How to forget a past relationship

Our past affects our future, and if you can't learn how to forget a past relationship, especially a painful one, you will have a hard time moving forward into a better relationship. The past that refuses to go away casts its shadow very long into the present and the future. So, the following will help you to forget a past relationship so that it does not overshadow a new relationship to the point that it dies:

First you have to have an understanding of your feelings and emotions. What happens after a break up? Well, for the most part this depends upon the intensity of the relationship. The more intense the love or the relationship, the more hurt will result after the break up. It also depends on the circumstances surrounding the break up. For example, if your break up took place because of unfaithfulness of your partner, it will hurt you more, and it will be harder to move past.

You can never forget everything about a past relationship, as you will always have the memories of time shared. So, what you are trying to forget is the hurt, the pain, and of course the deep feelings you had for the person so that you can have these feeling for another with out the fear of rejection.

The past can kill future relationships if you do not know how to move past it. So, how can you come out of it?

There are no easy ways out of living in the past. In fact, depending on the person and the intensity of their relationship, some will never come out of the grief. However, one method that can help is this. Start by imagining bags. There are many bags filled with things. One bag may store your longing for the one you lost. In another you store your memories of good times. In yet another you have stored pain. Until these bags are empty, you will not have the peace you need and the ability to move past this and find love.

Now that you have a visual, you need to start working to empty out the bags. It will take time, in some cases many years, but you can empty them if you really want. However, to empty them you have to open them, and touch each part of it and discard it. So, cry as much as you can, feel the hurt, the loss, the pain, etc. Experience everything fully, suffer from all of it, then let it go. Try to empty out all of this, rid your heart of it. Ask God for help if you believe in God, ask friends for help, mourn, then move forward.

This whole process is very painful. And, it is not easy. But what in life worth doing is easy? Do not hide your hurt, avoid thinking about the good moments shared together etc. embrace them, then discard it. The hurt is natural, and it is part of the healing process. If you did not hurt, you would not be normal and natural. So be grateful you hurt, but work toward over coming it.

Once you start to heal, move forward slowly. No rebounding. If you rebound, you will do just that, go back to the past, and not forget about it, but live in it. So, move through it, not around it, and leave it behind you. Then continue moving forward to find new love, to make new memories, without the fear of rejection and the inabilities to love caused by remembering the past too much. It is only wise to think of the past relationships if you are getting back with a person from your past.

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