How to Avoid the Chain of Family Gossip

Every family spends a great deal of time discussing and talking about other members of the family. Sometimes it's malicious gossip and other times it's just a concerned sibling or parent discussing a troubled sibling or child. But let's face it- none of us really want to be included in the chain of family gossip. It's never fun to show up at the family reunion only to discover that your entire extended family heard about your vicious breakup last week or know about the tattoo you're hiding from your grandma. So this article will help you learn how to avoid the chain of family gossip. It's tough, but doable. So keep reading and learn!

Here are some ways to completely avoid the chain of family gossip:

  1. Live a perfectly moral, drama-free life so that your family won't have anything to talk about. OK, let's be honest- that probably isn't going to happen. Here's a more realistic idea.
  2. Completely avoid your family members so that none of them will have any idea what's going on in your life and consequently won't have anything to gossip about.

Again, not a terribly realistic or enjoyable option. So the truth is there are few ways to completely avoid the chain of family gossip. No matter what you do, your family is probably going to talk about you (for good as well as even for ill). But there are ways to squelch gossip when it pops up.

  1. Don't take part in a large amount of gossiping yourself. This gives you more credibility and makes you less likely to be the target of gossip (at least among your more respectable, gossip avoiding family members).
  2. Go to the source of the problem and find out who created the rumor and spread it. Make sure you are totally calm before you do it. Ask why the family member spread the rumor. However, while one person may appear to be the source, they aren't always. A lot of rumors start from one miscommunication that turns into a bigger problem. And sometimes the person who spread it may not even know that it was false! Ask the person to talk to you about things before telling everyone you know.
  3. What people don't know about you they often make up! Live your life so that people will know the rumor is not true. If you look like someone that your family will gossip about, they probably will. Don't let bullying affect your life, but realize that if you're the only one in the entire family with tattoos and body piercings, you'll probably be gossiped about at some point.
  4. Be polite to the person to spread the rumor to show that you are the better person. Even if you hate their guts don't give them the satisfaction of thinking that it affects you.
  5. If anyone asks you specifically about the rumor simply deny it. If you go out of your way to defend yourself it will seem as though you have something to hide.
  6. The most important step is to squelch not only the gossip, but the spreader. Talk to the family member who spread the gossip. Ask that s/he not say such things about you any more.
  7. Love not only those who love you, but your enemies as well. After all, they are your family members. Because if you only love those who love you, what is the reward in that?

And remember to live your life as if none of the gossip was spread. You'll be much happier and eventually the gossip will die down. So be happy!

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