with their parents as they feel the parents tend to favor their older sibling.

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Making a blended family work

When you are dealing with a blended family it can come with it's fair share of complications and emotional drama. Children aren't always accepting of the step-parent idea and it can be hard to bring your child into a new family where there are other children. What is a blended family exactly and how can you make it work? A blended family is defined as "one where children from previous relationships are included in a new relationship or marriage." The kids can be very stressed about the situation and it can lead to incredible upsets in the relationship with the parents. The stress and frustration the child feels can take its toll on the new relationship as well because the parents aren't able to work on building the relationship as the child is always getting in the way of it.

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How to stay in touch with faraway family

Once upon a time immediate and extended families lived within miles of each other. Cousins, aunts, grandparents etc. could all be counted on as a part of regular everyday life. Today, there are many families that are scattered all over the globe. Jobs and other career demands are often the most common reason that families don't live in close proximity. However, no matter what the cause is, there is no reason that a family can't still be close. While it takes some work, family members can stay in touch with each other even when they live on opposite sides of the world. Here is what you need to know about how to stay in touch with faraway family-

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Know yourself, for better, more meaningful relationships

friends26667557.jpgIf you know yourself better, you will have better, more meaningful relationships. The fact is, people who aren't sure who they are, what they want in life, etc. are the people who can't seem to get relationships right. They get upset when their partner does not provide them what they want, but they can't define what they want, so it is an impossible task.

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Friendships with family are not always easy

friends30880102.jpgYour family members might be some of your closest friends, but all too often, they can become bitter enemies, or at least far from friendly. We often find that we treat our family members poorly, and as a result, real friendships with family members can be difficult, strained, or stressful.

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Fighting with family

family30352360.jpgFighting with family sucks. No one wants to be in a fight with the people who they are supposed to be able to count on the most. However, often our families are the people we interact with the most. As a result, they are the ones who get the brunt of our bad moods, our insecurities flaring up, etc. Often, because we are dealing with family, we are less thoughtful, and quicker to anger or other damaging emotions.

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When family won't help

games30772552.jpgFamily is supposed to be the people who are there for you and do things for you because you are family. So, what do you do when your family won't seem to help you out? It can be incredibly frustrating and hurtful when family doesn't seem to want to be part of your life or aid you in any way. Because of the idea that family is supposed to be the people you can rely on, often when a family turns down your request for help, it is far more frustrating and hurtful than when a friend does not want to help. Here are a few tips:

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Extended family getting you down?

family30352360.jpgExtended family can be a real frustration. It is never easy to deal with extended family, but if they are getting you down, then here are some tips for dealing with the frustrations and challenges of extended family, as there are sure to be some:

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Creating sibling bonds

sibilings63561169.jpgDo you see friends who are really close with their brothers or sisters and wonder what you can do to create such good friendships with your own. Sibling friendships and bonds often take a great deal of work to keep in a happy state, and other times come naturally and easily. Regardless of what the situation is for you, having a sibling to whom you are close can really benefit your life. Here are some tips for helping to create sibling bonds:

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Working with family

busfriends30396999-1.jpgWe all have work, and we all have family, and on their own they can be wonderful. However, sometimes mixing the two can be a nightmare. Most people would caution against working with family. However, there are ways to make it work. Just as any relationship, you can make a working relationship work with family, as long as you follow some rules of conduct. Consider the following:

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When you miss family

family30766912.jpgThe bond some families have is so strong it can stand the test of time and distance, but that does not mean you won't miss your family. In life there are all kinds of reasons we end up far away from family, from jobs, school, missions, etc. But the one thing in common for most people is that they eventually start to miss their family. No matter how exciting or new the place is, when you are away from family, even for a short time, you may miss them. The following are some tips for coping:

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Theft in relationships

clip71731932.jpgRelationships are always going to be somewhat complex. There are going to be things that upset the balance of things, cause fights, problems, and upsets. There are also going to be the times when things are going really well. So, what do you do when you experience theft in your relationships? Consider the following:

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Strong parent child relationships

fatherworking41835607.jpgHaving a strong parent child relationship can really make it easier to parent, and to guide your child to the kind of life you wish them to live. However, like with every relationship, it can be difficult to find the right balance. The following is a look at some tips for how to develop a strong parent child relationship.

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Sexual abuse in the family

trustrock19045278.jpgWhen families experience something like sexual abuse, it can be an extremely difficult situation. A male member, either the father or a brother, perpetrates most sexual abuse in families. Because it is family, many of the victims of sexual abuse are afraid to blow the whistle. They do not want to be the reason their family is torn apart, or their father goes to prison. No matter how poor the logic is, as it is the fault of the perpetrator, not the victim, this is the common problem.

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Seeing more than someone's faults

friends30718454.jpgSeeing someone's faults is easy. Name a person and I can tell you in a matter of minutes the things about them that I do not like. We all have this canny ability to recognize all of the bad in people, however, this article focuses on how to see more than someone's faults, and start seeing their good qualities and attributes as well. The following are five things you can do see more in someone than their faults:

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Relatives that smoke

cigarette63306459.jpgEveryone knows that smoking is bad for the lungs, yatta yatta, but unfortunately that does not stop people from smoking. While it is a personal choice, it can affect others beyond yourself. The dangers of second-hand smoke are nearly as bad, and in some cases worse than actual smoking. This can pose a problem for someone who has relatives that smoke, especially if they have children, or you do. The concern for your children's well-being, as well as your own can be very real. So, if your relatives smoke, and invite you to come over, or come to your house frequently, what can you do?

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Money in family

manwithmoneyfan34926870.jpgMoney has a way of causing problems in families. It brings out the bad and good in people. It either shows generosity, or stinginess. It can lead to resentment, or gratitude. Money in families has more potential for problems than it should. The following are a few examples of how it can be problematic, and how to avoid money problems in your family.

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Making stepchildren feel accepted

fatherdaughter41835761.jpgWhen you have a family that is made up of stepchildren, and not first spouses, then it takes a little extra work to make your family feel like a true family. Sometimes it is easier to do the "your kids" versus "my kids" thing, but the fact is, it is better for the kids to feel accepted by both parents and have a complete family. So, what can you do to make stepchildren feel accepted?

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Loaning money to family

money30329551.jpgLoaning money to family spells trouble. The fact is, most people agree that while you may have a decent experience with loaning money to family, it is really never a good idea. Money has the power to get in the way of good relationships. It can cause resentment if it is not paid back. It can cause guilt that leads to isolating yourself because you aren't paying someone back, etc. So, with that said, the following are a few rules for loaning money to family.

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Discovering parentage

family41831057.jpgThese days families are always a bit confusing, and complicated. There are mixed families, adoptions, single-parents, foster families, and more. The variables are a big part of relationships being what they are. So, how do your relationships change if an adopted child, or an abandoned child discovers their true parentage? Discovering parentage can be a difficult experience, especially for the child and often for the parents.

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Developing meaningful sibling relationships

friends30880102.jpgSibling relationships can be some of the most difficult to develop into strong, lasting, and meaningful relationships. You live in close contact with one another, you have to deal with rivalries and like situations, you are often forced into bonds with someone you may have never been friends with otherwise. Additionally, it can be difficult to get a good relationship going if you are older or younger than your sibling. There is hero-worship, the annoying younger sibling, or any number of other things that affect the way a sibling relationship develops. The following are some tips for developing a meaningful sibling relationship:

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proposal31088624.jpgCommitment is a scary word to some people. Sometimes a person is not ready for commitment in a relationship, sometimes they just do not seem to understand exactly what a committed relationship is. This article discusses what commitment is, what a committed relationship is, and a few of the specifics about a committed relationship.

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Can siblings be too close?

drinks60514724.jpgBeing close to your siblings can be a great blessing. You live with them, and you are bound to them, so having a close relationship means a life long friend, and person to rely on. However, sometimes sibling relationships are just too close. So, how close is too close when it comes to siblings? Consider the following:

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Becoming the cool family in the neighborhood

familyfriends30715802.jpgWho doesn't want to be the cool family in the neighborhood? It is a great way to make new friends, to always know what your kids are up to, and to enjoy your free time. So, what can you do to become the "cool" family in the neighborhood? Try the following:

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Absentee fathers

trustrock19045278.jpgThere are many instances of kids growing up without a father. Sometimes it is due to divorce. Sometimes it is a result of death. Sometimes it is a result of neither, the father is just gone all of the time, or does not act like a father. Having an absentee father can be extremely difficult on a child. They may blame themselves for their father being gone, or worry that they have some share in the responsibility of it. The following is a look at how to handle having an absentee father:

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When your family relationships are threatened due to resentment

womanangryatphone35813101.jpgWhen it comes to resentment that you hold towards other people or that other people hold toward us, there are some main causes of resentment. The main causes of resentment always revolve around our ego and our minds attempt to protect ourselves from being hurt. Resentment relates to the ego because when our ego gets hurt the first thing we think about is defending ourselves to help preserve ourselves. Resentment always becomes a bigger problem than we expected, especially when it starts to threaten your family relationships.

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Sibling Rivalry Burdens

Littlegirls30461990.jpgThe children have erupted into another fight. Keep your cool. Sibling rivalry is quite common and usually results in fights. As long as your kids are generally happy and have a good relationship with each other, you have nothing to worry about. However, if sibling rivalry in your home is causing continuous unhappiness for one or more of your children, there are some things you can do about it. Rivalry, especially among siblings is caused by low self-esteem.

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Maintaining family relationships that are long distance

cellphone30365260.jpgNowadays, it is more and more common for jobs, school, or other opportunities and reasons to take a family across the country or even world, leaving the rest of the extended family behind.

Maintaining family relationships that are long distance used to be difficult with just letters and expensive long-distance phone calls. However, there are many things you can do now to make sure your family relationships stay strong, even if you are separated by many miles.

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How to not offend family members

lawyer37472724.jpgIn family relationships, some relationships are so strained that you have to worry about your actions. You need to think about you are doing or saying so that you do not offend your family members. In other cases, you might be faced with a conservative family member, who can easily be offended by things that you do or say. In family gatherings, you need to be on your best behavior so that you do not offend family members.

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How to handle pushy in-laws

mencommunicating19220419.jpgOnce you and your spouse have gotten married, you are going to need to learn how to deal with your in-laws. In most cases, in-laws are fine and can be easily handled until a grandchild appears. Problems with pushy in-laws can begin when you are pregnant or they can start after the baby is born. For example, you might find yourself defending future decisions about putting your child into daycare or whether it is best to breast or bottle feed. If you are experiencing these kinds of problems now, you can only imagine what is going to happen once the baby is born. The problem is that if you ignore the behaviors of pushy in-laws while you are pregnant and wait to deal with the problem until later, you will find that the problem quickly got out of hand. The best thing you can do with pushy in-laws is to deal with the problem as soon as it presents itself.

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How to deal with a manipulative sibling

friends30731255.jpgManipulative siblings are after one thing, they seek to control everything around them. If you have a manipulative sibling, you need to learn how to deal with them right away because any relationship that involves manipulation is headed for trouble. Your mental and emotional health depends on you recognizing and dealing with a manipulative sibling.

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How involved should your in-laws be in your marriage?

trustrock19045278.jpgIt is often said that when you get married, you marry a family, not just a person. For some couples, this is more true than with others and they find themselves dealing with in-laws who want to be involved with every aspect of their lives.

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Helping family members after a death in the family

togetherness19167404.jpgAfter a loved one dies, it can be very hard for people to deal with their death. Many people rely heavily on family members to help them get through the death of a loved one. If you plan to help family members, deal with the death of a loved one the first thing that you need to be aware of is that people grieve in different ways, which can be normally and abnormally. Family members who have just recently lost a loved one are going to require a lot of support. Once the funeral and burial has been completed, you are going to need to focus on helping family members deal with the loss.

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Get Bit by the Keep in Touch Bug

manonphone30342808.jpgKeeping in touch with friends can be difficult, especially when distance is an obstacle. Interaction is what keeps a relationship alive, but who says it has to be face to face interaction. If you can commit to keeping touch with friends even when they don't live close by, you'll find a world of ways to help you keep your commitment. Here are a few suggestions:

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Family relationships get strained during the holidays

gifts36406440.jpgHolidays are a great time to spend with family. They provide you with a chance to bond with your family, but at the same time, holidays can put a lot of strain on family relationships. One of the main reasons that so much stress is put on family relationships during the holidays is that conflicts can come up about whom you should go see or where to go. The best thing that you can do is to learn how to deal with the strain placed on your family relationships during the holidays.

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Dealing with drugs and alcohol in families

pills19296896.jpgDrug and alcohol addiction is something that more families have to deal with. The biggest problem that most families face when it comes to dealing with addiction is that it is something that is not spoken about because people see no clear way to solve the problem and they are ashamed that a family member has a problem. If you simply sit back and do nothing for somebody in your family who is an addict, that person is going to end up becoming lost to everybody. Luckily, there are things that you can do to deal with an addict in your family.

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A Helping Hand

thumbup30905047.jpgChildren generally have a natural knack for making friends and being outgoing. However, some children develop shyness, or a lack of confidence at a young age. That natural shyness can lead to a very unhappy teen and a young adult who has a hard time making or keeping friends or getting a job. You can help your child make friends and get involved socially early by helping them counteract their shy tendencies before they become a habit. Here are some suggestions to get you started:

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Unplanned pregnancy

urgentstamp19152884.jpgQuestions: My boyfriend and I got pregnant on accident, and now it is causing a lot of strain in our relationship. We are both really against abortion, and want to keep the baby, but we aren't sure we are ready. My boyfriend is especially concerned about the financial aspect of having a baby. But I am more concerned about what is going to happen when it is actually here. We already are fighting about how to handle it, so how are we going to handle raising it?

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Parent favoring

motherdaughters41828985.jpgQuestion: I come from a large family, and I have great parents, but sometimes it is frustrating to talk to my parents, especially my mom. I do not live at home any more, and every time I call to talk to my mom, she spends the whole time telling me everything there is to know about my younger sister. I love her, but I do not want to hear about her all the time. I want my mom to care more about what I have going on. Should I tell her how I feel?

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Living with family

family30352360.jpgQuestion: My wife's father died a few years back, and failed to plan for his wife financially after he left. She has no marketable skills, and they were never very good with their money, so she has moved in with us. At first it was great, but now she is always sticking her nose where it doesn't belong. She rearranges the furniture, painted the kitchen without asking, and put together a "TV Schedule" so that we all get to watch our shows without interrupting each other. It is getting really frustrating, even my wife, whose mother it is, can't take much more. What do we do? We can't kick her out, she has no where else to go.

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Lazy husband

man30363439.jpgQuestion: I have been married 7 years. I have 3 kids, and I work full time. I am going to school one night a week to try and finish my degree. My husband used to work with his dad, but had a fight with him, so now he pretty much stays home. Since I have so much on my plate, we decided that he would not look for another job, but instead would take care of the house stuff. The problem is, he doesn't do it. Sure, he is home with the kids, but he does not feed them, or clean up after them, do laundry, dishes, or anything else. When I get home from work, I always have to feed the family, clean up the house, help the kids with homework, and then do my own homework. I am so sick of having to do everything. I want my husband to step up and do something. How can I encourage him to not be so lazy?

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I'm worried about my brother

womanwriting19115187.jpgQuestion: I live across the country from my family, and I see them on holidays and for a few weeks each summer. I am not that involved with them, because of distance, but last time I was home I noticed my brother seemed like he was high. His eyes were red, and he smelled like pot. During my stay he seemed to have real mood swings. When I mentioned it to my mom, she said I was imagining things. I blew it off, but then last time I called he answered and seemed really out of it. Am I over-reacting, or should I be concerned?

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Family owes me

fallingmoney19162760-1.jpgQuestion: I have a wonderful family, but it seems like I am the only one who has ever been financially well off. Over the years I have been very generous, and have lent, or given my family money with little asked in return. A few years back, I lent my sister $5,000 so that she could pay for school. She has graduated now, and has a good job, and I could really use the money. I have had a tough year. I got laid off. I blew out my knee and had to have surgery, and now I am strapped for cash. I asked her about when she would repay me, and she blew me off, what can I do?

