Gift Ideas for Young Married Couples: Feature Article

If you are now married and have the ability to look back on the period in your life when you had nothing more than a George Forman grill and a second-hand futon, you know how appreciative you were when given a gift during your first married years. Giving gifts to newlyweds is expected if you attend a wedding. But also keep in mind that the young marrieds market is not just for the reception attendee. Young marrieds themselves are looking for the right gift to give their new spouse and parents of young marrieds probably know better than anyone what the needs of their child and new child-in-law are. It is for all of these reasons that the scene for gift giving to young marrieds is so hot. In the paragraphs that follow you will be able to learn more about both the hot gifts item ideas of the year and some of the classic items to give to that special couple.

Gifts for young marrieds that you can never go wrong with

Think back to the last time that you took a gift to a wedding. Chances are that you either picked something really lame up at the local mega mart or you spent a lot of time (and probably money) looking for the perfect gift that you are not even sure your recipients would like or may already have. Shopping for young marrieds is one of the biggest of all shopping challenges. Fortunately, there are some tips and suggestions that will help you to find a gift that is timeless, useful and creative. Of course the most popular gift that you can give to a young married couple is money. For some reason, many people do not like to give cash as gifts. Some think that it is impersonal while others think it is tacky. Remember that there are lots of fun ways to disguise your boring gift of money. You can buy a gift card to the couple's favorite restaurant or clothing store. You can look online to find a variety of different origami folding techniques that you can use with bills and make a gift of cash that is sure to get noticed. What's more you can pretty much bet the bank on the fact that when you give the gift of cash, your gift will not be returned and if the couple gets this same gift twice, they won't be bothered in the least.

Ok so you know that cash is practical, but you want something that you can wrap up and surprise someone with. Fortunately there are some other gifts for young married couples that come with a little more of a "wow" factor. Some of the best gifts are those that you will want to keep for a long time. What better than to give the gift where memories can be made? This could entail giving the young married couple tickets to a show, a date out without their children, a chance to get professional pictures taken, etc. When you think of long term benefits you can find some great gift ideas. Of course there is always room for practical gifts and when it comes to practicality things that can be used around the home beats out any other kind of gift for young marrieds. Blankets, glassware, kitchen utensils, etc. are all things that the couple can use and will most likely need as they move into their first place together and begin to combine their belongings to create a joined household.

Helpful Resources:
1. Corporate Gift Baskets is the perfect place to shop for an employee or other business associate who is getting married or celebrating the marriage of a child or other close family member.

2. Practical and Useful Gifts
Some of the most popular kinds of gifts for young marrieds are gifts that they will need as a part of their first home or apartment together. Look through this helpful database and purchase a practical and useful gift that the couple will be able to benefit from.

3. Gifts- 911
If you want to give the young married couple in your life a gift that you are sure no one else has given them, check out the unique gifts found on Gifts-911. Use your knowledge of the happy couple to search for a gift they'll love.

4. Young Married Couple
Perhaps you already have a gift idea in mind for a young married couple or you are the young married couple who want to buy something. Although it may not be glamorous, shopping on a site like this one that offers consumer reports along side the ability to buy online is both smart and convenient.

5. Amazon provides the unique service of suggesting gifts based on questions that you can submit. In this example a shopper asks what types of board games make good gifts for young marrieds.

6. Gift Basket
Whether you are one of the two people in a young married couple or someone looking to give a gift to the happy pair, you cannot go wrong with an elegant gift basket that will allow the couple the gifts they need to relax and enjoy their time together.

7. Gifts
Not sure what to give that special couple? Whether you are giving a gift to another couple or looking for something special for your sweetheart, you can find a classy gift of distinction through this link.

8. Gift Baskets Deluxe is an excellent source for everything from gifts to a newly married couple to gifts given between bride and groom. Help to foster a happy and healthy married life with a fun, festive or even formal gift basket.

9. Gifts for Young Married Couples
When giving a gift to a young married couple, there are two personalities to consider. For this reason it is important to have a wide range of gift item options available. This range of gifts can be found through this link.

