Fun ways to celebrate your wedding anniversary


There are certain occasions in life that should always be celebrated and a wedding anniversary is one of those! Whether you are newlywed celebrating only a few years together or long time marrieds who have shared a lifetime reconnecting and celebrating your wedding anniversary should be a tradition. Best of all there is no right way to celebrate a wedding anniversary. Depending on your creativity and your budget the sky is the limit. So break out of that movie and dinner rut that you are already in and when that special date rolls around here are some fun ways to celebrate your wedding anniversary-

  • Recreate your first date-For a wonderful and nostalgic way to celebrate your wedding anniversary you may want to recreate your first date. If the two of you were teenagers when you first began dating you may had your parents drive you so rent a town car so that you can sit in the backseat together. Bring the kind flowers you showed up with on that first date. If your first date was dinner and movie then go ahead a recreate it as best you can. Go to the same place for dinner (though you may have to rent the movie to watch at home). Just remember the idea her is to recreate the fun and romance of that first date.
  • Go on a second honeymoon-Some couples use the excuse of celebrating their wedding anniversary by taking a second, third or even fourth honeymoon. Whether large or small a getaway with just the two of you can be the perfect way to celebrate this most special occasion. If your budget is smaller why not book a room at a luxury hotel in your hometown? If you are lucky enough to have a larger budget consider a cruise or other planned excursion where everything is taken care of and all you have to do is enjoy being together.
  • Renew your vows-For something really different why not a Las Vegas vow renewal? There is no place easier to renew your vows then in Las Vegas with lots of venues to choose from (even drive-through wedding chapels)! You could even opt for an Elvis-inspired vow renewal. Renewing your vows to each other can be a very special, romantic way of reminding yourselves how much the two of you love each other, and regardless of how different this vow exchange will be from your original ceremony, you will still feel that same tingle of excitement and emotion that you did on your wedding day.
  • Add some luxury to your life-For a lasting reminder of your wedding anniversary celebration you may want to consider purchasing something the two of you can enjoy together. A hot tub, swimming pool or romantic gazebo would give you a luxurious place just for the two of you. You could get a membership together to a health or golf club or just spend a relaxing day at the spa enjoying your time together. What ever you do just make sure the focus is on the two of you and your wedding anniversary celebration.
  • Relive your wedding-Sharing your wedding memories is a great way to mark your anniversary. Start the day by looking at your wedding photos or sit down and watch your wedding video together. You will be amazed at how far you have come together! For some further nostalgia you can recreate your wedding dinner (you may want to have a baker recreate a smaller version of your wedding cake for dessert)! Husbands can surprise their wives with a smaller version of their wedding bouquet. Play the songs that you played at your reception and get ready for a wedding anniversary celebration you will never forget!

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