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Resolving family and marital conflicts

concernedman19185284.jpgWe all go through some type of conflict with a family or family members at least once! When you have a conflict with them, how do you resolve it? Many studies and survey's have been done to see which way is the correct way. In the end, you and your family are the only ones that know how to solve that conflict. The main quality to have is communication. Many families forget to communicate with each other. People are left out of situations or only some of the family members are told. This makes some family members feel neglected and left out. If you choose to not tell some family members what is going on, you need to let them know that you are having a conflict with someone and do not involve that person. They may or may not be offended. Ultimately that is their choice to make.

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Resolving conflicts in the home

fatherson41825765.jpgNo relationship is without conflict. The way in which we handle these conflicts will be the defining characteristics of our personalities. Some marriages will endure harder challenges and this causes them to grow strong together or it forces them apart. Then there are the families that have large conflicts happen due to children moving from tweens to teens. No matter what, conflict is inevitable and we all need to face it sooner or later.

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Redeeming family relationships before it is too late

familytime30322509.jpgEvery person is capable of making a mistake, but when making a mistake or hurting a relationship within a family can be not only devastating, but hard to repair. To redeem yourself or for someone to redeem themselves, is a very important step that is often over looked or shrugged off. Making things right is the key to keeping a healthy relationship between you and your family member, but with the entire family. When a relationship has been damaged, a lot of times, families will become split with whom to support and agree with. Making the waters calm between the families is the key to keeping a family together.

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How to build strong communication in the home

family30352360.jpgCommunication, effective and open, is an important part of strong, healthy families. It is an essential tool for developing and maintaining strong marital, parental and sibling relationships within the family.

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How to adjust to family life

family41831057.jpgGetting married means that you are going to need to learn how to adjust to a family life style or a married lifestyle, whatever you decide to call it what it means is that you are no longer going to be living the single life. Although the thought of adjusting to a family life sounds terrifying to some it is actually quit an easy task. The biggest difference between family life and single life is that you are now going to be sharing your life with somebody else; you are no longer going to be the most important person in your life.

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Forming tighter bonds between your children

friends35810015.jpgIf you have more than one child you have already dealt with some form of sibling rivalry or just general fighting among siblings. While some fighting between siblings is normal, that does not mean that all fighting between your children is normal nor is it healthy for your children. Every parents dream is to have their children get along and have strong family bonds with each other, but sometimes as parents you are at a loss of how to make this happen. Sometimes between a few siblings getting along and forming a bond just seems to be out of their reach.

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Conflicting family schedules

clock63312045.jpgOne thing that every family comes to realize is that spending time together as a family is important, but what many people don't think about is that everybody in the family needs their own space because they enjoy doing some things by themselves. Spending time alone is not going to hurt your family unit; it is actually going to increase the bond between family members, especially mom and dad. The hard part is trying to get alone time into your schedules because family time is just as important. The best thing that you can do to handle this is to set aside time in the family schedule for everybody to have his or her own activities. If you are a newly married couple without kids, you can dedicate every other Friday as girls or guys night out.

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Common family relationship problems

family30766912.jpgSome of the most common family relationship problems occur in our everyday lives. How you recognize them and handle them is a choice you have to make for yourself and your family. One of the most common relationship problems is communication. Everyone has their own way of communicating. Communication is mostly done with words, but can also be used with other senses, such as sight, sound and touch. Take the time to listen to your family members. This will help you know what their needs are. This will also show your family member that you will take the time to listen, and they will do the same for you. Keep the lines of communication open by listening and talking.

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Building strong bonds between parents and children

fatherworking41835607.jpgParenting is a tough job that requires patience, a lot of work and open communication to ensure that children stay connected through the years with their parents. There is no manual for how to rear children with strong family bonds, but we've put together some of our favorite tips to help you develop a strong, but flexible bond with your child:

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Building love, respect, and friendship in your home

familycooking32012309.jpgThere are many ways a person or person's can build a loving and respectful home. It takes time and patience, along with the willingness to agree to disagree. To start building a good relationship in your home, you have to start with yourself. Take the time to find out who you are and what you can do to make a relationship work. Think about how your words and actions can affect your family members. You may have an opinion on a subject, and your family member may disagree. Make a mental not to always agree to disagree.

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Adolescents and family relationships

preteengirls37473153.jpgFamily dynamics change with the entrance of a teenager. The ability to communicate effectively with an adolescent can by trying and frustrating even on your best days. You can't force her to be well behaved or make good decisions, but you can stay involved in her life at a different level and still have an expectation as a family unit for your teenager.
So you have some influence still, but not much control. It's true with a two year old and even truer with adolescents stretching for independence and respect. Your role in managing your child has just changed to a different level. Now you can consult, offer advice, and hope that what you've communicated and taught as a family will have a positive effect on how they make their decisions.

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3 things to avoid when you have a family argument

perparingforboxing33338232.jpgAll of us have had a family argument at least once, it is inevitable. A family is made up of differing personalities, sometimes different core beliefs and this can cause conflicts in the home. Arguments can get extremely ugly. Emotions are running high. Everyone has an opinion, many times, very different from yours. Tempers are flaring. Reason's to have left the building. Objects may even start to fly. How do things get so out of hand so fast? Here are three things to avoid during a family argument:

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What is wrong with interracial marriage?

mulitracial39158659.jpgWhat is wrong with interracial marriages? Absolutely nothing. You may hear people advise against them, and think that it is close-minded, or racist to do such a thing, but the fact is, it is often just advice to make marriage a little easier. The following is a look at the drawbacks to interracial marriages. These drawbacks do not mean the marriage can't or won't work, and that they should not take place, it is just an accounting of some of the common obstacles that two people of different races face when they get married.

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Domestic violence

missingpuzzlepiece19378437.jpgDomestic violence in relationships is a very serious problem, and one that is often difficult to not just identify, but also to stop. Many of the victims believe they deserve the abuse, and are unwilling to "betray" their abusers or turn them in. Domestic abuse often goes hand in hand with emotional abuse.

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Are men capable of love?

fatherdaughter41835761.jpgMany women want to know if men are capable of love. This is a much debated subject because biologically men are often considered hard wired to mate with any and everything. Men often struggle with emotion. Men often take longer to feel depths of emotion, which is why many people say that men do not cry. So, the question remains, are men capable of love? Or are they limited to lust and baser emotions? While this is something that can inspire philosophical debate, the simple answer is YES, men are capable of love. Whether or not they act on it is questionable. The following are some things to consider when it comes to answering the question of whether or not men are capable of love:

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Tired of fighting with your siblings? Tips to stop.

sibilings63561169.jpgTeens are prone to fighting with their siblings and if it is not controlled, the problem may continue into adulthood. Fighting with siblings can cause marital strain on their parents and it is actually one of the reasons why parents divorce. Parents that are tired of seeing their children fight with one another need to follow these tips to get them to stop:

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Staying committed to your spouse

gift36874163.jpgOur traditional model of marriage in the United States has remained stable and unchanged for more than 50 years. We have based our expectations on the relationships of our parents and grandparents and learned our beliefs about marriage based on the need for financial security, continuity and support. As the world changed and more women have had to integrate family life with work life, this model, although traditional, is not geared towards partnership and supporting individual needs.

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How to save your marriage before it is too late

embrace19167388.jpgAll marriages go through periods of insecurity, changes and challenges. It's how you handle each challenge and face each change that decides whether you save your marriage or let it fail. Marriage is a total commitment to the success of a team over individual accomplishment. You must be able to face each challenge as a team from a unified front in order to find the path to happiness. If your marriage is experiencing a difficult time and you're not sure where to turn, here are some suggestions for how to save your marriage before it's too late.

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How to become life-long friends with your siblings

popcorn37698918.jpgParents know that when it comes to raising multiple children, there are personality clashes, ability battles, attention ploys, and multiple battles only to conclude that sibling rivalry is part of family life. The degree of rivalry, along with whether or not it has long term consequences, either positive or negative, depends on how parents handle the situation.

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Dealing with sibling rivalry

siblings7593228.jpgSibling rivalry has existed as long as families. It can be caused by birth order positions in the family, sex of the children and age differences. If you think about the conflicts that arise between spouses, friends and other personal relationships, it is no wonder that children with differing personalities and ages would also have conflicts that must be addressed and diffused. Parents have long looked at sibling rivalry and wondered how they can change or end the feuds that can get so easily out of hand.

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Birth order sibling relationships

drinks60514724.jpgSibling relationships are impacted by multiple things including birth order, gender, age spacing, and parental influence. Researchers have long been trying to figure out how children can end up so different when they are raised by the same parents. They have concluded that age spacing is one of the biggest factors that impact sibling relationships. When children are close in age, they tend to share similar interests and they have an easier time learning how to share. When there is significant age difference between siblings, there is an occurrence of power issues. Every child is trying to compete to be the dominate one so the conflict between siblings is greater.

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What kind of marriage do you want?

wedding41814299.jpgMarriage is an age old institution, but that does not mean that everyone has the same kind of marriage. Some people do things one way, and others another. What works for some, may not work for others. For example, a regular date night might work wonders for one marriage, but what about the marriage where the husband or wife is overseas on deployment? Is their marriage doomed to fail because they can't go out to a movie once a week? The following are a few keys to a healthy marriage, and things to do depending on the kind of marriage you want:

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Multiple parents on father's and mother's day

womanwithdatebook19201063.jpgHaving multiple parents on any holiday can be especially challenging for any child. Even those who have grown up in a multi-parent situation continue to struggle with the logistic and emotional issues associated with having more than one mom or dad. Mother's day and father's day are especially challenging as these two holidays are specifically dedicated to parents. So what do you do? Well, every situation has different dynamics and so there is no one answer that we all can dictate our actions from. However, relationship and family experts have provided some guidelines that can help to give you some direction as you decide how to best honor the parents in your life.

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Conflicting family events

family30352360.jpgWhen you get married you gain a whole new family. This usually means you have two families, which is absolutely wonderful. Most of the time. Sometimes, however, it can lead to conflict. For example, it can mean having to choose which family to spend time with. Which family gets to see the grandkids, etc. Conflict in relationships, particularly with families is something that ought to be avoided. So, consider the following tips for dealing with conflicting family events.

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Simple ways to get along with your family


Everyone is part of a family, even if they don't want to be. Our family is responsible for helping to shape us into the person we are today. They deserve our love, respect, and appreciation even if they don't fully return it to us. This article will discuss some simple ways you can get along with your family.

First, start by learning to accept them for who they are. So maybe you have a sister that talks really loud and embarrasses you or a father that likes to read books while you are playing basketball, it doesn't matter, they are still your family and you need to love them for who they are. Make a list of their good qualities and some of the things that you have in common. When you are around them, strike up a conversation about these similar interests.

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Making family gatherings fun for everyone


Family gatherings build memories and bring future joy to the family for many years in the future. Some people look forward to family gatherings with excitement while others look at them as something to be dreaded. Your attitude has a big factor on your ability to enjoy family gatherings. Instead of comparing the gathering to the last one that you didn't enjoy, look forward to it with excitement. Pre-determine that you are going to have a good time. If you don't make a determination to have a good time, you probably won't have a good time.

To make the family gatherings fun for everyone, have everyone suggest different activities or things to do. This is a great way to get everyone involved and it will help to build the relationships with some of the relatives that don't talk as much or are a little odd. You can learn a little bit about their personality and connect with them on some level. Suggest some things that you like to do and involve others in it. Perhaps you enjoy snowmobiling, bring it to the party and take some of your relatives for a ride. This is a fun way to enjoy the gathering because you get to do something you like and you get to share it with your loved ones.

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Getting along with classmates


School can often come with various challenges that you don't face in the workplace. People cut you off in the hallways, someone cheats off you during a test, or you are the victim of the football team's jokes. How can you get along with classmates, especially the ones that are really difficult? Here are some tips that may help:

Tip # 1 - Relax

If someone does something that bothers you or offends you, take a moment to relax and just breathe before you relax. Reacting on raw emotion can often make the situation worse. Take 3 deep breaths and count to ten while you breathe in and out, this will help to calm the nervous system and provide you with clarity before you react to something. Giving yourself time to think will also help you think about the consequences for your actions. This can help you make a good decision and avoid making the situation worse.

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Developing greater appreciation for extended family


Families provide us each with the support, love, and association we need to raise our children and to get through some of the challenges we will face. In America, most families live in a nuclear family, which refers to just the parents and children. However, their extended family members play a large role in their lives and in the lives of their children.

Extended family members are generally built around the bond of marriage. There is normally a set of grandparents, parents, and children. Sometimes there are multiple generations, branching out to great-grandparents and even great-great-grandparents. Extended family is brought together by these grandparents and their commitment to raising children. Siblings must have respect, trust, loyalty, and love for one another as it will be their responsibility to keep the family in-tact as older generations pass on.

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Dealing with embarrassing relatives


Are you one of those people that absolutely dreads family parties because you are worried about your relatives that are embarrassing? Everyone's family has at least one "black sheep". The important thing to remember is that you are related to this person and you need to love them despite their embarrassing behavior. Here are some tips that may help you make it through the next family gathering.

Tip # 1 - Acceptance and Love

When it comes to dealing with embarrassing relatives, you need to remember that everyone is different. Stop looking at their embarrassing qualities and start picking out of their good ones. This may be hard with some people, but everyone has at least one good quality. When it comes to being embarrassed, you have complete control over that. Stop allowing yourself to become embarrassed. So what if your Uncle Tom likes to get drunk and play the piano, that's just who he is! Accepting those relatives that embarrass you is the best way to get over your personal frustrations with family events.

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Strengthening family relationships when you have a hectic schedule


Families now are busier than ever. With hectic work schedules and other extracurricular activities, sometimes it can be difficult to keep your family a priority and strengthen your family relationships.

But neglecting your family for work can result in marital problems and compromised relationships with your children. But there are still plenty of ways to strengthen your family's relationships even if you have a hectic schedule.

The following are a few tips to help you make sure you are balancing your home business and family:

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Staying close with family when you're far apart


Whether you get married, relocate for a job, or are going to school, most people have family members who live far away. But even though you're apart, you can stay close to your immediate and extended family by simply putting a little more effort in staying in touch.

The following are a few things you can do to stay close with family when you're far apart.

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Dealing with family stress


Stress is a part of everyone's lives. Stress can be positive or it can be negative. Negative stress causes a lot of problems like anxiety, confusion, and miscommunication. When there is a lot of stress in a family dynamic, it can be particularly difficult for family members to get along in harmony and it can lead to depression among many people. Being in a constant state of stress will start to take its toll on you physically and mentally. Positive stress can make you stronger as it teaches you how to overcome problems and tackle your fears. However, most people experience more negative stress than positive stress. To reduce the family stress in your home, here are some tips that can help:

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When family ties are stressed by illness


One of the most difficult things that families can go through is when one member of the family has a serious illness. Whether the illness is traumatic and sudden or is a chronic problem this can cause serious stress on family ties. The illness of a family member changes the normal family dynamic in many different ways. This change can often accelerate the stress on the ties between family members. However there are steps that you can take that will help the additional stress of having a family member dealing with a serious illness. Here is what you can do when family ties are stressed by illness-

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When family ties are stressed from lack of time


In today's ever busy world families are having a harder and harder time finding time where they can just be together. This inevitably causes a decline in the closeness of the family ties. Families are finding themselves constantly being pulled apart as they must meet the demands of job, school and other outside activities. While being overscheduled was once the domain of adults, many children now require date books and scheduling to keep all of their school and extra curricular activities straight. Many families are reverting to color coding family member's activities on calendars and giving up family dinner times to simply bow to the demands of being to busy. But if you feel that your family ties are suffering from a lack of time there are ways to become closer. Here is what you can do when family ties are stressed from lack of time-

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When family ties are stressed by distance


It is no longer uncommon for families to be spread literally around the world. Where at one time family members rarely moved out of the same town (and sometimes lived on the same block) today families can find themselves with members of their clan in many different countries. This distance can create stress as family members who are unable to see each other frequently can find themselves drifting apart. These family ties can be further stressed by a lack of communication that can lead to misunderstanding or simply a growing emotional distance. But there are steps that you can take to make sure that you and your far-flung family members remain close. Here is what you can do when family ties are stressed by distance-

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When family ties are stressed by a move


Americans are on the move. More then ever before families are having to uproot and move to another city, state or even country. These moves usually occur because of an employment opportunity for one or both parents in the home but they can cause a huge amount of stress on family ties. Family members may feel overwhelmed as they try to settle into new jobs, schools and friendships. This in turn can cause family members to pull away from each other at a time when they should be drawing closer. But the good news is that if you and your family are anticipating a move (or have just moved) there are things that you can do to strength family ties and reduce the stress of moving. Here is what you can do when family ties are stressed by a move-

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Stopping the Pain Train


Sibling rivalry is an old issue to hack out. Most families experience some sort of sibling rivalry conflict whether it be extreme or minimal. If you and your sibling have butted heads in the past, there may still be some festering wounds that could ruin your adult relationship. Below are some tips to help stop and heal old sibling rivalries.

