Friendships don't last forever

There are a number of friendship myths that people believe -- one of them is "good friendships should last forever." The truth is, nothing lasts forever, including friendships. Buddha pointed out that everything is impermanent, and he was right. Spiritual beings may be eternal, but human relationships always end -- either in death or some other parting of the ways. Relationships of all kinds, friendships included, are organic - they have a beginning, a middle, and an end. It's normal and natural.

Friendships can end for a variety of reasons: one friend moves away; lifestyle changes like marriage or divorce or having a baby can shift the focus of a woman's life and some of her friends may fall away; interests change and the basis of the friendship can disappear; health or lifestyle changes can result in friendship changes as well; and many other reasons.

There is nothing wrong with these changes in our friendship patterns -- but they certainly can be painful, especially if one person wants to continue the friendship and the other person doesn't.

BJ GallagherBJ Gallagher is a Los Angeles sociologist, consultant, and author of business books, as well as women's books. She writes and consults about organizational culture, change, diversity, business ethics, gender issues, and human resource topics. She also writes about women's issues, including girlfriends, men and relationships, women and shopping. Her best-selling book is A PEACOCK IN THE LAND OF PENGUINS (published in 19 languages). Her women's books include EVERYTHING I NEED TO KNOW I LEARNED FROM OTHER WOMEN as well as FRIENDS ARE EVERYTHING. Contact her at or

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