How to relate to an estranged teenager

Everyone knows that teenagers are hard to deal with sometimes. But what can you do if your teen won't even talk to you?

Remember back to when you were a teenager. Life was hard, your parents were just out to get you, and you hated school.

Now think about how you would've liked to have been treated. Of course we can't give our teens everything they want but treating them with respect is a big step.

Teenagers come in all different types. There are some who are a little rebellious, some who are rebellious and don't like talking to you but they will if they have to, and those who won't talk to you at all.

To get your teen to talk to you or even to understand her and get inside her head try to follow these tips. No matter what type of teen you have these will work.

First, to understand and get through to your teenager you have to understand what's going on in her life and mind.

Teenagers have tons of things going on in their lives. They have school, after school activities, their social life, and family.

They want to act however they want and do whatever they want like little kids. It's better not to push them because that just pushes teens away even more and makes them more rebellious.

Encourage them and let them know that they really are appreciated and are a wonderful addition to the family and your life. Each teen has their own special something that they bring and let them know that you appreciate it and support all their activities.

Teens need to be loved. Let them know that you love and care about them so much and want them to know that.

Showing you care is another big thing. You have to recognize what they are doing in their lives and make sure that it is important in your life too.

They want you to listen to them, even if they say they hate you and don't talk to you just being there is one of the most important things you can do.

Teenagers will always have the rebellious stage. It's just part of growing up. Making sure you are there for them guides them through the hard times. It helps direct them in the right direction. Kind of like playing "pin the tail on the donkey" someone spins them and pushes them in the right direction, but then they have to find their way on their own.

Explaining to teens why we make decisions is a great way to communicate but of course that depends on if they will actually listen.

Being there for you teen will allow them to come to you at their own time. You can't just make them talk to you or it will backfire on you.

Giving a little independence is a good way to also open up the communication between parents and teens. By giving your teen some independence, they will see that you respect them and will become more open with you.

You won't always be able to follow these tips but it's always a good idea to try. You have to be strict with teens in many cases but trying to be their friend and not just their caretaker will open up the communication between you.

Relating to your teenager takes time. You may never be able to talk to your teen as you would a good friend but trying is all you can do sometimes. However, if you keep at it your teen will eventually realize that you love and care for them, and only want the best for them.

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