Getting back in touch with past friends

We all lose track of friends, no matter how close our friendships are. Losing track of friends is inevitable, but it's not impossible to get back in touch with past friends. One of the best ways to get back in touch with past friends is to use today's technology.

Some of the latest developments in technology-facebook and myspace--have become some of the best tools and developments for keeping friendships alive in today's world. While many people have talked about and bemoaned the tendency in today's society to no longer have friendships in the "real world" and friendships and communication only occurs online, online tools like facebook and myspace don't have to just take over your friendships and obliterate any one-on-one, face-to-face contact with your friends and family. Instead, you can use online networking sites, such as facebook and myspace, keep your friendships alive and going strong, especially friendships with friends and family who live far away from you.

One of the best aspects of facebook and myspace is the ability to search for people whom you haven't seen for years! You can search through email addresses, names, areas, and more. Those friends you knew in junior high and high school but lost touch with once you all moved away to different colleges probably have their own pages on myspace and/or facebook. In today's world, searching on facebook and/or myspace is about the only place where you can find those friends. Myspace and facebook are the only way to bring back to life friendships that have been lost because of time and changes in location. With myspace and/or facebook, you can start up conversations with your old friends, let them know what's going on with your life, arrange for reunions and trips, and share photos with them. They can learn about you, and you can learn about them! You can also look at their photos, and find more of your old friends through other people's friends.

Another great way for you to get in touch with past friends through the Internet is by using facebook and myspace to set up parties and events and let your friends know about them. For example, facebook has an application that lets you set up parties and then send an announcement about the party and all of its details to your friends. Then your friends can RSVP for the party, and facebook will send them reminders as the big day approaches. Using facebook and/or myspace to set up your social events with your friends is a great way to make sure that your friends know about your parties and other social events.

Facebook and myspace can also help you make new friendships with people online who have the same interests and the same activities that you do. Facebook lets you join groups with other people who like to do the same things that you like to do. Then you can meet people who like the same kind of music that you do, the same kind of art that you do, the same sports that you do, and more. You can also use facebook and myspace to join groups with your other friends and create groups so that you can talk to each other on the discussion boards and share ideas and jokes with each other. You can find people through groups devoted to your favorite bands, and you can form fan groups.

Of course, you should always be careful whenever you are dealing with people online, even people that you know that you aren't seeing on a regular basis. Make sure that you always protect your identity until you are sure about the identity of the people that you're meeting online and that you're sure about a person's identity before you allow him or her to see your profile. Generally speaking, facebook has better privacy controls than myspace does.

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