Tip #1: Focus on you.

As with any relationship that needs healing, working on yourself is the first step. You have to be whole and ready to extend forgiveness to your siblings before you can begin to heal the relationship. Take some time to write down and discover all the hurtful experiences that caused and contributed to your sibling rivalry issues. These experiences could include the thoughtless treatment of a parent, the harsh treatment of a sibling, etc. If some incidents are still painful to write about, you know that they'll need extra attention to be healed. Write down how you felt about each conflict and what the conflict meant about you. You can be as spiteful as you want to be when writing it all down, but be sure to go back later with a more level head and record how you really felt and how you feel now about the experiences. Reflect on how what you may have believed at the time is not necessarily true now. Look at the experiences from the view points of your sibling, parent, and other people involved. This is the time for you to overcome childish jealousy, hurt feelings, and act like the adult you are. Get your stuff together before you approach your sibling.

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Christmas Done Right


Christmas is a wonderful time of year, but it can also be stressful. You want to get gifts for the special people in your life. Shopping for siblings can be especially intimidating. Your sibling relationships will be some of the longest lasting and most meaningful relationships you can have which means meaningful gifts are in order. Make your Christmas shopping list easier by preparing before-hand.

Step #1: Start Early.

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Moving forward with your life after divorce


Divorce stings and it hurts. As many of us have heard the familiar phrase; "no one get's married expecting to get divorced." Even though we all have good intentions on our wedding days, marriage is not easy. It requires a lot of sacrifice, devotion, attention, and love. If you find yourself on the road to divorce or you have just signed the divorce papers, you may be asking yourself where you go from here.

It's hard to figure out what your next step is. The first thing you need to do is make sure you are OK. Many people experience severe depression after going through a divorce so you need to speak with a doctor about your condition if you think you may be depressed. If you have kids, focus your attention on them. They need to know that you love them and that you know the divorce is hard on them as well. If you follow the advice of Dr. Laura, she says your kids should be your only focus. You shouldn't date or worry about yourself until they have grown up and moved out. Take whatever advice you need to help you get through this time.

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Becoming closer to your brothers and sisters


There is nothing more important in this life than family. No job, house, or car will ever compare to the happy feeling you can get from your family. Even if you weren't close to your brothers and sisters growing up, there is still time to work on your relationships with them.

Siblings have a special bond. They are able to detect when another sibling is in trouble or needs their assistance. In fact, this special bond between siblings has been shown to benefit to the overall psychological development of our brains. When you can lean on your family for support, you will be a happier person. You have the confidence of knowing that there are people that are going to love you no matter what and that you will never be alone. When you have a relationship with your siblings, you automatically have another person that you can depend on when you need help and support.

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Strengthening a sister-sister relationship

Sisters can be the best of friends if their relationship is given a chance to mature and grow. Sometimes it is difficult to have a friendship between sisters because they are forced to live in close proximity, share everything, and are compared to one another. Sibling rivalries flare up. Jealousy and fighting ensues. However, if given the chance to mature, and to become their own individual selves, often, sibling rivalries, and past tensions dissolve, and beautiful friendships emerge.

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Hard to be a Dad

Is it hard to be a dad? It can be if you allow it to be. How do you respond when stuff gets hard or you are overwhelmed? Do you withdraw? Your wife is not a single parent, so you shouldn't be removing yourself mentally, emotionally, or physically from your children. Do you get angry? A volatile temper never got anyone anywhere. Kids can be a lot of work, but guess what? It doesn't have to be hard. The key to being a quality father (and quality mother) is to share the load. A burden carried together is much lighter. Here are some tips to share the load and make being a quality father easier so you don't get overwhelmed or angry.

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Fun times with family

One of the best ways to strengthen the relationships within your family, is to simply have a good time with one another. It is when you fight, argue, and are angry around each other that relationships are damaged, strained, or ruined. So, find ways to have fun with your family, and enjoy the results of a happier, closer family bond.

The following are some fun ideas for ways to have fun with your family.

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Being close to your brothers and sisters in law

When it comes to your own family it is easy to be close to your borthers and sisters, after all you grew up together. You have had many of the same experiences, and gone through the same trials. However, in some cases, forming close bonds with your brothers or sisters in law can be much more difficult. You did not pick them, or they you, they came as a package deal. You have not spent any significant time with them in most cases, and since you are married, there is a good chance you won't be getting to know them the way you got to know your own brothers and sisters---by living with them. So, what can you do to get close with your brothers in law or sisters in law? Try the following:

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Staying in touch with your extended family

Family and friends are some of our most valued treasures. They provide us support, love, give us guidance and offer friendship when we need it most. Today it is rare that a family not be spread throughout different cities, states and even countries. Staying in touch can be difficult as families drift away due to school, marriage and work opportunities. Children rarely grow up near grandparents and cousins and it's easy to lose touch with family and friends while moving.

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Maintaining harmony with your extended family


In many cultures the extended family is the basic family unit. It is not unusual to see grandparents living in the home, children staying with their parents well into their adult years and aunts and uncles maintaining close relationships with nieces and nephews. Unfortunately, although this family unit is not the norm in the United States, the financial changes to our economy lately have caused a rise in the amount of elderly parents living with their children and adults with children living with other family members.

It isn't realistic to expect that your family will be around all the time and the growing trend of families who are spread across the country due to marriage, school and work opportunities have caused a multitude of problems for families to stay in tune with each other all over.

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Do you need extended family to be a good parent?


Good parenting is based on so many different social and value based decisions. Every choice you make can be the difference between a child that flourishes in today's society or one that struggles with our fast paced world. As a parent, one of these decisions is how to best incorporate extended family into your daily lives.

Any parent who has dropped their children off at grandma's house for an afternoon can appreciate having the extra support from extended family, but does that really mean you need them there in order to be a good parent? What if you're one of the thousands of families who are spread across the United States and don't have the option to drop them off at grandma's or a sibling's house?

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Caring for your extended family


It's not easy to care for your family, the fast pace world we live in makes it difficult to be everywhere we need to be for everyone in our lives. So with the growing trend of families living further away from each other, how will you care for your loved ones from afar?

It can be difficult as families to stay in touch when we drift away due to school, marriage and work opportunities. What happens if your parents suddenly become ill? Would you be able to move close to home to care for them? Could they move out and live with your family?

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Building healthier relationships with your extended family


If you have a friend that constantly complains about her in-laws, you need to help them work on their extended family relationships. Building healthy relationships with your extended family members is important to the well-being of your entire family. Everyone is different and unique and that is what sets us apart as human beings. Think what a boring world it would be to live in if everyone agreed at the time and had the exact same opinions. While you may get annoyed by things your extended family members do like call and leave a 45 minute voicemail or drop by unexpected, they are still your family. The little things they do are out of love, even if you don't see it that way.

There is no relative term that defines what make a family normal. Every family has its own quirks and odd behaviors, but this is what makes a family a family. Here are some easy tips to help you build relationships with your extended family:

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What to do when you and a relative butt heads

Within any type of relationship, whether it is parent and child, boyfriend and girlfriend, or friend to friend, there are bound to butt heads at some point. This is the result of different personalities and beliefs that may clash and escalate into an argument or fight.

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Understanding common family relationship problems

All families have some type of relationship problem. These can be simple family relationship problems or more complex family relationship problems. No matter how complex your family relationship problems are it can be hard understanding them.

Understanding common family relationship problems can be hard to do because families and all their relationships are complex. Every person in a family has a relationship with someone else in the family and those relationships impact other individuals and their bonds with other family members. Families are truly complex webs we make. There are common family relationship problems in every family not matter where they live or what their backgrounds.

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Signs you have a healthy, happy family

All families have arguments and disagreements-sometimes serious ones. However, that doesn't mean that you don't have a healthy, happy family overall. The following are some of the signs you have a healthy, happy family.

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Improving relationships in the home through communication

Communication skills are some of the most valuable skills a person can have. Oftentimes, when problems in a family or with a relationship arise, it is from a lack of communication or listening.

You can improve your communication, and your relationships in the home, with practice. If your communication skills could use some brushing up, there are a number of things you can do and resources you can take advantage of that can help you develop and improve your communication skills.

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Improving relationships in the home through communication

Communication skills are some of the most valuable skills a person can have. Oftentimes, when problems in a family or with a relationship arise, it is from a lack of communication or listening.

You can improve your communication, and your relationships in the home, with practice. If your communication skills could use some brushing up, there are a number of things you can do and resources you can take advantage of that can help you develop and improve your communication skills.

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How to mend hurt feelings in a family

One of the most difficult relationships anyone has in this life is with their immediate or extended family members. Family members are those with whom we form the closest but also the most strained bonds. When you spend so much of your life and time with eachother you come to love and hate eachother. In the natural course of things families struggle and naturally fight. The fights are to be expected and are an ordinary part of life. However, when a fight starts that doesn't seem to end, it is necessary to mend hurt feelings and to become friends again. Some families continue to fight after many years, and the results can be disastorous. Brothers and sisters stop speaking, and the amazing bond of love between parent and child can be completely destroyed. What could have been years of love and good memories turns into bitterness and regret. If you find that your family has fallen apart because of some difference in opinion or attitude, you need to work to mend the hurt feelings. This can be a difficult and painful task but the rewards for doing so are absolutely worth your while.

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Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays?

Did you use Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays when greeting friends this year?

Well, according to a study reported today, 65% of you used Merry Christmas.

Gift Baskets Deluxe and Corporate Gift Baskets today reported the results of their 5th annual study.

And what was most interesting is that the 65% using Merry Christmas is exactly the opposite from 2007, when only 40% used Merry Christmas, the rest using Happy Holidays.

Why the difference?

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Improve communication, improve relationships in the home

Communication skills are some of the most valuable skills a person can have. Oftentimes, when problems in a family or with a relationship arise, it is from a lack of communication or listening.

You can improve your communication, and your relationships in the home, with practice. If your communication skills could use some brushing up, there are a number of things you can do and resources you can take advantage of that can help you develop and improve your communication skills.

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Helping a sibling through a tough life stage

Being a sibling means a lot of things. You are always there when they are crying, are hurt, or are laughing. You are a support beam that never breaks. It can be hard especially when the sibling you love is having a really hard time and things aren't getting better. Let's look at some ways that you can help your sibling through a tough life stage.

When you are the older sibling, you usually have gone through things first. When a younger sibling enters the teenage years, things can be really hard and confusing. When you are the younger sibling, you see what your older is going through and it can also be really confusing. You see someone that you admire doing things and arguing. You may not see them as you once did, but you can still be there and love them throughout the hard times.

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How to deal with younger siblings

fruit33270143.jpgWhen you are the older sibling and have younger siblings, things can be tough. You feel pressured sometimes and really don't know what to do. You don't want to hurt your younger sibling's feelings, but you can't have them following you around all the time. Here are some ideas on how to deal with younger siblings.

Firstly, when you are the older sibling, even if you aren't the oldest but have even one younger sibling, you are looked up to. They love you so much and see you as a guide. They want to be like you and do the things that you do. You are seen as a Superman to them. They look at your life and all the fun things that you do and see that you are amazing. It's like when a teenager puts on makeup. You later might see a younger daughter putting on some makeup too. They see what the teen did and want to be just like her, so the younger daughter puts it on too.

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Staying close with extended family

family30352360.jpgStaying close with extended family is so important. Having bonds with your family and especially older family is great. You get to learn so much from them and get to hear wonderful stories about things maybe even before you were born. You can learn so much from your extended family, and from older relatives. Think of staying close with them as important as staying close to a really good old friend. You don't just want that relationship to end, but want it to grow and flourish. Here are some tips for staying close with extended family.

Go to family reunions. Family reunions are a great way to learn about what everyone has been doing and a great way to have fun together. If you don't usually have a family reunion, then start having them. They can get expensive, so have everyone pitch in with money or bringing food or other things you might need. Go someone that everyone of all ages with have fun. Make sure that you invite everyone and try to do them every year or every other year. Even if you have everyone just get together at your house for a day it will be worth it. Have a barbeque and just let everyone talk and get to know each other better.

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Helping your children not to fight

When there is more than one child in the house, fighting is often inevitable. Siblings will get in squabbles with each other for a number of reasons, whether for attention from a parent, frustration with a situation, or just a conflict in personality.

While you probably won't be able to stop your kids from fighting forever, you can help your children to not fight in a variety of ways. The following are some ways to stop fighting in kids before it begins:

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The give and take in a friendship

Friendship isn't the easiest thing in the world. Sometimes you have to put a lot of work into a friendship. It's not a bad thing, but it is an opportunity to grow. Let's look a little more into the give and take in a friendship.

When you are having a bad day, your friends are there for you. They help you to get through the hard times in life and make you feel better. They are always there for you. You are the recipient of their love and kindness. They are also there through longer hard times. When something tragic happens in a family or school, they are there for you. They are there to support you and to help you out. You lean on them to get you through the hard times.

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Building friendships with the in-laws

The best idea for any marriage is to get along with the in-laws as best as you can. Building friendships with the in-laws may be hard at first but it will reap many rewards in the many years to come.

Patience with your new found in-laws will help you to build friendships. You have essentially replaced them in your significant others life. There can be a lot of tension on both sides when you are newly married. Having some patience and understanding about where your in-laws are coming from can make less tension. Be patient and don't try to rush a relationship. Giving your in-laws some time to get to know you and how you will fit into the family will help you to start a friendship with your in-laws.

Have some tolerance for your in-laws and how they do things. Many habits of your in-laws may drive you crazy but they may feel the same way about your habits. Both sides need to be more tolerant if you are trying to build a friendship. This may mean that you are more tolerant at first in their home or in their company. You are the new addition to the family after all.

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How dads can better relate to their teen daughters

Raising a girl is much different from raising a boy. As their daughters begin to grow up, dads soon realize that they face a number of things to that are unique to raising a daughter. Often times, these are things that Dads, as men, are unprepared to face.

One of the things Dads can do to better relate to their teen daughters are to be aware of issues facing teen girls today. The following are some things teens worry about:

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Working on family relationships tips

It's true that getting along with family is much harder to do than getting along with friends. If you're sick of a friend you can ignore them. If you don't have anything in common with a friend you just don't spend a lot, or any time together. With family however things are a little different. You can't just decide that they're not family anymore; there is that blood thing. And for the most part if they're in your immediate family you can't ignore them for too long and they won't just go away. Working on family relationships can be tough. Here are some tips to help bring you and your family members closer together.

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Ideas on spending quality time with family members

Spending family time together in this day and age is starting to become more difficult. With work days getting longer and less time to devote to children, homework, and even your own personal play time the family seems to be last on the list. They get what's left when you come home which probably isn't much, but it's time right? Well, believe it or not you don't have to have an entire day to spend some real quality time with your family. Quality doesn't always mean spending a lot of time together; it just means spending time that means something. Here are some ideas on spending quality time with family members whether you have five days, five hours, or five minutes.

