How to not be the nagging wife

If type "nagging wife" into a search engine on the Internet you will get a whole host of articles about men who committed suicide to get away from their nagging wife, asked a judge to send them to jail, or how to deal with the torture. Being a nag is not a good thing. Clearly learning how to break the habit or nagging and not be a nagging wife is in your best interest. The following are some tips to learn how to not be a nagging wife:
1. Decide now. Nagging is not genetic, but it is a learned behavior that is passed down from our mother's. So, you have to decide that you do not want to be a nag, and recognize that it is a behavior you learned, and that while difficult to change, will be well worth it. If you make a decision not to nag, than each time you do, it will be nagging at you (no pun intended). So, decide now, and while not overnight, you will consciously see when you nag, and thus be able to change it.

2. Have diversion tactic. When you decide you do not want to nag anymore, talk to your husband. Tell him that you are working on not nagging him anymore, but that because it is something you have done for years, you will need his help. Tell him that what you want him to do is come up with some good diversion tactics for you when you start nagging him. So, for example, if you start nagging, he says, "Hey, want to go out for ice cream?" This is a way to divert your attention, change the focus, and get you to stop nagging, plus depending on what diversion tactic he uses, it can be a lot of fun. He could interrupt you with a kiss, throw a glass of water on you, or simply walk out of the room. However, positive diversions are best.
3. Pick your battles. To not be a nagging wife does not mean stop talking to your husband about things that bother you all together. No, communication is still important, however, the point is to pick your battles. What things really don't matter, and thus are a nag, and what things should be discussed?
4. Remind yourself not to nag. Put up signs, wear a rubber band, tattoo it on your forearm, whatever it takes. If you can't remember not to nag without some reminding, then give yourself the reminders. If you normally nag your husband while he watched television, then post a sign in the television room. If you nag your husband before bed, write it on your bathroom mirror, as you will be in there brushing your teeth etc. before bed. Put it where you'll see it.
5. Ask others for help. Breaking a habit is hard, and that is exactly what nagging is. So, ask others to help you break the habit. Have them stop you, remind you, and divert your attention when you start to nag. Ask them to not let you talk ill of your spouse in front of them, as this leads to bad feelings, and frustrations, which then lead to nagging. So, get some support, chances are it will be very helpful, and hopefully it will keep you from nagging.
If you can learn how to not be the nagging wife, and instead be loving, supportive, and cool, your marriage will get a lot better.

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