How to rekindle a dying friendship

How to rekindle a dying friendship. If you have a friendship and you are having problems with, where staying friends is difficult, or heading backward, then you can try a few different things and hopefully it helps. Some friendships cannot be rekindled but in most that is not the case.

Try to keep your good friends because they are very important. You should never let a good friendship die over something stupid. If you believe it is worth it then try to find better more understanding friend(s). But otherwise, keep the ones you have.

These are a few simple steps to rekindle a dying friendship.

Step one:
Talk to your friend about the problem. See if they feel the same and if they want to help improve the friendship. Most friends will feel the same way that you do. If you have a good friend they will want to help you fix the relationship.

Step two:
Ask if they have any ideas on how to fix the problems. If they have any suggestions maybe it will help the friendship. If you have a friend who is not willing to fix the situation than maybe you need a new friend. Never try to talk to anyone when they are mad because most people won't listen.

Step three:
Ask what you should do differently from now on. If they really hate something that you do maybe around them you should try not to do it around them. If it is something that is hard for you to control than you will have to explain it to them and a good friend should understand.

Step four:
Tell them things that you would like them to do to help improve the relationship. If they do something and you cannot stand ask them not to do it around you if they can help it. Sometimes we do things without even knowing it.

Step five:
Ask about their interests and make sure you do what they like to do sometimes. If they are always asking you to go with them to get your nails done and you don't like to try to go with them more often. This will make them think they are important to you and this is important in friendships.

Step six:
Ask them about things they like to do. See if you can find new things to go do together that the both or you like. Also this will help you build better communication skills with your friends. It is important to be able to communicate with your friends.

Step seven:
Go hang out with their friends sometimes also. If you do things with them around their environment it will help your friendship rekindle. Also ask them to go around your friends. Friendship is a very tricky and sensitive subject to deal with.

Step eight:
Try doing things in groups. When you do things in groups it tends to be more fun and should help rekindle the friendship. Other friends will help you become better friends.

Step nine:
Set boundaries, if they have a cetin friend that you cannot stand tell them you don't want to hang out when that friend is around. If you have a good true friend they should respect that decision and respect you for it.

Step ten:
Try to keep your friendship together and healthy. Remember not all friendships are meant to be. Also remember that your friends should have respect for you and respect for your decisions.

This is how to rekindle a dying friendship.

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