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How to stay close with family when you live apart

Staying close with family members, especially when they move across the country can be a difficult thing to do. Family is family right, and when they're close you can definitely take them for granted. Before you know it, someone has a new job and they're moving across the state, across the country, or worse halfway across the world. Here are some basic ideas on how to stay close with family when you live apart; whether really far, or just a few hours away.

Idea #1: A phone call can make the difference
Whether you're living a few hours from each other or across the world from one another you can always bet that they and you will have access to a telephone. What better way to keep in touch with one another than by talking with each other. It really depends on family member personalities on how much you talk with each other; some will talk daily, others will call once or twice a week, and yet others are satisfied with a phone call a month to really catch up on things. Phone calls are an easy and great way to keep in touch because you can actually hear someone else talking to you. Don't if you think that talking on the phone is a waste of time then think again.

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How to stay close with a family member when they marry someone you don't like

Weddings are usually a time of celebration and happiness when families can come together and celebrate the love and union between two people. Unless however there are hard feelings between the family and the person the family member is marrying. Unfortunately this happens all too often and it can tear families apart. So there must be some way to stay close with a family member when they marry someone you don't like. They are after all your family. If this happens to be a situation you are in then here are some suggestions on how to rebuild the relationship and stay close with them and their new spouse.

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How much time should you spend with your friends versus your family

There nothing worse than planning a great night out with your friends when your mom reminds you that there's a family get together or party that has been planned for weeks that you're supposed to be at. This is probably one of the biggest tensions builders between teens and parents today. The battle over wanting to spend time with their friends' more than spending time with their family. And the funny things is that it really is a never ending battle. The older you get the more you feel like you have to go to those family things that might not be so fun, but everyone expects you to be there. So how much time should you spend with your friends versus your family? There may not be a perfect answer out there, but here are some tips on helping to find a good balance between them both.

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How much time should you spend with your friends versus your family

There nothing worse than planning a great night out with your friends when your mom reminds you that there's a family get together or party that has been planned for weeks that you're supposed to be at. This is probably one of the biggest tensions builders between teens and parents today. The battle over wanting to spend time with their friends' more than spending time with their family. And the funny things is that it really is a never ending battle. The older you get the more you feel like you have to go to those family things that might not be so fun, but everyone expects you to be there. So how much time should you spend with your friends versus your family? There may not be a perfect answer out there, but here are some tips on helping to find a good balance between them both.

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Daily tips for improving brother sister relationships

There is a saying that you can't choose your relatives, but you can choose your friends. What isn't said is that you can choose to be friends with your relatives, especially with your brothers and sisters. Some daily tips for improving brother sister relationships will help you to become friends with your brothers and sisters. Although many of these tips should be done daily, there are some that should be rotated with others so that you have some daily tips that combined will improve your brother sister relationships.

Although these daily tips can be done daily, it may be hard for you to do them daily if your brother or sister lives far away from you then try to do them very often.

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What you can do if your child is being bullied

motherdaughters41828985.jpg Many parents think that bullying or being bullied is a normal part of growing up, or a rite of passage. However, bullying (even in young children) can be harmful and lead to lasting negative effects later in life. Some bullied children retreat inwards and become depressed, while others lash out.

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Preparing to go back to work after the baby

baby30903617.jpg Returning back to work after having a baby is an emotional time for many women. However, you can help ease the transition for both you and your baby by planning in advance and making careful, thorough, preparation.

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How to make sure your family stays your priority when you have a business

family32274482.jpg There is a saying that goes, "You never go to your death bed thinking, `I wish I would have spent more time at work.'" Home business owners are often surprised at the amount of time required to start and operate a home-based business. In fact, most home business owners spend more time working on their home business than do traditional 40-hour per week workers.

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Keeping boredom at bay when school's out

bonding30903177.jpg Whether your children are young or out of school for the summer or weather, keeping kids entertained while they are at home all day can be a daunting task.

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Help! My child is a bully

family41831057.jpg Bullying is a common, but dangerous, problem in schools today. Many kids are victimized by bullies on the playgrounds and in the classrooms every day, and while many believe that it is normal or a rite of passage, it can have lasting, harmful effects. Bullying can include teasing, taunting, intimidating, shaming, or even physically harming another person.

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How to choose a gift for an older family member

As another gift giving season dawns you may be wondering exactly what can you get Grandma or Aunt Agnes or any other older family member as a gift. You will want your gift to be something that is fun, unique and most importantly something they do not already have. Gift giving to older family members can be a challenge since many senior citizens have limited space to store things or have already accumulated the things they want. But with a little creativity and planning you can still give that birthday or other holiday gift that will really wow your gift recipient and let them know how much you really do care about them. Here are some tips on how to choose a gift for an older family member-

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Helping your children bond

Helping children bond is an important part as family harmony. When children can bond, they are more likely to help each other out. Children who bond together as siblings will have better relationships as adults because they have learned how to work with others. But helping your children bond can sometimes be challenging. The first things to know is that is will never be clean cut and the same for every child.

When helping your children bond it is usually necessary to let them work out a few things on their own. This may be hard as you can see what the right and fair thing would be for all involved. But do remember that your children need to make their own mistakes in life and learn from them. When your children can work together to work out a difference they can gain a mutual respect for each other and this creates a bond.

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Getting along with siblings' friends

Have you been getting along with your siblings' friends? Most people who will say it's hard to get along with at least one sibling's friends. But getting along with your siblings' friends will give you a better relationship with your siblings. It will also make life easier when the siblings' friends are over.

If you are trying to get along with your siblings' friends try these four suggestions.

  1. Give them some space.

  2. Try to be helpful with their activities.

  3. Get to know the friend.

  4. Don't take over.

Give your sibling and their friend some space. When siblings have friends over, especially for siblings still in the same house, don't try to get into what they are doing. Siblings have friends over because they need a change from everyday siblings. Maybe there is something they especially like to de with their friends that their siblings don't like to do. If you and your siblings are not in the same house the same rules applies. Give them some space and let your sibling know when you are coming over to be courteous.

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Forgive and forget with family

Family, the friends that we don't get to choose. Sometimes we are nicer to our friends than we are to our family. However it is so very important to forgive and forget with family. There will always be contentions between family members and there will always be the need to just forgive and forget. With family there is going to be the occasional time you will have to be in the same room, and if you are not on good terms with a certain family member then there will be contention for more family members than you think.

So when it is you that needs to forgive and forget begin by trying to put yourself in the other person's shoes. Even though family is family, they do not tell everything to everybody. So to better understand the family member, go talk to the one who has offended or done something wrong to you. See what they are going through and you might be able to better understand why it is they were rude or offensive. Talk with the family and then forgive and forget.

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The pros and cons of relationships with birth parents if you are adopted

womanonphone30715748.jpgA unique phenomenon has surfaced on the social landscape during the last few decades, where previously adoptee never even knew the names of their birth parents today many adoptee have relationships with both of their birth parents. This has given rise to a whole new family dynamic. Where some adoptee actively search out and find their birth parents and some birth parents are looking for the child they placed for adoption other adoptions have an "open feature" where the child grows up knowing his birth parents and has a relationship with them in addition to his adopted parents. Whatever is the basis of the adoptee/birthparent relationship it can be one of great joy or tremendous headache. Whether you are an adoptee considering searching for birthparents or a birth parent who is considering looking for the child you placed for adoption read on for the pros and cons of relationships with birthparents if you are adopted.

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How to form a relationship with a step parent

All relationships require work and commitment. This is never truer than when considering the relationship between a step parent and child. With over 50% of marriages failing in the United States the blended family has become a modern day reality. The "blending" of a new family can be difficult and time consuming but when approached with patience and tolerance can yield wonderful rewards for all involved. The good news is whether you are a child, teen or even an adult looking to form a relationship with a step parent it can be done successfully! Here are some tips on how to form a relationship with a step parent.

  • Remember it takes time to form a lasting relationship. Even if things have gone smoothly during the courtship and wedding of any two people this is no guarantee that an immediate bond will be formed between the step parent and step child. It is important that all parties involved understand that a deep and lasting relationship will take time and involve shared experiences and memories.

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How to help your children grow closer together

If your family is like many families, you are all more like a bunch of people living in the same house rather than friends. If you wish that your children would grow closer together and become good friends, one way to create bonds between your children is to create family traditions. Traditions become something that your children can share and create an identity that your children identify with and connect to. Traditions help your children grow closer together.

Types of traditions
There are three types of traditions within families. Here's what those three types of traditions are:

1. Celebration traditions. Celebration traditions are traditions that are things done at special occasions. These types of occasions are special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, and holidays, that call for a celebration.

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How to create close bonds with your children

Many parents despair of ever creating close bonds with their children. So much time is spent just doing everyday things that it seems that parents and children never get to know each other. Think about how you and your family spend your day. How much time do you spend in the car driving your kids to their various activities? How much time, after school, do your kids spend involved in activities such as sports, art classes, dance classes, and more, with people other than family members? How many times in the past week have you all sat down together for dinner as a family? How much time have you spent together as a family-other than in the car, running from destination to destination?

It's getting easier and easier for families and family members to become more and more distant. Parents have to spend a lot of time at work just to make ends meet in today's suffering economy. Kids are involved in more and more extracurricular activities, and spend less and less time with their families. Hardly any families spend time together eating dinner as a whole family any more. Add in the stress experienced by parents and kids and they strive to succeed at both work and at school, and you have a family that is really not a whole lot more than a bunch of strangers who happen to live in the same house, instead of a family that is made up of friends.

While this particular picture does make the situation sound awfully bleak, you don't have to despair and give up hope. It is possible to build, to strengthen, and to maintain bonds of friendship within your family. However, in order to build bonds of friendship within your family, you are going to have to be willing to give to your family that most precious of commodities today: your time.

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How to bridge gaps and mend broken friendships in families

We all know that no family is perfect. Most families-if not all families-are far from it. It can be difficult to bridge gaps and to mend broken friendships within your family, especially since there are probably long-held and deep-seated hurts in your family. However, you can bridge those gaps in your family. While there are many gaps in families and many problems, one of the biggest issues is parents and children-no matter how old the children are-getting along. As an adult childer, or as a teenager, there are a number of things that you can do to mend the broken relationship that you may have with your parents.

No matter how old you are, it can be difficult and seemingly impossible to deal with conflict with a parent. No matter who you are and who your parent is, it is going to be basically impossible for you to avoid ever having a conflict with your parent at any time in your life. But by understanding why you are experiencing conflict, and learning how to respect the other person and to set boundaries and communicate effectively, you can positively and effectively deal with conflicts with a parent.

Some conflict is inherent in your relationship with your parent, particularly when you are a teen. However, it is also difficult to navigate relationships with your parents when you are an adult, as your roles in the parent-child relationship begin to shift and change and you have to renegotiate different responsibilities and the way that you relate to each other. But there are tools that you can use to manage constructively your conflicts with your parents, no matter how old you are.

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The key to a mother-daughter relationship

The mother-daughter relationship is probably the most powerful and influential relationship in a woman's life. This is true whether the mother is present or absent, loving or abusive, birth mother, stepmother or adoptive mother. Mothers matter more than almost anyone in a woman's life. Whether your relationship is in trouble or you would just like to strengthen it, working together is the key to a mother-daughter relationship.

What can mothers do to ensure a healthy relationship with their daughter?

Understand and respect your daughters' personality.
A lot of mother-daughter problems stem because differences between mother and daughter end up as full arguments and conflicts. If you are outgoing and an extravert with lots of energy and your daughter is shy, and a creative introvert, there's going to be trouble if you can't accept your daughters' different ways of handling things. If you can't be accepting of your daughter, then you will never have the relationship you want.

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Getting along with an ex-spouse for the kids' sake

Getting along with an ex-spouse for the kids' sake is important in raising a happy and healthy family. Children do not need to be exposed to anger and hurtful words their whole life. Getting along and being civil to one another can give children a completely different childhood experience. Isn't it worth sacrificing a little pride for the happiness of your children?

Resolve your differences
Getting along with an ex-spouse for the kids' sake may be one of the hardest things you do, but it won't go without reward. If you are divorced and have kids, set your differences aside for the sake of the child. Children are very sensitive, no matter the age. Don't emotionally hurt your child by using them as an object to fight over. You hurt more than just your ex-spouse, you hurt your child also. Try really hard not to say anything negative about your ex around your children. Both people have to come to terms on the situation. If one person is willing and the other isn't, you will never be able to resolve your conflicts. Consider getting a go-between if you can't talk without yelling. Agree to disagree and then move on. Nothing good comes out of trying to prove one or the other is "right." Your ex is their other parent and they deserve to love them for who they are. Don't take that away from them.

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Building family relationships by establishing daily routines

Building strong family relationships is very important in this day in age. With a world full of broken families, and abused spouses and children, establishing a daily routine with your family will help bring your family closer together. Family routine gives children and parents stability, time to look forward to and a stronger bond one with another. Building family relationships by establishing daily routines is one way to make your home a happier one.

The positive aspects of a daily routine:
Using routines at home can reinforce learning, improve communication between family members, and reduce tension. There should be a sense of wanting to provide a positive atmosphere for your family. Most activities that the world offers is not centered on families. Seeking material things and buying the newest toys is not always the best way to build family relationships. Creating an environment of fun and love will ensure our children are happy and proud to bring their friends home because home will be warm, friendly and a happy place to be.

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Tips for better communication in your family

Tips for better communication in your family. These easy tips will give you an idea on how to build more communication in your family.

Tip one:

Spend more time with your family, because spending more time with your family will build better communication.

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Sibling rivalry, how to not let it get in the way of your relationship

If you are a parent with more than one child, then you know what it is like to have sibling rivalry in your house. Most of the sibling rivalry problems begin after the birth of the first child and then continues throughout childhood. As parents this sibling rivalry can be frustrating and stressful. So how can we not let it get in the way of your relationships with each of your children? Here are some suggestions on how to deal with sibling rivalry.

Understanding the causes behind sibling rivalry can help you build a better relationship with your children. A couple of causes of sibling rivalry are:

  • Some children compete with siblings to figure out who they are. They are trying to figure out what talents and interests they have and in doing so they feel the need to be better than the other. They are just trying to figure out who they are. As a parent, you can build a relationship with your child by helping them find what they are good at and be supportive of it. Let all children know that you love that they are good at their own things.
  • Attention is always an issue with siblings, whether they are toddlers or teenagers. This can also place a lot of strain on parents as it becomes difficult to share your time equally with more than one child. As a parent you will never be able to be in more than one place at a time, but it will place less strain on your relationships if each child gets just a little bit of your time so they feel that they are getting something. Also remember that developmental stages greatly influence how your children view and react to the amount of time you can spend with them.

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Learning to get along with younger siblings

Do you get along with your siblings? Or do you spend most of your days arguing about just about anything and everything that comes up in conversation? If the latter is you don't feel along. There are many older siblings out there that have a hard time getting along with younger siblings. With that being said, there should be at least some effort to do so. Learning to get along with younger siblings can be tough, but I think if you figure out how to do it now, your relationship will be much better as adults. Here are some helpful hints to helping you get along with your younger sibling.

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How to strengthen a sister-sister relationship

How to improve your relationship with your sister
If your relationship with your sister is struggling, you should make improving it a priority.

Sisters have the potential to share a beautiful relationship with one another that can last a lifetime. If your relationship with your sister is struggling, you should make improving it a priority. If you let this relationship deteriorate, you will certainly regret it. Regardless of the type of relationship that you and your sister had when you were growing up - close friendship or an intense rivalry - your relationship with each other as adults has the potential to be wonderful. The two of you grew up together; you know things about each other that no one else could ever know - do not allow the opportunity to share a bond with your sister slip away, because you'll never find another relationship to replicate it. In order to improve your relationship with your sister, you have to build a new foundation on which your sisterhood can grow.

