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How to have a good relationship with your in laws

One of the most complicating factors about marriage is the fact that you have become part of another family. While this can certainly be a fun part, often times it can make for some interesting complications. Couples with marriage problems often report, that pressure and interference from in laws have been a contributing factor. However, by being aware that this can be a complicated relationship, you can take steps to make sure that is a healthy relationship. Here is what you need to know about how to have a good relationship with your in laws-

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How to make the right impression on your in-laws

Meeting your boyfriend or girlfriend's parents can be a very stressful thing as you want to make a good impression and have them like you. However once you make the decision to get married and they become your in-laws, you may have more pressure placed on your shoulders to get along with them and to have a good relationship. You want them to like you and it is important to have a relationship that is harmonious so that everyone is happy and gets along well.

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How to handle pushy in-laws

mencommunicating19220419.jpgOnce you and your spouse have gotten married, you are going to need to learn how to deal with your in-laws. In most cases, in-laws are fine and can be easily handled until a grandchild appears. Problems with pushy in-laws can begin when you are pregnant or they can start after the baby is born. For example, you might find yourself defending future decisions about putting your child into daycare or whether it is best to breast or bottle feed. If you are experiencing these kinds of problems now, you can only imagine what is going to happen once the baby is born. The problem is that if you ignore the behaviors of pushy in-laws while you are pregnant and wait to deal with the problem until later, you will find that the problem quickly got out of hand. The best thing you can do with pushy in-laws is to deal with the problem as soon as it presents itself.

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How involved should your in-laws be in your marriage?

trustrock19045278.jpgIt is often said that when you get married, you marry a family, not just a person. For some couples, this is more true than with others and they find themselves dealing with in-laws who want to be involved with every aspect of their lives.

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Living with family

family30352360.jpgQuestion: My wife's father died a few years back, and failed to plan for his wife financially after he left. She has no marketable skills, and they were never very good with their money, so she has moved in with us. At first it was great, but now she is always sticking her nose where it doesn't belong. She rearranges the furniture, painted the kitchen without asking, and put together a "TV Schedule" so that we all get to watch our shows without interrupting each other. It is getting really frustrating, even my wife, whose mother it is, can't take much more. What do we do? We can't kick her out, she has no where else to go.

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Flirty father-in-law

oldermanpointing30841371.jpgQuestion: I have been married for just over two years now, and my in-laws are starting to become a problem. I do not have the typical problem though. It is not my mother in law that is the problem, it is my father in law. He is great, but he is really touchy feely. He is always hugging me, putting his arms around me, and even kissing my face. I am glad he accepts me, but it makes me uncomfortable. What should I do?

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Splitting time between in-laws

clock63312045.jpgMarriage brings all kinds of wonderful things, like new family, sometimes children, a companionship, etc. However, one of the things it can also bring is jealousy, and problems with your family. For example, maybe before you got married you spent every holiday or weekend, etc. at home with your mom, dad, siblings, etc. and after you get married, you choose to spend more and more of your time with your spouse's family. Maybe they have more fun options, or do cooler things, or maybe they pay for you to do stuff, etc. Either way, it is important to remember when you get married that you are not replacing one family with a new one, you are gaining a new one. This means that you should not neglect the family you come from, or the family you gain, instead you should be very conscious about splitting time evenly between the in-laws.

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Working on relationships with in-laws


It can be hard enough to get along with our own family, let alone the in-laws. Many marriages are dissolved because the couple was unable to work out their personal frustrations with their in-laws. There are some in-laws that are supportive, loving, and respectful of you while there are others that cannot seem to accept you as part of their family.

It is important to remember that if you love your spouse and you want your marriage to work, you will need to work on building relationships with your in-laws. Here are some tips that may help you work through your struggle to build successful relationships with them:

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The trouble with in-laws

Marital bliss is often interrupted by in-laws. While in-laws can be a wonderful blessing to a couple, providing them with support, love, advice, encouragement, and acceptance, they can also be a difficult burden. Sometimes in-laws and the relationships between you and them can be difficult. The trouble with in-laws is that they are still family. The following is a quick look at the trouble with in-laws, and how to make the most of it.

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Dealing with in-laws

When you get married you get not just a husband but a whole side of the family you did not have before. This can be wonderful, and so fun, or it can be akin to a nightmare. Let's look at some of the problems with in-laws, and how to solve them.

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How to get along with brother and sister in-laws

Getting along with brother and sister in-laws is sometimes no easy thing. Sometimes it is an easy thing; because your brother and sister in-laws aren't deranged people, seemingly. But every so often one gets in these situations where, yes, one's brand-new brother or sister in-law seems like a deranged person, and it's all one can do to stay in the room with them. But let's look a little more closely at the idea of a brother or sister in-law being a deranged person.

We use these dramatic terms because bad brother and sister in-law relationships are amongst the worst relationships known to humanity. They've been known to tear apart families, root and branch. They tear apart brothers and sisters who've been lifelong friends and pals. Usually, this tearing apart is due to people getting married who don't know each other very well, so that there are all these surprises after the wedding feast and great celebrations have ended. Needless to say, these are negative surprises-the wife discovers that her new husband is a disgusting pig of a man, the husband discovers that his new wife is a shrewish, mean hag of a woman. However, this isn't the only case that concerns us here. Maybe the newly married couple simply adore each other-but the rest of the family can't stand them (or what they've become) together-can't stand them as a unified entity. In either case, how does one get along with one's brother or sister in-law?

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How to improve relations with the in-laws


Our relationship with our in-laws has long been the butt of many jokes. Mothers-in-law are especially hit hard when it comes to relationships that many people struggle with. Of course there are those who get along well with their in-laws and do not understand the problems that others face in these family relationships. However, the majority of us could use some help finding ways that we can improve relations with the in-laws.


Below you will find some tips that you can follow to help you to improve your relationships with your spouse's family. Of course some of these suggestions may not apply to you or there may be some who feel like they will need to find even more resources beyond those mentioned here in order to develop a better relationship with their in-laws. Whatever the case, as you read through these tips and apply them, make sure that you also do so with the right attitude and that you are willing to devote the effort needed to make a change in yourself.

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