I've heard about adult friend finders. Do they really work?

Answer: I assume that you are asking about Adult Friend Finder, which is between the 40th and 60th most popular website online. Adult Friend Finder is a spin off from the original Friend Finder, which is just your typical online friend community. Adult Friend Finder is a website that says that it is the largest sex and swinger personals site and community on the Internet. Adult Friend Finder says that it has over 20 million members.
The way that Adult Friend Finder works is that it allows you to join for free so that you can meet either friends or just sex partners. However, if you want to be ranked higher in the searches of others and various other benefits, you can pay for a higher level of membership.

If you have a Gold membership, which is $12 a month for a prepaid year, then you can send email, you can use a webcam, you can chat with other members, or you can participate in a blog. If you just have the standard free membership, then you can post your profile, but you won't be able to see anyone else's profile, you won't be able to see any video introductions or live video, and you can't contact any paid members-only other free ones, whose profiles you can't see. In other words, you can't do a whole lot unless you are actually a paid member.
Usually there are about 1000 to 1500 different Adult Friend Finder members who are broadcasting online via webcam. Any other member (who is a paid member) can watch these videos feeds. Usually people aren't actually broadcasting anything really, really over the top and explicit. The ratio of male broadcasters to female broadcasters is around 10 to 1.
So does Adult Friend Finder actually work? Well, there are actually some pretty serious criticisms that have been leveled against Adult Friend Finder. The first one has to do with the reality of the pictures matched to the names. Adult Friend Finder brings up advertisements of women that it says it has found to be in your area through the use of IP-localization software. It has the pictures and the names of these local women, so that you can get in contact with attractive people who live close to you. The problem, however, is that the pictures actually don't belong to the names-the pictures of the women are randomly generated and rotated. A lot of the time, simply by looking at the nicknames, which a lot of the time simply don't match the culture of the supposed woman (nicknames and slang that belong to different countries are often used), don't match the racial makeup of your area, etc., you can tell that these "local women" are made up and aren't really from your location. Some of the people who advertise themselves on Adult Friend Finder, usually women, post fake pictures, even using the photos of famous porn stars. Another criticism is that far more men are active members of Adult Friend Finder than women are. A third criticism is that in the chat rooms, there are planted people who are not actually members of Adult Friend Finder. These plants engage in conversation with people who are not full paying members of Adult Friend Finder, hoping that when they get involved in lengthy and constant conversation, these people will end up buying a membership so that they will be able to email the other person.
In brief, Adult Friend Finder has the same problems as other online communities that promise to help you make friends. It is difficult to tell if people are actually telling the truth about themselves. It is hard to get in contact with these people, and rarely are these relationships carried into the real world. However, if that's the kind of thing that you're looking for, then it might be the thing for you.

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