10. Books
Books are simple and inexpensive gifts to give young married couples. Follow this link to read of just a few examples of books that relate to the topic of young marrieds or search for another book you think the couple would enjoy.

11. Bed Bath and Beyond
There is always something appropriate to be found at a home store like this one. Whether you need a gift for a spouse or another married couple whether you are young married or just young at heart, you can find a useful gift here.

Gift baskets

You can never go wrong with what could very well be the most traditional and useful of all wedding gifts: the gift basket. But in today's diverse market you have to re-think your notions of what a gift basket could be. Gift baskets are no longer simply whicker basket with dollar items in them. You can choose from a wide variety of different containers that have other functions, such as a chest or a cooler. Every part of the gift basket can be used and appreciated. Gift baskets can include anything from nuts to soaps to award winning fruit. Another advantage to giving a gift basket to a young married couple is that there is something for ever budget. No need to feel obligated to spend a lot more money buying a gift that you may not even know that your recipients will like. With a one-of-a-kind gift basket you can't loose!

Gifts from parents

As a parent of a young married child, it can be difficult to balance your want to spend money on a larger gift for your child and the constraints on your budget. It can also be difficult to be creative and thoughtful with your gift when you know the individual so intimately. First and foremost, as a parent you want to make sure that your child's basic needs are taken care of. This includes making sure that they are safe in their home. Thus, a top pick for parents to give to young married couples is the protection of their own identity. Although it may not be terribly exciting a great gift to give is a paper and credit card shredder. Long these same lines a firebox can also be given to help the young couple have a safe place to store the important documents that they are responsible for. If you're not so sure how well one of these practical items will go over with the couple, you can try going in a different direction with your gift and giving a small luxury item. Luxury items include such things as bath products, a voucher for a stay at a nice hotel, gourmet chocolates, etc. For the practical parent who understands the cramped quarters that often come with a first apartment giving the gift of storage solutions is another good idea. Storage solutions come in all different shapes and sizes and vary greatly in price so you are sure to be able to find something useful no matter your budget. Chances are that if you are a parent of a young married couple, you know at least a little bit about what is happening with the latest technology. Giving gifts like cordless headphones, music downloads or a comfy compute chair can be great for the tech-savvy couple. If you are the sentimental type and want to give a gift that has meaning to it, family heirlooms can't be beat. Passing along a family heirloom is always appropriate and it can be one of the most cherished gifts that you can give.

Tips to make sure that your gift isn't returned to the store

Ultimately, your goal as a gift giver is to make sure that those receiving your gift love what they have been given. Of course you will probably never know if they take your gift back to the store, but you are hoping that this won't be the case. So improve your chances for giving a gift that can be used and loved instead of returned or left to collect dust.

Use the registry

Couples take the time to sign up for a registry so why not take advantage of that registry to get them something that you know they will love? Registries are also helpful because accompanied with each registry item is the price of that item. You can also access most registries online. So all that you have to do is spend a few minutes on the computer deciding what you want to give and can afford and then go to the store to pick up those items. No more aimless wandering or wondering if you what got is what they will want.

Don't think of what you want

The best gift that you can give is one that is perfect for the couple, not the gift that you wish that you had. Throw away all other assumptions. Newly married couples will be just fine if they do not have a gravy boat with their monogram on it or a silver dish to put their keys in. Consider the couple's age. If they are still young but have been on their own long enough to have accumulated most of the every day household items, try not to give something like a spatula. The key is to put yourself in their shoes not to try to make them fit into yours.

Paying for the gift

Many times it is not finding that perfect gift that is the problem, it is being able to afford it. If you have something in mind that you know a couple will love but you do not have the budget for it, consider asking a mutual friend if they would like to go in on the gift with you. Splitting the cost of a gift in no way de-values it so do not be afraid to consider this option. Plus, you may be doing a favor for the co-gift-givers that you are sharing the cost with as they too may have very well been in the same predicament.

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