How to treat your friends

The following is a look at how you should treat your friends.

If you want to have friends, first and foremost you need to treat these people with respect. Everyone wants to be respected. No one wants to be left out, have their opinion or position be mocked, made fun of, etc. So, if you want to be a friend, and have a friend, you have to show your respect to others. This is done in a number of ways. However, no matter what method you choose for showing your respect, you have to show it to have a friend.

Insecurity is not an attractive quality, and in general people do not like being around it. If you want to treat your friends well, you have to show confidence in their abilities. In doing this they will learn to show confidence in themselves. You must be confident in your friend's ability to succeed, in their ability to improve, and in their ability to do whatever they set their mind to. A friend who does not have confidence in another friends is not a true friend.

You have to treat people kindly if you want them to be your friend. It is possible to be friends with someone who treats you unkind, but highly unlikely. Real friends treat others with kindness, and real friends expect you to treat them the same way. So, show your friends the respect they deserve by being kind to them consistently. Give compliments, remember important dates in their lives. Share. Etc.

This is a big part of respecting someone, but an even bigger part of how to treat a friend. You do not treat friends with indifference. You listen to their opinions, viewpoints, stories, concerns, fears, and anything else they want to talk to you about. If you do not treat your friends to a listening ear you will not have friends for long.

As a friend
Have you ever heard the saying "treat a friend as a friend"? Well, it is true. If you are their friend, you will treat them as if they are yours. You will call them to hang out. You will include them in your fun, at your lunch table, or whatever else you are doing.

It is not difficult to figure out how you should treat a friend. Ask yourself how you want to be treated. Do you want people to laugh at your mistakes? Do you want people to ignore you when they are around people that are "cooler" than you? Do you want people who put you down as your friends? I am sure you answered "no." Well, you are not the only one who feels this way. If you want to have friends, and you want to treat them the way you should, simply think of how you would like being treated. Think of actions and treatment you would not put up with from your friends. Then determine not to do that to people you call friends. If you treat your friends the way you would like being treated by your friends, you will have more friends. Your friends will start treating you better as well. You will have longer lasting, and better kept friendships. You will not have to play games, be superficial, or anything else. You can demand respect because you are giving it. In doing so you will create friendships that last a lifetime.

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