Why is your relationship with your sister struggling to begin with? Maybe the two of you had an unpleasant dichotomy as children - you were a popular cheerleader she was an acne-ridden band geek, or vice versa. If one of you was jealous of the other throughout your adolescence, the resentment may have seeped into your adult lives. The bottom line is, you're all grown up now, and it's time to let go of high school animosity. If you were the underdog, you have to forgive your sister for being popular. What would you have done if you had been in her shoes? Would you have downplayed your good looks and your social graces so that you would be on a level playing field with your unpopular sister? Probably not. She was probably trying to stay in the "in" crowd just as hard as you were trying to gain acceptance. If you were the popular one and your sister was the "loser," you should try to be compassionate to how difficult it was for her. She probably lived her life being envious and jealous of you for your good fortune with making friends. She wanted to enjoy the same acceptance that you did, but instead she was met with perpetual rejection. It is very hard to be in outsider as an adolescent, and when someone is an outsider and they have a sibling who is very popular, they often feel doubly ashamed and embarrassed of their lacking social skills. If you made fun of your sister or you teased her for being unpopular, you have to apologize to her for causing her more pain than she already had to endure. Even if you never made fun of your sister for being unpopular in comparison to yourself, you should still try to understand the pain she felt. Maybe the two of you were great friends while you were growing up, and you grew apart after high school graduation. Your lives went in two very different directions, and your relationship suffered as a result. Sometimes absence does not make the heart grow fonder. Sometimes absence makes people forget about the bond that they shared. Just because the two of you are leading very different lives and you are two very different women doesn't mean that you can still be close. Even if you're separated by a great distance, you can still make an effort to stay in touch with each other so that your relationship remains intact. Call each other every week - or more if something exciting happens in one of your lives. If the two of you were the same, things wouldn't be as interesting. It can be hard to let go of the tight relationship that you shared as children and adolescents, but you have to open your mind to exploring and unleashing the potential of your adult sisterhood. If the telephone is too expensive to keep up on a weekly basis, then your computer can be very helpful for keeping in touch - e-mail each other or talk on instant messenger. If the two of you haven't been in contact for an extended period of time, then a handwritten letter can help to break the ice.

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How to forgive and forget in a family

While the thought of being able to forgive and forget might be an extremely nice one, is much harder to do than just say. When family members hurt and betray feelings, it can be a hard road to forgiveness, and especially forgetting that it actually happened. Because we are human, we will always have our memories to constantly remind of us situations. So how do we forgive and forget in family situations. Let's talk about some things you can try to get past the pain and hurt.

Think about what happened
It sounds childish, but if you have been offended by someone in the family go ahead and give yourself a time out. You need some time to yourself to reflect on things that were said, your feelings, and how you are going to deal with everything. Who knows, once you think about the entire situation from another perspective the problem may solve itself and you may realize that it's not as big of a deal as you were making it.

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How to deal with an ornery grandparent

Grandparents are great right? They're the ones you go to when mom and dad say no. They are the ones that are supposed to give all the extra hugs and kisses. And they are the ones who are always supposed to be happy and pleasant. Well, for some it might be so, but for others learning how to deal with an ornery grandparent is part of everyday life. There are a few things to consider and look at when understanding an ornery grandparent. Let's take a look at a few things.

The dictionary defines ornery as a few different things:

  1. ugly and unpleasant in disposition or temper

  2. stubborn

  3. mean-spirited, disagreeable, and contrary in disposition; cantankerous

Ornery grandparents can exhibit many, if not all of these qualities and can make you want to sometimes (shall we say) disown them for a time. It is difficult when you are caring for a grandparent to willfully take care of their needs when they are unpleasant, disagreeable, and "cantankerous."

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Bonding with your family over hard work, and lots of fun

Time with family should be one of the highest things on your list of priorities. There should be time at least once a day where the family is all together doing something, even if it is just eating dinner.

Never underestimate the power working hard as a family, it has so many benefits. Another important part of family is having fun together. Here are some of the benefits of working hard and having fun together.

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Tips for adapting to your in-laws customs and traditions

When you marry into a family, you do not just get a husband or wife, you also get all of their past, present, and future. Part of marrying someone means getting all that goes with them. This means you get in-laws, this means you get their customs, this means you get their traditions.

The problem with all of the extra stuff is that your in-laws customs and traditions can be hard to adapt to. So, let's take a look at three tips for adapting to your in-law's customs and traditions:

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Making your family members feel special

When you are in a family, whether big or small, it is easy to feel like you do not matter. Obviously as a family you want everyone to feel apart, however there are going to be times when life gets crazy, and because everyone else in the family has stuff going on, or requires attention, you get overlooked a little. No one likes this feeling, so while there is little you can do to ensure it does not happen to you, there is plenty you can do to make sure it does not happen to anyone else. Feeling under appreciated is a significant problem in families. Why? We get so comfortable with everyone, and their role in our life that we forget to notice how important they are.

So, stop doing this today. Making your family members feel special individually is something that you can do, no matter who you are, or where you fall in the family. So, what do you do to make everyone feel special?

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How to move past an offense with a family member

Offenses are easily taken and are never easy to get over. The worst offenses to get over are those we take with a family member. Often times we feel so comfortable around our family that we say things we should not, and all too often we cross the line between funny and hurtful. It is when this happens that an offense can occur. The reason these offenses are so hard to overcome is that we trust our families to not use things like our insecurities against us, and when they do it cuts deep.

So, when you get a deep cut by a family member, what can you do to move past it?

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How to take more interest in what your husband is interested in

Sometimes you feel like you and your husband just don't have anything in common and you never spend time doing anything together anymore. When you were dating you spent every free second together, but now there are so many other things going on that you don't see much of each other.

When you are feeling like your spare time is always spent apart from your husband, maybe it is time to do something about it. Your husband spends time working on his hobbies or enjoying what he finds leisurely. If you could find the same things interesting as your husband, you would find more time to be together.

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How to show step-kids sincere love

After a divorce it is hard when you decide to get remarried, when there are kids in the picture. Being a parent is hard, but being a step-parent can seem overwhelming. Sometimes it is hard to overcome obstacles when you are first married, but the kids can be one you can overcome.

Being the step-parent is never part of the fairy tale dreams you had when you were young. When you were dating you met your partner's kids, and you just loved them. They may have given you the same reaction back, or they may have made it clear that they hate you. Either way, now that you are a permanent part of their lives, you need to start showing them sincere love.

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Getting along with a moody teenager

Wow, they turn thirteen and something in their brain snaps. They are suddenly impossible to deal with, reason with, or be around. What is it about teenagers that make them so moody?

The reason behind it is something we may never understand, but we can find ways of keeping the peace as much as possible. Since every kid is different there are things that will work well with some that will only make it worse with others. Sorry, but there is no magic solution for all moody teenagers.

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Why You Should Never Let Unkind Words Out of Your Mouth to Your Children

One of our jobs as parents is to make sure that we raise our children to be all that they can be. What we are supposed to do as parents is to make sure that we give our children the tools to become productive members of society and in turn add to the world rather than take from it. But the truth of the matter is that sometimes no matter how hard we try to do what is right we end up doing something that can completely undermine everything we have already accomplished with our children.

Many times as a parent you have probably gotten flustered with your child or even mad enough at them to yell at them. But just because you feel that way does not mean that you are a bad parent, it is what you do at those moments that are considered important. One thing that you really want to stay away from no matter how mad or frustrated you might get is to let unkind words out of your mouth to your children. There are many reasons that you should watch what you say to your children, not to mention you should watch how you say it.

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How to help your children like themselves better

There are many different reasons why children have a low view of themselves or why they feel that they are not a good person. And sometimes as a parent we are helpless to stop our children from feeling that way, but just because you can't stop your child from feeling bad about themselves doesn't mean there isn't anything you can do about it. In fact the worst thing that any parent can do in that type of a situation is to sit back and do nothing. The good news is that regardless o how our children feel or if they are even listening to what you have to say there are some things that you can do to help your children like themselves better. And best of all it usually just involves talking to your child and not giving up on them.

Difficulty rating: Moderate to difficult

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How to find a work-family balance?

How to find a work-family balance? It is hard to keep a successful pace of family and work going. Regardless of if you are a working mom or a working dad. The issues that come up can be very much the same. The reason is that both work and family hold high priorities in most people's homes.

The high priority for work comes from wanting to succeed, increase your income, and grow as a person. The high priority for home is that you want to build a good family life with healthy kids, and a good marital relationship.

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How to enhance and support family relationships?

How to enhance and support family relationships? Strengthening family relationships will aid families toward a better life because improvement can be gained in the health area, as well as safety support.

Some include forums dealing with family relationship issues to cultivate healthy bodies and health relationships.

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How to discipline children with love

How to discipline children with love? The goals behind disciplining children with love include educating teachers in classrooms and day care centers as well as parents.

First and foremost, great discipline can assist in establishing great families.

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How to deal with relationship issues with an adopted child

How to deal with relationship issues with an adopted child? Adopted children are individuals with a background of the culture and home they came from as well their unique personalities and personal traits. When a child is moved into a new home and family, there is much uncertainty. Under a year, it is easy for a child to forget bad things that may have happened to them. Older children already have memories and fears and hurts, as all individuals will have.

Social worker terminology could call this culture shock. Children are moldable enough, usually, to learn new ways. But it is very difficult to unlearn the way they were raised in other home environments.

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How to create a happy blended family?

How to create a happy blended family? You will find that what used to be the traditional family might have been, a mom and dad and their kids. In this day and age a common term is blended family. This is a family wherein all members are not related by blood. It can consist of his kids and her kids and the parents. Also a blended family can be one with foster children, or include an aunt with children, or a family with a foreign exchange student. Sometimes people adopt others of no relationship like godfathers and godmothers etc.

In cooking, several items can be put in a blender, to form a smoothie, or batter for pancakes in the mixer. The term-blended family is similar in that all the similarities and differences are combined to form a blended and working family unit.

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A look at verbal abuse in relationships

Words can be very damaging, to both the speaker of the words, and the person the words are directed at. The problem with words is, they do not leave a physical mark, so many people are not as careful as they should be, or they think that if they say, "It's just words" or "I really didn't mean it", then the problem goes away. This is not true. Verbal abuse is a very real problem. Let's take a look at verbal abuse in relationships:

When you are in a relationship you are supposed to be comfortable, to feel loved, and to know you have value. When over time, hurtful or in play words begin to sink in and eat away at a persons' self-worth. If you hear something enough you may begin to believe what is being said, not realizing that it is a distorted version of reality. The problem with verbal abuse is just that most do not take it as a serious form of abuse even though it is.

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Why it is important to keep your family as your friends

When you spend a lot of time with someone you learn all of their negative qualities, their problems, and the things about them that annoy you. This is one of the best and worst things about being family. Family knows you, who you are, what you are, what you are bad at, what you are good at, etc. Sometimes because of this it is hard to stay friends with your family. However, keeping your family as your friends is highly important. Let's take a look at the reasons why:

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What you should not do when your children argue

When you see your children argue, it is hard to not want to step in and stop them from fighting. There are a lot of things you can do when you see your children argue, but what choice is the best? You can ground, you can ignore, you can start yelling at them, join the argument, etc. So, let's take a look at what not to do when your children argue.

It's tempting as a parent to always jump in to an argument, and put a stop to it. No one wants to see their children argue. However, doing this can often reinforce the very fears that began the argument, and deprives the children of working the issue out for themselves. If you always solve the problem for the child, you do not allow them to learn problem solving skills for themselves.

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Tips for improving mother-daughter relationships

Some mothers and daughter fight a lot, others not at all. However, if your have a strained mother-daughter relationship and want to improve it, there are some things you can do. These relationships are important, as for one you are stuck with them, and for another you should have a bond. So, what can you do to improve a mother-daughter relationship? Try the following:

First, you are going to want to isolate what the root cause of the problem is. For most, one of the key underlying problems in many mother-daughter relationships is that the mother sees the daughter as a "little her" and tries to project onto her. For example, she sees her daughter as someone who she can help avoid certain mistakes, and who can do what she never was able to do. For example, if she never went to college because she married right out of high school she may force her daughter that direction without ever thinking about what the daughter wants.

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Tips for getting your child more interested in their grandparents

A lot of times children meet their grandparents, and know what they are told about them, but never take the time to get to know them as people. A trip to Grandma's house may mean cookies, or playing in her big back yard, not sitting and talking to her about her interests, life, etc. So, what can you do to help your child get more interested in their grandparents as people, not just someone who gives them treats? The following are some suggestions for sparking interest in your children about their grandparents.

First, you can do things to help the grandparent find themselves more interesting. A lot of times older people have interests that they have set aside because they did not have the time or ability to pursue them when they were younger. So, make them more interesting individuals so that your children will have more to be interested in them. By helping the grandparents rekindle those interests they once had, by taking them to shows, buying them equipment, or helping them enroll in classes you are going to make them more interesting people. By sharing in their interests, you help validate that they still can learn and grow, and be interesting to others, and you really do make them more interesting to your children as well. It is like breathing new life into them so that they are not just old people who sit and watch the weather at night, but people who have interests.

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The importance of not comparing children

When you have more than one child, as a parent it is important to recognize the fact that it is never okay to compare children, even if you think you are tactful at it. When you have children you are going to have problems like sibling rivalry, fighting, and jealousy, so do not fuel these problems on accident or purpose.

Believe it or not, you may subconsciously be fueling unhealthy sibling rivalry if you ever say things like, "How come you don't get good grades in school? Your brother never has trouble getting A's in math." You may be saying it almost rhetorically, like how can you produce two children that are so different, but to a child it is like a slap in the face. As a parent, if you want your children to have good relationships, and if you want to have good relationships with your child, then you need to never compare them with each other.

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Making household rules when aligning two separate families through marriage

When you have second marriages where they are children involved, there is usually a big adjustment period, and it can be difficult to help the two families align. The biggest problems are usually seen when you try to align the rules. In separate households, there are generally separate rules, and these rules can be difficult to align. So, what should you do when you have two separate families becoming one? How do you set rules t meet the needs of both? Consider the following:

You have two families, and they have separate ways of doing things. There is often a tendency with step-households to try to equalize rules completely between the two families. This is not going to work, and should not be forced to happen. It is often impossible. Why? Well in many cases, even if the basic rules are the same, because the parents are very different individuals, even the same rules can be interpreted very differently.

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How to help a toddler adjust to a new brother or sister

When you have a child, and you are going to have a second child, it is important to recognize, plan for, and help the older child through the difficulty of the transition. Toddlers especially have a hard adjustment when a new baby enters the home. But the change does not have to be as hard if you work to make it easier on them. The following are some of the things you can do to ease the transition for a toddler to adjust to a new brother or sister.

First, prepare them by talking about the baby, talking about what is expected of them, what role they will play, and how excited they should be about the new person in their family. You have to recognize that older children are often required to make many sacrifices when a new baby comes into the house. They get less attention, they have to share toys, they have to share a parent, etc.

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How to make each child loved and special when you have lots of children

A lot of families that have only one child do not find any trouble making their child feel loved and special. After all, they do not have to split time with others, and they do not have to vie for attention. But, when you have several children, maybe four or five, what about seven or eight, or more, how do you make each child feel loved and special if they are one of eight? The following is a look at how to make each and every child in your family feel loved and special, regardless of how many children you have:

First, you have to look at what makes people feel loved? What makes you feel loved? When someone takes the time to do something just for you, not for you and someone else too, but just you, you start to feel loved! Let's face it, there are things, those special gestures, the time, efforts, etc. others make that help you to feel love. The things that make you feel loved are going to be very similar to the things that are going to make your child feel more loved. So, keep that in mind when your goal is to help your child feel loved.

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How cooking together as a family can improve relationships

One of the facts of life is that food can bring families together, people tend to bond better over a good meal, and cooking together than anything else. Food is an integral part of a family. So, how can cooking together as a family improve relationships?

When people gather around a table they gain more than just nourishment. There is some magic that tends to happen when you cook together then enjoy eating what you have cooked. You form both emotional and social bonds with the people you share the experience with. This is one of the reasons cooking is considered sensual in many countries, and why eating together can be such an intimate experience. However, it does not have to be about sex. A mother cooking with her daughter can form bonds that can not be created any other way, a son who cooks with his mother or father may make a connection that can't be made doing other things.

