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Nasty Neighbors

neighborhood37738659.jpgOne of the relationships that can be the best or the worst is that of neighbor relationships. Having a neighbor who is your friend can be so wonderful. It means having someone to borrow that cup of sugar from, or to run over and talk to when you just need to vent, or to rely on to pick up your mail when you head out of town, etc. However, a neighbor you don't get along with can be just as bad as a friendly neighbor is good.

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Hate your neighbors?

house7696143.jpgWhen you live in a neighborhood and have neighbors in close proximity, it can be difficult if you hate your neighbors. Poor relations with neighbors can cause stress and anxiety in your everyday living. What can you do if you just don't get along with your neighbors? You won't get along with everyone, but feuding with people you share a property line, roadway, or even driveway with is never a good idea. Consider the following tips:

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Nosy neighbors

neighborhood37738659.jpgThere is nothing more frustrating than having a nosy neighbor who is always getting in your business and trying to micro-manage your life. Unfortunately nosy neighbors exist everywhere, and are not going to go away just because you wish it so. What can you do? The following are a few tips for how to deal with your nosy neighbor:

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Getting along with neighbors

handshake30395603.jpgSometimes your neighbors become much like family. You rely on them on occasion, and you enjoy their company. However, what happens when you get in a tiff with your neighbors? What about when your neighbors overstep their bounds? The fact is, getting along with neighbors is not always easy, and because you have to live with them as neighbors, it can be good to know how to handle things.

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Becoming the cool family in the neighborhood

familyfriends30715802.jpgWho doesn't want to be the cool family in the neighborhood? It is a great way to make new friends, to always know what your kids are up to, and to enjoy your free time. So, what can you do to become the "cool" family in the neighborhood? Try the following:

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I have annoying neighbors

manwithheadache19287712.jpgQuestion: Sometimes I get really sick of my neighbors. They are loud, they are obnoxious, and they always invite us over. I just do not think we are a good fit for friends, so how do I turn them down without being rude? I mean I have to live by them.

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When to call the police when fighting with your neighbors

Do you seem to have neighbors that do nothing but fight with each other and with other neighbors? Are they always yelling, screaming, and causing huge scenes? Does the fighting escalate to where you think somebody is being attacked or they are about to be attacked? Most of the time we tend to think that what goes on in somebody else's home is none of our business, but as concerned neighbors it is natural for us to worry about our neighbor's safety. This brings up the question when is it o.k. for you to call the police when your neighbors are fighting.

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What your HOA is going to do

If you belong to a homeowner's association, you are paying monthly fees to receive certain services. One of the biggest problems that people have with paying these fees is that they do not think paying them is worth it because they are not seeing any of the services. In order to help understand your homeowner's association you need to have an idea about what kind of services they are going to provide. These services are paid for out of the money that you pay the homeowner's association each month, so if you are unhappy with the level of service being provided you will need to voice your opinion to your homeowner's association.

Here are some common services that are provided by your Homeowner's Association.

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Top ten tips for dealing with your HOA

How you view a homeowners association is going to depend on what you have heard and what you believe. Some people think that homeowners associations are the best thing to happen because they provide services that you would normally have to do yourself and they keep the property looking great, which helps to increase your home's value. On the other hand, some people believe that homeowner's associations are horrible because the people who make up the board are power hungry and they do not care about the general upkeep of the property, all that they want to do is make changes.

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Tips for dealing with an annoying neighbor

Annoying people in general can be very difficult to deal with, but when that annoying person happens to be your neighbor that becomes a completely different situation. The reason for this is that no matter how annoying these people are you will still need to deal with them at some level that they are your neighbors. What you need to think about as their neighbor is how annoying they are, once you have determined how annoying they are you can decide how you want to deal with them. The reason for this is that how you deal with your neighbors is going to depend on the level of the annoyance.

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Tips for dealing with a noisy neighbor

During the summer months, it is far more common for your neighbors to throw loud and annoying parties. In these cases, you might lay awake at night wondering how people can play music so loud that late at night or go with so little sleep. On the other hand, perhaps you live in an apartment and your upstairs neighbors are night owls. They do their laundry, wash dishes, vacuum, and exercise after midnight, when most people are sleeping. No matter what your situation is there comes a point when you can no longer deal with those noisy neighbors.

Here are some tips that you can follow to deal with a noisy neighbor.

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Things HOA's don't tell you

Before you decide upon joining a homeowner's association, you need to think about what is going to happen within the homeowner's association. When you join a homeowner's association, you are going to be paying a set amount of money a year. In return for the money that you are paying, the homeowner's association is supposed to provide you with a variety of services. Unfortunately, there are some things that the homeowner's association does not tell you about what can happen if they do not provide these services, but some might not even inform you about what they can do if you do not follow the rules.

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How to deal with a bad neighbor

No matter if you live in an apartment building or a house you are going to have neighbors all around you. When you live in an apartment building you are going to be sharing walls with your neighbors, same thing holds true for people who live in a duplex. If you live in a house you will not be sharing a wall with your neighbors, but you can still be affected by their behavior. What happens if you have a bad neighbor, whether they are annoying, noisy or rude, is that they tend to get under your skin, they tend to drive you insane.

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Getting along with an ornery neighbor

No matter if you live in a house or an apartment you are going to have to deal with your neighbors at some point or another. When it comes to your neighbors, the best thing about them is that they will come in a variety of types, meaning they can be happy or ornery. When it comes to your neighbors it is best that you try to get along with them from the beginning because you never know how long you will be living next to them or when you need their help. However, getting along with your neighbors can be a rather difficult task if you happen to live next to an ornery neighbor because your relationship with that neighbor often turns into a major battle.

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Dealing with a bad HOA

Having a Homeowner's Association can be a great experience for some groups. The reason for this is that Homeowner's Associations provide services to the community that you would otherwise need to do for yourself. The services that they provide can be a great ease off your back. For example, most Homeowner's Associations provide snow removal in the winter, which means that you as a resident do not have to worry about removing snow during the winter. This means no more getting up early to shovel the sidewalk and clear out the driveway before you can leave for work. Homeowner's Associations can also provide landscaping for the common areas. In order to provide these services your homeowner's association charges all of the residents a monthly fee, which is called dues. All of these dues go towards paying for the services that the homeowner's association provides, but the money also goes towards the upkeep of the common grounds, such as tennis courts or swimming pools.

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Tips for getting along with your annoying neighbors

Rare is the man or woman who gets though life without having to deal at some point with annoying, wretched, awful neighbors-cave-people. Here are some tips for getting along with them. Let's explore this interesting topic further.

Now, the goal here is just to get along with your annoying neighbors. They could be annoying for any number of reasons. Perhaps they play their music too loudly. Perhaps they keep their lawn too trashy. Perhaps they harbor a savage dog who is always trying to eat your children. Perhaps they walk around naked in plain view of your horrified eyes. Or, perhaps, you are in one of these much less dramatic situations, which nevertheless raise anxiety levels and leave you feeling angry all day long. We know of a case, for example, where some bad neighbors built a balcony way up on the side of their house which allowed them to look over neighboring fences and see, or rather stare, at what the Jones's were up to. Nothing illegal; nothing to write a comedy sketch about; but irritating, thoughtless, and maddening just the same. First off, then, when it comes to getting along with annoying neighbors, is some sort of grasp of just how wide an array of behaviors this topic covers.

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