It fizzles, not sizzles

unsure19166659.jpgIf your love life is fizzling, not sizzling, then there are some things you can do. There are going to be times in every relationship where the passion may start to wane, and the fire is banked a bit. However, if you are really starting to fizzle out in that area, then consider the following:

First, get communicating. Often, communication is key to passion filled relationships. If you have good communication you can express your needs, and are open to hearing theirs. These can be sexual needs, comfort, or any other kind of needs. When you communicate well, you grow closer together, and the closer you are, the more satisfying and fulfilling the sizzle part of a relationship is.

Second, try changing things up. Sometimes passion or sizzle starts to die out some in relationships simply because you experience a rut. You get in the routine of daily life, and form habits that may make it difficult to inspire sizzle, or make it inconvenient at best. A great way to take a fizzle and make it a sizzle is to do something different. Buy new sheets, go on a short get away, get a babysitter, do something that is abnormal for your relationship, add in new activities or interests. If you find yourself doing the same things day in and day out, it is time for some changes.

Third, do things you enjoy together. When you first start a relationship with someone, everything is new and exciting, and this can lead to a lot of passion. When that starts to wane, one of the best ways to recapture some of it is to go back to the things that inspired it in the first place. Where was your best date? What activities do you have fun participating in together? What kinds of things bring up good, positive memories that can help you recapture the romance?

Fourth, share desires and fantasies. Ideally, you can help add sizzle and spice by being open about what would add that for you. Maybe you need roses, maybe you want them to try a little harder to look nice. Maybe you need some wining and dining, or to try something different in the bedroom. Often, talking about it can get things started, and help bring some life back to the passion side of the relationship.

Fifth, spend some time alone together. If things are fizzling not sizzling then chances are you are so busy with real life, work, school, bills, errands, etc. that you are not taking time for each other. So, make your relationship the priority by taking a few days off from life as you know it to dedicate just to being with one another and getting back to the twitter patted lover eyes, and hand holding at the movie theater kind of life and relationship.

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