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Helping a toddler who hits

When you have children you know that no matter how sweet the child was as a baby, they are going to go through a hitting phase as a toddler. This phase does not have to last long, but it will if you do not know how to help a toddler who hits. The following is some direction for how to help a toddler who hits:

First and foremost, you have to put them on a timeout. This allows them to step away from the situation and cool down some before getting back into interacting. If you do not give them a break from the play, they will hit again soon after the first hit. So, hold them on your lap, show them love, or stick them in a corner, that is up to you, but stop the play for at least a minute. Too long of a time out is going to be a waste, as they forget why they are in there.

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Ways to show your love for family

Your family should be the most important thing in the world to you. If you want to show your love for family you should try the following:

1. Make them a priority.

If you come home from work and you mope around and say how tired you are, and that you can't help or put a smile on because you are so tired, then a friend calls and invites you to play sports, go shopping, etc. and suddenly you have the energy and the right attitude, you are going to send the wrong message to the people you claim to love. So, if you want to show your love for family, when you are with them make them see how much you enjoy being with them. They need to be a priority, a priority over sleep, friends, even work.

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Tips for getting along with in-laws in unfavorable circumstances

You get to choose your spouse, but you do not get to choose what comes with them. In-laws are sort of a package deal. Some people get lucky and find their in-laws really enjoyable and fun to be around, others are not so lucky. If you fall in the not so lucky category you may be interested in taking a look at the following tips for getting along with the in-laws in unfavorable circumstances:

Tip one: Think positive thoughts. If you let yourself dwell on your unkind feelings it starts to boil up and will erupt at some point. Sometimes you just have to deal with the fact that your in-laws are not perfect. However, if you allow yourself to think about all of the things that annoy you about them it will fester and grow. So, instead of thinking about the bad about them, think about the good. This is not just true for in-laws. When circumstances are not the best, such as deciding whose home to spend Christmas at, you won't have an open mind or be able to think rationally and impartially if you let yourself dwell on all past wrongs and problems. So, start by writing down the things that you like about them. Even if the only thing you can think of is that they parented your spouse, it is a good start. So, once you write it down, review it, review it again and again. You will want to make sure that you review it often enough that when you think of them your initial thought is this good thing, not something bad.

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How to not say things you will regret with family and friends

When you have a relationship that matters to you, it is important that you take steps not to botch it. There are things you can do to never have regrets when it comes to your speech to and with family and friends. Try the following:

Never get into a conversation when you are angry. It is far easier to say something hurtful and something you will regret when you are angry than it is when you are not. So, if you are angry, even if it is just as lousy drivers on your way to see them, avoid talking until your mood is lifted. You would hate the consequences of messing up and saying things that are hurtful or that can cause a rift between the two if you. So, if you find it hard to keep yourself from saying inappropriate things, never get together or start conversations when you are tired, hungry, annoyed at something else etc. These are the circumstances that easily lead to irritation, and an irritation, even with something totally unrelated, can lead to you saying something you will later regret.

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How to knock off the bickering

Kids fight, this is fact, and yet it is not something you have to accept or live with. Fighting amongst children usually does not lead to any serious family issues, but it can make your life as a parent more difficult, and can cause scars that take time to heal amongst the children. So, it is best to avoid it all together, and yet it is hard. So how can parents stop the constant bickering amongst their children? It depends entirely on the child, however, the following are some great suggestions you can try based on your child's personality type:

  • Reason with them. You are an adult, and when you have a problem, you usually reason it out. Allow your children the same opportunity. Explain to your children how important family is, and how much better life would be if they did not fight. Help them see the benefits, and give them some suggestions for how to get along. Part of reasoning things out is discovering root causes. So, try to find out the underlying problems of their bickering. You can usually do this by asking your children why they feel they must fight so much. Ask how the situation could be resolved. Sometimes this work, often it does not, however, it is an important first step as it allows children to take some responsibility for how they are acting, and helps them realize that bickering is a choice.

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How to help your teens better relate to younger siblings

Kids generally come one at a time, and this means if you have a large family that often times you will have some teenagers, and some younger, such as pre-teen, or even toddler. This is fun, adds spice to life, makes your home life interesting, etc. However, it also means that your children have different interests, and different ideas of fun. So, this often leads to family relationships being strained, or minimal. So, the question becomes, how can you help your teens, who would rather spend time with friends, and find their younger siblings totally annoying, relate to their younger siblings? This is a great question, and answer lies in the roots of the problem. It is hard to relate to someone who you do not know well. Just because they live in the same house, have the same parents, etc. does not mean they know each other well. So, to help your teen better relate to younger siblings, do the following:

Let them spend some time together one on one, where the older sibling takes responsibility, like babysitting, but without authority, just responsibility. It is a good idea to help your teen recognize the emotional, physical, and other needs of their younger siblings so that they stop seeing them as an annoyance, and start seeing them as a human with feelings. So, do not make them the babysitter, as this often leads to resentment, but put them in charge of something, such as getting them dinner, helping them get their teeth brushed and PJ's on each night. Giving your teen a responsibility in the life of their younger sibling essentially forces them to take part in their existence, and as a result, leads to bonds being formed, even if not initially.

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How to help your teenage children quit fighting

Teens are moody and irritable and fight with each other like crazy. If you are a parent with more than one teen you are probably very aware of how they can be best friends one minute and at each other's throats the next. So how do you get your teenage children to quit fighting? Try some of the following suggestions:

1. Feed them right.

If they eat balanced foods their mood swings will not be as drastic because their blood sugar levels will be even. It sounds funny that their diet can affect how much they fight, but when we are tired, have no energy, or feel poor physically we are more likely to get irritated easily, lose our tempers, or just not think rationally. So, help your teen avoid this by setting a curfew and fueling their bodies with the kinds of foods that will lead to longer life and vitality. These would include fresh foods. Vegetables, fruits, etc. Avoid processed and refined foods, especially those high in sugar

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How to get out of the dog house with a good "I'm sorry!"

Let's face it, there is a time in all of our lives when we get in trouble with the spouse or significant other. This is usually referred to as "being in the dog house." Sometimes it is easy to get out of the dog house, but other times it takes a little work. So, what you need to do is learn how to give a sincere and heartfelt apology so that when you do end up in the dog house, you do not stay in it long.

The following are some great tips for how to give a good "I'm sorry," and in doing so get out of the dog house:

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Sibling rivalries, pros and cons

In a perfect world no siblings would fight, and no siblings would have rivalries, but this is not a perfect world. So, let's take a look at the pros and cons of sibling rivalries:


Cultures the spirit of competition. Competition is a healthy thing to have, it is what drives us to success in many situations and makes us work harder than we would otherwise. Sibling rivalry helps your child learn how to appropriately handle competition in a comfortable environment.

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How to make your family a bigger priority than your friends

The following are some tips for how to make your family a bigger priority than your friends:

  • Spend time with your family. Your friends become your big priority when you spend time with them. Why? Because the more time you spend with someone the better you get to know them. The better you get to know someone the deeper your relationship becomes invested, and the more you care. The more you care, the higher they fall on your priority list. If you want your family to be a bigger priority than your friends, you need to actually get to know them better. You will need to spend more time with your family than your friends if you want them to be a bigger priority than your friends. When you spend time with one another you get to know likes and dislikes, you get to know opinions and philosophies, this leads to the respect that makes them your priorities. So, spend time together and you will see that your priorities realign, and you care more about them, they become a higher priority.

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How to increase your closeness in your family

Many families are close, but we all wish we could be just a little bit closer. We see shows like the Brady Bunch and wish we could enjoy spending time with our family doing potato sack races across the lawn, but we don't. So, how can you increase the closeness in your family? Try some of the following suggestions:

1. Start traditions:

if you want to have a close family you will need to have something that brings you closer, things that each person clings to adores, and loves doing, and looks forward to. These things are called traditions. Holiday traditions are easy and everyone has them, but what about other traditions? Things like waffles for breakfast on Saturday can be a tradition that brings your family closer together. That is the kind of thing that means children will not make other plans for Saturday morning because they know they get waffles and this is something they are expected to be at. Other traditions can be things like daddy-daughter dates, sister's night out, movie Monday, or anything else you want to have as a tradition. So, start some traditions.

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Dealing with an offended family member

Family is the greatest blessing you can have. However, sometimes because we are so close to our family, we get too comfortable, and we can do and say things that offend. When this happens, what can you do to make amends, or deal with, an offended family member?

The following are some suggestions for dealing with an offended family member:

How to make up:

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Ways to find more time for your family

Family is arguably the most important part of our lives. Our families are the ones who support us through hard times, who love us indiscriminately, who helps us come to our full potential. But families are also the ones who often get pushed aside when times get tough or work gets extra busy. Sometimes we become so consumed with other activities that our families suffer. But that can be avoided. If you're one of the many people today who feel like you've been neglecting your family, don't worry. This article is designed to help you find ways to find more time with your family, even if you're already a busy working person.

Spending time with family doesn't need to be a scheduled event every time. It also doesn't need to involve going out somewhere or spending money. There are plenty of ways to find more time for your family without making radical changes to your schedule. But before you make little changes in your life, you might need to make some major ones. Prioritize your life. You need to prioritize all your activities to be sure that your family isn't being put second after something unimportant. You should put them at the top of your list. Look at your schedule. Put your family first. Then you can make the small suggestions found here.

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How to deal with a stubborn family member

Ah, family relations. Family members can add great fun to your life. But they can also be a bit of a pain when they're stubborn as a mule. What should you do when you have a family member who just won't look at the other side of things or who won't let anyone else tell him/her what to do (even when s/he should definitely listen to what the rest of the family is saying!)? It can definitely be a trial when they won't listen. So this article will try to help you think of ways to deal with a stubborn family member- how you should react and what you can do to try to persuade that person to do what you think s/he should do.

Dealing with a stubborn family member can be very frustrating, especially when you want that person to see or do things your way. Here are five tips to help you deal with them.

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How to Avoid the Chain of Family Gossip

Every family spends a great deal of time discussing and talking about other members of the family. Sometimes it's malicious gossip and other times it's just a concerned sibling or parent discussing a troubled sibling or child. But let's face it- none of us really want to be included in the chain of family gossip. It's never fun to show up at the family reunion only to discover that your entire extended family heard about your vicious breakup last week or know about the tattoo you're hiding from your grandma. So this article will help you learn how to avoid the chain of family gossip. It's tough, but doable. So keep reading and learn!

Here are some ways to completely avoid the chain of family gossip:

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How to make family time more enjoyable

Most people desire strong family relationships, but aren't sure how to develop them. Many parents desperately want their children to be friends with one another, but end up playing referee just trying to keep their kids from fighting. It can be really difficult to spend quality time together as parents and children, but it's very important to make sure this time happens. Enjoying one another's company is the way to make any family function well, whether you have one child or 12 children. Here are some tips on how to make family time more enjoyable.

It's important that you make sure family time occurs on a regular basis and as often as possible. The more time you spend together with your children, the more comfortable this will be. Your children will begin to get along better and develop stronger friendships if they spend time with one another. To do this, you can try setting aside a specific time for this purpose. On top of summer vacation and other annual times together, try to devote at least one night a week to family time. Make sure that both parents and all children are available to attend. Having a set evening to spend together as family night will ensure that this happens. It's all well and good to say you'll spend time together, but it is a lot less likely to happen if you don't actually devote a time to doing so.

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How to deal with finding out your child or relative is gay

For some people, finding out that a child or relative is gay can be incredibly difficult, especially if you don't agree with this lifestyle. If you don't agree with this, here are some tips for how to handle this situation in a way that will not destroy your relationship with your family member:
One thing that can be incredibly helpful when trying to deal with this is to find a third party to talk with about this. Attending counseling with this relative can be incredibly helpful. Either try to find a family counselor, or a counselor or leader from your mutual religion. There are also some councilors who specialize in guiding families through these kinds of situations. Having someone who you trust and who doesn't have heated personal feelings about the topic can really help you to discuss things in a more productive way. A third party is great because they are detached from the situation, and can therefore rationally help you to sort out your feelings and discuss them openly.

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Making family time, quality time

According to one study it was found that unstructured children's activities have declined by 50% over the part 20 years. Furthermore, dinners together as a family have declined by 33% and family vacations have declined by 28%. The need to place more importance on the quality time that a family spends together is more important now than ever before. Below are some examples of how we can prevent our families from becoming another statistic by making family time, quality time.

  • Go to church - Studies have shown that a family that attends religious meetings together feels more connected with each other. Religious meetings that are held on a regular basis also promote feelings of belonging and a sense of community.
  • Be an example - Your kids learn by observation. Teach them about the importance of balancing work and play. Demonstrate how relaxation can be fun and that you do not always have to be doing some sort of structured activity to have a good time.

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How to make up with an estranged family member

Many times making up with an estranged family member involves professional help. This is because there is usually a history with estranged family members that is difficult to overcome without the professional help of a third party. After doing all that you can do on your own you must consider obtaining professional counseling in order to have the greatest chance of making up with an estranged loved one.

What you can do on your own...

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How to create a great home life

A great home life is something that we all strive to obtain but creating it can be difficult. With so many different people under one roof it is sometimes hard to have everyone's interests satisfied. Many people find that they want to make their home life better but after a full day at work or school it is difficult to find the time or energy needed to make improvements. No matter your current home situation there are ways to make it better. Below are some simple suggestions of how you can create a great home life.

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How to stay close to your family after they all move away

If you want to stay close to your family after they move away, there are some things you can do:

1. Use emails:

The internet is a great tool for staying close with your family. If you do not have an email address, now is the time to get one. You can get one for free at a number of different places. You can get one at hotmail, yahoo, gmail, etc. Most internet providers also offer free email services. So, send out weekly emails to your family to keep them up to date on the happenings of your family, and on all the news. An email does not have to be long. It does not cost anything, and it is a great way to keep everyone posted. You will want to touch on the high points, ask about other people's family and happenings. You will also want to include some sentiments, and feelings of love. You can also attach photos and other things to your emails. If you want to stay close, communication is key, and email is one of the easiest, best forms of communication you can use. It allows you to stay in touch on your time, whether that is two in the morning or at a more regular time

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Family feuds, how to not end up like Romeo and Juliet

If you want to end up like Romeo and Juliet, you can stick with fighting with your family, friends etc. However, if you want to get over family feuds, try the following:

  • Do not talk about it to others. If you have a problem with another family, or a member in your own family, talking about it to others only fuels the fire. If you are mad, and you tell everyone you are mad, it is going to be 100 times harder to get over it. If you can't get over it, you carry those bad feelings on your back, you pass them on to others, and you create a big feud, and potentially a big problem. So, instead of sharing your problems with everyone around you, keep them to yourself, or only share them with a specific person, such as your spouse or best friend. Poisoning others toward the person or family accomplishes little, and does nothing to help you feel better. However, if you can keep it close, you will get over it faster, and you will avoid problems like the ones Romeo and Juliet's families had.

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Becoming a better son or daughter, what to do to make mom and dad proud

Every child wants to make their mom and dad proud. It does not matter if you are four or forty, you want mom and dad to be proud of you. So, what can you do to become a better son or daughter, what can you do to make mom and dad proud?

One of the best ways to make your parents proud is to be yourself and do the following:

1. Make sure you are happy with yourself. If you go for your dreams and follow through, even if you do not succeed, at least you tried. Your parents will be proud of you if you are proud of yourself. You will want to be sure to be happy. Whether you are a doctor or a house wife, your parents will be proud as long as it is what you want.

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How to educate your child about sex, without having the talk.

The world that we live in is so different than what is was fifty years ago. In all honesty it has become a dangerous place to raise children. This is a scary reality one of which makes it harder and harder for parents to raise their children in a safe and healthy environment.

The media has bombarded our homes with inappropriate and filthy images that imprint lasting impressions upon a child's developing mind. Through television, movies, magazines, books, the radio and more our children are constantly subjected to this outside influence.

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Why it is important to show your children that you love your spouse

Many parents worry about showing too much physical displays of love for their spouse in front of their children. They worry about psychological damage, inappropriateness, etc. However, it is important to show your children through your actions and your words that you love your spouse. Here are the reasons why:

Reason 1: When you show through actions and words that you have love for your spouse, your children will feel more secure. With almost half of marriages ending in divorce, it is no wonder children are constantly worried about the health of their parent's relationship. Children will worry and fear what will happen to them if you stop loving one another. So, if you can show them that you do love your spouse, you relieve them of their insecurities. They can be more confident and assured that the life they know now will not be turned up side down, but will remain in tact.

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How to talk to your children about divorce

When a marriage starts to dissolve, it can be very hard on the children. To make things a little bit easier on them, and help them to not get hurt, you need to talk to them about the divorce in a way that they will understand what it means to them. So, try the following:

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How to spend more quality time with your children

When you have a child, you are working hard to provide for their needs. You probably have work, and other commitments in your life. While you do these things so your child can have a good life, sometimes it means not spending as much time with them as you would like to. As a parent, we know it is our job to make sure our kids are fed, clothed, and going to school, but beyond that, what exactly are your responsibilities? You have emotional and spiritual responsibilities to your child as well. So, spending quality time with them on a daily basis is important. However, how do you spend more quality time with your children when you already have such a busy and hectic schedule? Try some of the following:

  • Eat with your children. No matter how much you have on your plate, you will always find time to stop and eat. You have to eat during the day in order to keep going. So, when you take the time to feel your stomach, do it with your children. Yes, there are other things you can do to multitask, but, what is more important than talking to your
children about their day, their plans, goals, homework, relationships, and feelings? So, do your best to spend at least one meal a day with your children.

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How to make a foster child comfortable

Foster children have rough lives, they do not have the stability of a home, their parents either can have them or don't want them, and they are pushed through the system. It is no wonder they are often resistant to love, and many go on to have problems later in their life as a result of abuse, pain, and identity issues that result from being a foster child. With this in mind, and the fact that this child has seen more of the harsh and cruel realities of life than any child should you should make a real effort to make them more comfortable. There are some things you can and should do to help foster children in your home feel more comfortable.

1. Give them items to call their own. Most foster children have few personal belongings. They are moved around, do not have a home, a bedroom, or many personal items. So, buy them things that are just for them. Give them clothes, toys just for them, a room, or at least a space they do not have to share. Having things to call their own will give them a feeling of belonging. If they are too big for toys, etc. then get them a movie, a CD, or if you have a little more room in your budget, go for an ipod, etc. This is not buying their love, this is helping them get comfortable.

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How to help your child to interact well with others

Children struggle to share, play nice, and interact well with others. So, if you want to help your child interact well with others, try the 3 E's. What are the 3 E's?

"E" one: Example

Children learn almost everything they do through example. Children learn to talk by listening, children learn to walk by watching, children learn to interact by watching you interact. So, if you want your child to interact well with others, you have to give them plenty of opportunities to see you and others interacting well. So, have friends over, treat your children and others with kindness and respect. Do not ever yell at them, and they will never yell at you (until they hear another child yell at their parents).

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How to get children to clean their rooms

A constant fight many parents have with their kids is the fight over the messy room. This is normal, but it does not have to be something you experience. So, how can you get your children to clean their rooms and keep them clean?

Here is what most people do:
Bribe: one way to get your child to clean their room is the old fall back, bribe them. Offer them a shopping trip, tell them they can do whatever weekend activity they asked about, or go with the standard bribe of cash. However, if you do this, their room won't stay clean, they did it for the wrong reason, and if it gets messy again, they know they will get another bribe to get it cleaned up.

Threaten: You can always threaten to take away privileges and belongings if their room is not clean. However, if they clean their room because of a threat, their room will only stay clean for so long, and soon your authority will wear off.

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How to form bonds with your adopted child equal to that of your biological

If you have both adopted and biological children, you may struggle with forming equal bonds with both. Simply creating life gives you a bond that is difficult to break, and you may find that you are giving your children unequal treatment, and not intentionally. It can be difficult to love an adopted child as much as you do your own, especially as there are certain physiological bonds that form when you carry a child in your womb. So, the following are some suggestions on how to form bonds with your adopted child equal to that of your biological. These suggestions are not all simple, but they work, so put them to use:

  • If you adopt a child as an infant, name them yourself. It does not matter if the biological parent has already named them, or if a birth certificate is filed. Change their name. Get a new social security card issued. Do what it takes, but a big part of having your own child is selecting a name for them, often names selected hold special significance. So, pick a name you love, that is meaningful to you, or that has been in the family for years, and name your adopted child.

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Biological parents, what role should they play in your adopted child's life

When you adopt a child, you are faced with a number of difficult choices, one of which is determining what role, if any the biological parents of your child will have in their life. You may also have to decide what role the biological grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. will play. This can be a difficult decision. The following are some pointers to help you determine what you are comfortable with, and what is appropriate:

  1. Decide upfront if it will be an open adoption, or closed. This means that will the biological parent have rights to see the child or not.
  2. Decide when you are going to tell your child they are adopted. If you are going to tell them very young, you can let them know about their parents, show them photos, etc.
  3. Determine what is too much interaction, and set ground rules with your child.

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Helping your daughter through a tough breakup

A pillow soaked with tears surrounded by shredded pieces of once treasured pictures is usually a bad sign. It usually means that your daughter has just had a bad breakup. What advice can people give to their daughters to help them through a tough breakup?

The first thing a parent probably wants to say is "he was not good enough for you anyway." Although that is probably true, that's not what she's going to want to hear.

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Helping your teen reduce the amount of drama in their life

Nothing causes sheer panic like the thought of raising a teenager. This give and take process of learning independence and being dependent on parents is impossible. Whose idea was it anyway? Who knows? But one thing is for sure, every parent would like to know how to help their teen reduce the amount of drama in their life. Reducing a teenager's drama reduces a parent's drama. So what can be done, and quick?

First, teens need a steady base. They need something secure to hang on to. This has got to be their family. Everything else in life changes too much, teens need to know that they can be grounded by their family.

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Working moms, how to balance both

Many Mom's would love to stay home with their kids and be a mom full time, however, expenses of life, mortgages, car payments, credit card debt, etc. often make working mandatory. So, if you are a working mom, how do you balance your career and being a great mom?

  • If you do any work at home, keep your work space and your other spaces completely separate. If you have your work spread all over the house, your child will not feel like they matter as much. They need your home to be their territory, their space. So, dedicate one area to work, and don't let it expand past that area.

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Teaching your children to interact appropriately

Often times toddlers hit, bite, won't share, and in general are not very good at interacting with others. However, if appropriate behavior is not taught, these actions will carry over into older ages. So, what are some things you can do to teach your children to interact with others in an appropriate manner?

1. Teach through example. Give your child many opportunities to see you in action interacting with others. If they see how to interact by your actions, they are more likely to mimic them. So, show your children how to interact in an appropriate manner. Invite friends over, point out when you share, highlight your interactions so your children take notice and will learn from the way you interact. Regularly show your child how to interact appropriately. If you want your child to say please, be sure you say please.

When you ask your child for something, be sure you ask the way you want your child to ask. When you do something inappropriate, like yell, discipline yourself, and let your child know that what you did was inappropriate. If you show them through your own interactions, including your interactions with them, what is appropriate, and what is not, they will learn quickly. Children often spend the most amount of time with their parents, they mimic your actions, so be sure the actions they mimic are what you want.

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Parenting as a united front, why it is important

Why is parenting as a united front important? Well, if you want your children to be well behaved and respect your authority, you need to parent as a united front. Let's look at this a little closer.

What is parenting as a united front? This means adopting the same parenting style. It means setting guidelines for behavior, and whether it is mom or dad at home, the same consequences result. It means mom backs dad up and dad back mom up in front of the children, even if they disagree with the choice of discipline.

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How to show your children you love them

Children are somewhat fragile. They thrive when they feel love, and they revert or lash out when they feel a threat to their love source. So, how can you show your children you love them?

The following are ways to daily show your children that you love them:

1. Get up with them in the morning.

If your child starts the day out on the wrong foot, they may feel less loved. So, if your child is an early morning riser, or a late riser. No matter what you are doing, sleeping or otherwise, get up, get your child breakfast, smile, give them a hug, and tell them you love them. Sometimes starting off on the right foot can help your child feel loved all day long. So, make this a big priority. Helping your child start the day off feeling loved will help them be less needy, clingy, or insecure all day long. When your child knows that you will drop anything for them, they will feel loved, and they will not require you to drop as much.

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Eating breakfast as a family, pros and cons

There has been much debate about whether or not you should eat breakfast as a family each day. Let's take a look at the pros and cons:


  • Gives you a chance to evaluate the day. When you have a family, especially a large one, many people have many different activities going on. So, eating breakfast together gives everyone a chance to inform Mom and Dad of their planned activities, and it gives Mom and Dad a chance t figure out a way to make it all work.

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Getting toddlers to play nice

We often tell our toddlers to play nice. All parents want their children to play nice, but sometimes that is like asking them to turn the world over. Toddlers are just learning to share and socialize. So, how can you help your toddler to play nice?

Show them instead of telling them how to play nice and take turns. Example is key!! When toddlers are fighting over the same toy, help them to take turns, while waiting turns find another toy for the child that is waiting and praise, praise, praise. Praise both children, one for waiting their turn and the other for sharing when their turn is up.

Let's look at an example: being a Grandmother, I have my grandchildren two to three days per week. Their ages are three and six. The six year old is a boy and the three year old is a girl. My six year old grandson just loves to tease his sister and he really has a hard time sharing. I have found that setting a timer for them to take turns works really well and even turns the fights into a fun game at times. When the timer goes off they each know that it is the other child's turn. Setting the timer has also taught patience on the children's part and also makes wanting the same toy not such a big deal after all and it doesn't seem to matter much to them anymore.

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Family vacations, how they improve relationships

Let's face it, families, while bonded by genetics, blood, and living in the same house, often spend little time with one another. Families have tons of activities going on each day, from preschool to little league, and work. So that is why family vacations are so important.

Family vacations, how they improve relationships:

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Disciplining your child


Disciplining your child can be tough. You love your child, and you want what is best for them, but you also want them to always be happy, and most children are not very happy about disciplining. So, the following are some tips for disciplining your child:

1. Stay consistent. If you put your child in time out if they tell you no at home, you need to do that in public as well. If you are inconsistent just because you are out in public, your child will get mixed signals and will misbehave more often, and require even more discipline.

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If you love them, serve them

Love can be expressed in many ways, however, service is one of the best, longest lasting, and most effective ways to tell someone you love them. When you serve someone you put their needs before your own. This is a selfless act, and that doesn't just tell them you love them, it shows them.

So, if you love them, serve them. Parents show their love through service all of the time. Parent's have unconditional love, and they constantly serve their families through unnoticed acts, like dishes, laundry, paying for braces, etc. Even when their kids mess up, they find a way to get over it, and forgive. If your boss burnt your house down, or smashed your car in, or stole money from your purse, you would not likely get over it very quickly. However, when a child does this to a parent, a parent is disappointed, disciplines the child, and gets over it, never do they stop loving the child. This may be for a number of reasons, one of which is that they have been serving the child for years. They serve them because they love them.

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5 ways to make your siblings your friends

Many people wish that they were as close to their brothers and sisters as they are their friends, and yet they do not know what to do to get there. The following are 5 way to make your siblings your friends:

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Great games for groups of four

Games are a great way to pass the time, and an inexpensive form of entertainment. Most games will cost you less than $50, which may seem like a lot, but you can play it again and again, and even if you only play it once a month you are paying less than $5 for hours of fun, which is more than you can say for any other form of entertainment.

Playing games is a lot of fun. However, games are best when you play with the right amount of people for the game. Some really great games for groups of four people include the following:

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Spending time with family, quality or quantity, which is better?

Spending time with family, quality or quantity, which is better? To be honest, a good combination of the two is best, however, with any size family it can be difficult to spend time together as a whole, so make the time you do spend quality time, and strive to increase the amount of time spent together. It is a common belief that time should make up in quality for what is missed in quantity, but that does not mean you should spend limited amounts of time together. Your goal should be to spend as much time together as possible, and make every minute you spend together quality time.

Many people think this is impossible because of some incorrect notion that quality time can not include any disagreement or conflict. This is untrue. In fact, it is by working through these that our families are strengthened. Also, it is important that when spending quality family time, that limits be set and parents not let family rules slide just because they feel guilty about not spending enough quantity of time with the family.

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Loving a rebellious teen

"I don't have to do what you say!"
"You don't own me!"
"You can't choose my friends!"
"These rules are stupid!"
"You don't have the right to invade my privacy!"
"Nobody else's curfew is as early as mine!"
"Hi Mom! Can I have some money?"

Sound familiar? These are the sounds of a rebellious teen. Loving a rebellious teen is difficult, but armed with the right information, even you can love your wild teenager.

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How to get your teenagers to want to spend more time at home

Let's face it, most teens go through a stage where they want very little to do with their family. They would rather be with their friends. So, they spend less and less time at home. As a parent you may feel you only see your child in passing or when they need something like gas money. So, how can you get your teenager to want to spend more time at home?

Make your home fun for their friends: if you have a house that their friends want to be at, then wah la, they are there too. Teens hang out somewhere, and despite popular belief it is not always at the mall. So, how do you make your home fun for their friends?

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Getting teens interested in family

Let's face it, most teens are about as interest in family as adults are in getting in a car accident. So, how can you get your teen interest in family? Here are ten ways to get your teenager more interested in family:

1. Food: kids like food. So, eat as a family, and family will rub off some. Have good snacks and food in your house, and your kids and their friends will want to spend more time at your house, which will lead to more time with the family, even if their friends are there too. As silly as it sounds, good food is attractive, so make your teen want to be home more with good food and a set dinner time.
2. Fun: teens are not as interested in family as they are in other things that are more fun. So, make your family more fun. Get a ping pong table and have competitions, play video games as a family, or simply make sure that your family time is enjoyable.
3. Activity: kids like to have things to do. They like to go out, have activity, and be entertained. So, have a home that has activity. Do things with your family. Go out, see movies, bowl, join a league if you have to, make sure your family engages in activity. This will help your teen get more interested in family.

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Working together as a family

Working together as a family is very beneficial to improving family relationships. Most people who want to build their family relationships try to do so by playing together more often. So, they take lavish vacations, go out for expensive dinners, and see all the new movies. And yet, sometimes this is not enough. Now, I am not saying that playing with your family is a bad idea, in fact it is very important, but play combined with work is what builds the best and strongest family relationships.

Working together as a family teaches each person in your family how to interact with the others in less than ideal situations. It is easy to get along when you are sitting on a beach at Maui drinking specialty drinks and getting a great tan; but when you are cleaning moldy food out of Tupperware containers, and organizing closets tempers tend to flair a little, and the strength of your relationship bonds gets tested.

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Sharing rooms, should your children have to?

When you have more than one child, the question inevitably comes up, should your children share a room? Of course within this question comes a whole lot of complexities and sub-questions such as what if they are of differing gender? How old should they be? Do you put a baby in a room with a toddler? And the list goes on. So, instead of trying to address all of the million scenarios for room sharing out there, let's just take a look at one question-"sharing rooms, should your children have to?"

The answer to this question is somewhat complex.for example, if you do not have the space to give each child their own room, then the answer is obvious. However, what if you do? What if your children want to share a room? What if they don't? Are the benefits to sharing a room great enough to warrant making your children share? That is up to you. So, let's take a look at some of the advantages of children sharing rooms:

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How to not be the nagging wife

If type "nagging wife" into a search engine on the Internet you will get a whole host of articles about men who committed suicide to get away from their nagging wife, asked a judge to send them to jail, or how to deal with the torture. Being a nag is not a good thing. Clearly learning how to break the habit or nagging and not be a nagging wife is in your best interest. The following are some tips to learn how to not be a nagging wife:
1. Decide now. Nagging is not genetic, but it is a learned behavior that is passed down from our mother's. So, you have to decide that you do not want to be a nag, and recognize that it is a behavior you learned, and that while difficult to change, will be well worth it. If you make a decision not to nag, than each time you do, it will be nagging at you (no pun intended). So, decide now, and while not overnight, you will consciously see when you nag, and thus be able to change it.

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How to build relationships with difficult children

Some people have it easy, they get even tempered well behaved children who mind them and love them. This makes building a good relationship easy. However, some children are very difficult. They can try your patience, push you to limits you never thought you would reach, make you want to scream, cry, pull your hair out, shoot them, and kiss them all at the same time. Often, these children are difficult to deal with, and building healthy, happy relationships with them can be difficult.

Here are some tips to help you build relationships with difficult children:

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Getting through the terrible two's

Does your baby hit, tell you "no" and seem like they always need a nap? Congratulations, you might be at the beginning of the year or two years of difficulty that have been termed "The terrible two's". This is a hard time for both the kid and the parent. The child knows what they want, but can't express it in a way to get it understood. And, the parent feels like they always have an ornery kid. So, how can you get through the terrible two's in one piece, and still be sane, and love your kid afterward?

1. Recognize that this is a perfectly normal developmental phase. Your child is growing more independent. They are at a stage where they become aware of himself as a person entirely separate from you. So, don't despair, your child is not the only one, and they will grow out of it.

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Getting through the terrible two's

Does your baby hit, tell you "no" and seem like they always need a nap? Congratulations, you might be at the beginning of the year or two years of difficulty that have been termed "The terrible two's". This is a hard time for both the kid and the parent. The child knows what they want, but can't express it in a way to get it understood. And, the parent feels like they always have an ornery kid. So, how can you get through the terrible two's in one piece, and still be sane, and love your kid afterward?

1. Recognize that this is a perfectly normal developmental phase. Your child is growing more independent. They are at a stage where they become aware of himself as a person entirely separate from you. So, don't despair, your child is not the only one, and they will grow out of it.

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Fun family activities

Spending time with your family is very important, and this can become increasingly difficult as your children get older. Teens find that friends and school activities become more fun and appealing than spending time with family. So, how can you spice up the family activities and make them fun for everyone, small children, adults and teenagers alike?

 Get input from everyone: if they suggest it, they are more likely to enjoy it.

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Family chores, how it makes your family stronger

Family chores makes your family least that is what they say, so, how can doing chores as a family make your family stronger?

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Balancing work and motherhood

Motherhood is a fabulous calling in life, and something most women really enjoy. However, with the financial demands on our families, more and more mother's have to work too. The stay at home Mom days seem long ago as more and more moms are struggling to balance work and motherhood. So, how do you do both? The following are some great suggestions for balancing work and motherhood:

1. Determine your priorities: working and being a mom can be tough, especially if your role also includes housekeeping, laundry, grocery shopping, and keeping the whole family fed, dressed, and entertained. So, with so much on your plate, the best way to conquer it all is to establish some priorities. Do you let Daddy Jr. cry so you can switch the load of laundry, or does the laundry just have to wait? Deciding on your priorities is like making an unspoken list of rules you will follow: "If junior is sick I stay home from work, but if the house is a mess, it stays messy and I go to work." Get the picture?

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No other success can compensate for failure in the home

In today's society one horrible tragedy happens after another, we see gang violence, school shootings, prisons packed with inmates that have committed every crime, from rape, to petty theft, to murder. New legislation, school programs, and community actions are put into place to try and combat these issues, and yet we still see non-violent problems such as illiteracy, low self-esteem, and the list goes on.

Our government is constantly striving to find the cure-all, and the solution to the problem in our society, and all too often, the answer, which is staring them in the face, is ignored, and overlooked. The fact of the matter is, if home environments were better, many of these problems would solve themselves. This is not to say that there would be no problems, as people still have their agency. However, the home is the location where the groundwork of character, personality, personal feelings and philosophies are laid. Failure in the home leads to holes in the development of these, which leads to all the above mentioned issues. So, let's look at why there is failure in the home by taking a look at what it takes to make success, and thus what is lacking.

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How to teach your kids the value of service?

This article discusses different ways that you can teach your kids the value of service. We live in an interesting world today. As you read stories about out of control celebrities, groups of kids beating up the homeless and the helpless, increasing pornography and drug addiction, rising divorce rates, and more, it seems like we are living in an age that is more and more dedicated to self satisfaction, self fulfillment, and self indulgence.

Even the reluctance of men and women in their mid to late twenties and early thirties to get married, start families, and choose a career demonstrates a reluctance to take on responsibilities with the perceived consequences of losing independence and the ability to do whatever one would want. At the same time, it also appears that more and more people are becoming involved in service. Celebrities are, at least, with the proliferation of more and more charities that they sponsor. Similarly, there is a new interest in working to protect the environment, to help people who suffer from the destruction of natural disasters, to volunteer to help those who are at a disadvantage at school and in the workplace.

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How to keep your kids from seeing sex and violence on TV.

This article will discuss how you can keep your kids from seeing sex and violence on TV.
TV has become one of the most important elements of the average American kid's life. Studies have shown that the average American child watches at least 5 hours of TV a day, if not more. However, studies have also shown that there is far more sex, sex-related material, and violence on TV now than there ever has been. You can tell that simply by turning on the TV at 6 o'clock at night and watching 5 minutes of any show. And if you turn to MTV, VH1, or any other music channel, you'll probably be horrified and shocked by how explicitly the sexuality, the objectification, and the immorality is in the music videos and the veejays. In terms of violence, it's everywhere. The most popular shows today deal with hunting down serial killers and terrorists. Even Alias, which was one of the most popular shows of the last few years, had a scene in which a woman's hands were filed down with an electric sander. During prime time.

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How to help kids develop better reading skills.

It might seem obvious, but having good reading skills is one of the most important tools for success that you can help your children develop. Any person, child or adult, who cannot read or has difficulty reading is already at a serious disadvantage when it comes to college and any sort of job in the workforce. Reading is one of the keys to success in this life, and as a parent, you have a responsibility to help your child learn how to read and to help your child develop better reading skills. Don't leave everything up to the school-only you can give your child the one on one attention and support that he or she needs to really learn how to read well. The National Center for Education Statistics says that in 2003 over a third of 8th graders failed a basic reading skills test. Only a little over a third of 8th graders demonstrated or exceeded proficiency levels. 63% of 8th graders only had the most basic of reading skills. This is a pretty dire situation. However, there is good news. Research has demonstrated that if parents are actively involved in helping children learn how to read, most children can become excellent readers with just that parental support. There are several things that you can do to help your kids develop better reading skills.

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How early should I start talking to my kids about sex?

This article addresses how early you should start talking to your kids about sex. Talking to kids about sex is one of the scariest parts about being a parent. I'm sure that you remember your own talks with your parents (if they were ever brave enough to have that talk) as embarrassing, excruciatingly awkward for both you and your mom and dad. If your parents were like mine, they probably didn't even get up enough courage to bring up the subject until you had figured out everything about it, anyway.

This article will hopefully help you figure out when you should start talking to your kids about sex, and the kinds of things that you should say when you start talking to them. It can't be a delicate balance-you don't want to tell them too much and go over their heads, but you do need to bring it up at some point, to avoid the common situation where their friends end up telling a much muddled six year old version of the birds and the bees. One of the benefits of talking to your kids about sex early on and honestly is that if your kids always feel comfortable talking to you about sex, they are actually less prone to engage in risky sexual behavior as a teenager.

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How to Tell Your Teenagers You Love Them

Teenagers do not want Mom and Dad bothering them. Most teenagers would be perfectly content to live in your home, drive your car, eat your food, and use your money, and not have to talk to you. Of course there are exceptions, and you can have a good relationship with your teenage son or daughter, even if they don't really seem to care either way. The question is, "how do you tell them you love them?" This is a question many parent's have because their teen does not want to hear those embarrassing words, "I love you!" and, many parent's have a hard time saying them, especially when there are times when "love" is not exactly what they are feeling.

The following are some gestures or acts, things you can do to get the message across to your teenager that you love them without being to mushy gushy or "embarrassing":

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How to Calm Down a Fight

Relationships and marriage are not perfect, no matter how hard we try, there will likely be the occasional fight. Fighting every now and again can be somewhat healthy for relationships because when you fight you get some insight into how this person problem solves. You also get the opportunity to humble yourself afterward and make-up. However, fights can escalate out of control very quickly. If you do not learn how to calm down a fight, it can lead to a very negative experience. It can create hurtful and harmful feelings, it can lead to physical or emotional abuse, and can be irreversibly damaging to a relationship.

So, how do you calm down a fight before it goes too far?

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The birds and the bees talk - what you should say when you talk to your kids about sex.

Many parents skip the birds and the bees talk altogether until their child is about to graduate from high school and then they think that perhaps sex is something that you should address. Too late. As much as you would like to avoid the birds and the bees talk with your kids, research shows that it's incredibly important for children to talk about sex with their parents. It is a proven fact, if you talk to your kids about the birds and the bees, they are less likely to act like an animal in heat. Studies have shown that teenagers who feel comfortable talking openly with their parents about sex are far less likely than other teenagers to engage in risky sexual behavior. Having such a trusting and open relationship with parents also helps protect teens against sexual abuse, sexually transmitted diseases, risky behavior, and teen pregnancy. So, get over it, and have the talk.

It May be difficult for you because of the fact that it was mortifying when you received it from your parents, and it's horrifying in all sorts of different ways now that you're a parent.

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Family home evening - the most important night of the week

Our lives are so busy, we have work, religion, bills, television shows, school, PTA, book-club, dance, sports, practice, sleep, food, and so very much more. In the midst of all the hubbub and hustle, sometimes we forget to spend time with the people in our lives that matter the very most. We forget to spend time with our family. There is however, something we can do, increase the love between you and your family, and build some great memories by having a family home evening.

Family home evening is the most important night of the week. It really does not matter what night you choose to have your family home evening, as long as you have one.

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Daddy-daughter dates - creating relationships that last a lifetime

Daddy-daughter dates are a great way to create relationships that last a lifetime, as well as some great memories. Too often in a father's life, worrying about things like paying the bills, and getting a promotion at work, or even their son's success in sports sort of take over their life, and they tend to forget about (or at least appear to) that little girl that used to be their princess. Quality one on one time with Dad is very important for young girls. Spending time with a male role model is a key part in developing appropriate male female relationships. However, more important than all of the psychology reasons to spend one on one time, is the fact that daddy-daughter dates are a great way to create relationships that last a lifetime.

Girls, especially as young teens look for approval from adults. Spending time with Dad, when she is the focus, not work, not another sibling, not Mom, can help her gain self-confidence, feel important, and most importantly, recognize how much her Daddy cares about her.

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Birth Order and What it Means in Your Marriage

This article will discuss birth order and what birth order means in your marriage. While the birth order of both you and your spouse obviously does not determine everything that will happen in your marriage and the problems that you might have, birth order does play an important role in understanding how the two of you work together, how you might learn your difficulties and your weaknesses and your strengths.

Following are some of the potential combinations of birth order in a marriage, and what your potential difficulties might be and how the two of you might work together. Once again, everybody is unique, and so some, all, or none of these characteristics might apply to you. But understanding how your birth order affects you and how your spouse's birth order affects him or her can help you see your marriage more clearly.

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Estate Planning

Among the kindest things that one can do for your loved ones is to organize all important documentation in one place; preferably a readily accessible folder. Included in the folder should be all life insurance policy information; bank account information; Powers of Attorney and a copy of a Will. Organization in this manner will alleviate already-grieving loved ones having to go on a "scavenger hunt" for vital documents and will help to expedite the filing of claims for survivors.

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Avoiding Mom Burnout

A helpful tool in avoiding "Mom Burnout" is learning the ability to "compartmentalize"; in other words, to be "100 % there" in whatever activity is at hand. When these activities include the children and their activities or needs, time spent at the office or other obligations, concentrate on the immediate; understanding that you have set aside a specific time each day for yourself alone. Whether first thing in the morning or later at night when the children are settled in; to literally "make an appointment" with oneself each day - even if only for 20 minutes - to take a bubble bath, practice yoga or just simply enjoy "quiet time" will help to avoid burnout, as well as renew strength and spirit

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Are You a Yes-Parent?

If three of these sounds vaguely like you, it's likely that your children turn you into a yes-person quite easily.

  • At least one room in your home looks like a toy store.
  • At any given hour the couch doubles as a trampoline, a wrestling mat, a hiding place or arts and crafts center.
  • Your child wears his Halloween costume to school in February.
  • You're on a first-name basis with the workers at McDonald's.
  • Your child has everything her best friend has.
  • Your six-year-old stays up so late that he can fill you in on Jay Leno's monologue from the night before.
  • Your daughter's last birthday party was more elaborate than your wedding.
  • You have three dogs, two kittens, and a parakeet who all hang out around the fish tank.
  • You spend most Saturday evenings in the movie theatre parking lot waiting for your children and their friends.
  • You spend Sunday evenings writing history reports and crafting science projects you found out about during dinner.
  • The text messaging charges are bigger than your monthly cell phone fee.
  • Your child's band equipment takes up both parking spaces in the garage.
How did you score? Hmmm. It's probably time to take stock and learn to say no.

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Choosing The Perfect Holiday Gift Basket

Choosing a memorable gift is often a challenge. Here are some tips to help you select a gift basket that will cause the recipient to remember you positively for years!

If you're like most people, there's a gift basket or some corporate gift baskets on your shopping list this holiday season.

After carefully researching the gift basket industry, and talking to a number of suppliers within it, here are some insider tips we've discovered to help you choose a gift basket the recipient will appreciate and remember for years to come:

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Home For The Holidays: Start That Conversation

Annie waited too long to have that talk with her parents. It was too late to have it now as they were both beyond comprehending the seriousness of their situation. As a result, she had to break the bad news to a long lost brother, and deal with her resistant parents who had convinced themselves that they were independent in their own home, while she had to make some very difficult decisions for them.

It's never too soon to begin the discussion of aging. But if you have put it off, ease into that conversation as soon as the first, what may seem minor event occurs which indicate a loved one's independence may be in jeopardy. Since it is difficult to begin such a talk, here are some suggestions which may help:

  • use another family's situation or news story as an example or starting point.
  • cut out an article or an ad as a reference point.
  • ask questions at a family gathering, but keep it light.
  • plan a family meeting with the agenda known by all beforehand.

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7 Ways Busy Families Can Volunteer

Volunteering together is a fantastic way to spend time as a family. Volunteering

--teaches kindness, compassion and respect.

--deepens family relationships.

--gives kids a sense of empowerment.

--promotes learning about areas of interest, such as hunger, homelessness or human rights.

--doesn't require a lot of time.

--is fun.

--changes lives.

An excellent resource for finding volunteer opportunities is "The Busy Family's Guide to Volunteering" by Jenny Friedman (Robins Lane Press). Visiting can help you locat volunteer opporunities in your area.

Here are my favorite family volunteering opportunities:

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The Post-Holiday Blues In Stepfamilies

In stepfamilies, big holiday expectations can lead to big disappointment--and post-holiday blues, says Susan Wisdom, a licensed professional counselor and co-author of “Stepcoupling.”

As a stepmom, I know about expectations. Every year, just before the holidays, I start thinking about how to recreate Christmas Eve at my grandmother’s house. In her big two-story home, my family and I crowded into her dining room and kitchen with about two dozen relatives. We munched on turkey, cranberries and dressing, then topped off the meal with my grandma’s home-made cookies. With my 14 siblings and cousins, I played board games while my dad and uncles stomped around on the roof, yelling “Santa’s coming!” much to our delight.

With these memories, it’s easy to begin the holidays with huge expectations about what I want for my stepfamily. And it’s easy to end the holidays with some sadness over how difficult it was to re-create the magic of my childhood.

“There are so many expectations and the hype is so big,” says Wisdom. “It can be a real setup. In reality, Christmas is not perfect in traditional families. There’s a lot of stress.”

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