Reasons he never calls

Reasons a man never calls can be endless. Wouldn't you love to just get inside of their heads to know just what makes them tick, and why they do what they do? Well maybe you can. Wouldn't it be nice if maybe, just maybe, you could determine ahead of time, what kind of man you are more likely to get the `second call" from, and put an end to the dreaded waiting period woes, wondering why he never calls?

One important concept to know, when you are wondering why he never calls, is to learn to accept differences and be willing to make compromises often. Differences in reasoning occur, most usually, when the opposite sex assumes how and what the other sex should be thinking. Rather than assuming the opposite sex's thoughts and feelings, it would be easier to know, generally speaking, how the opposite sex thinks simply based on their gender. Granted, we all have different personalities, but problems arise when we assume that we know how another person is going to think based on your own way of thinking. After all, wouldn't it make more sense for a man to think more like other men and a woman to think more like other women? So, remember men and women, in general, think and reason due to their gender.

Think of some reasons why you think a man may not call you again. What could you possibly do different to ensure another phone call? The first suggestion would be to remember that men like to feel needed, and women like to be validated. So, women, let men open your doors, slide your chair, and allow him to show his chivalrous side. If you are more of the `do it yourself' kind of gal then you may need to let your guard down and let him do the work for you. It makes him feel good. They do need to have their ego's fed in order to be their best self.

Men, women like to be listened to and validated. That's why women tend to be so "chatty". But this is one of their ways of letting go of stresses and keeping a good self esteem. Problems in relationships will often arise because when a woman is talking to him about a problem, he thinks that she wants him to fix it for her. His natural instincts kick in to superhero mode. That is where he goes wrong. A woman may or may not ask for your opinion but in the end she is probably just looking to be validated. After all, in any good relationship, isn't the idea to make the significant other happy? You will tend to be happier when you know that you, personally, contribute to the cause of making your partner happy.
The most important cliché to remember, it's an oldie, but a goody, is that `you can not change anyone else, you can only change yourself'. It's odd to think that the way that we behave helps to determine how someone else will behave. This is significant with any kind of relationship; husband wife, brother sister, parent child, boyfriend girlfriend, co-workers, and anyone who walks on two legs and is from the human species.

Here is a list of some gender characteristics:


  • A man's self esteem is determined through his accomplishments.

  • Men can be motivated when they feel needed.

  • Men can be afraid of giving

  • Men will retreat when a problem arises.

  • Men do not like to be pitied.

  • Men want space.

  • The secret of a man is to never try to change him or improve him.


  • A woman's self esteem is defines through feelings and relationships.

  • Women can be motivated when they feel loved.

  • Women can be afraid of receiving

  • Women need to talk when a problem arises.

  • Women need to feel validated.

  • Women want understanding.

  • The secret of a woman is to listen.

  • DO NOT assume that she has a problem that needs fixing.

Communication is vital for any relationship, however it's how you communicate that may determine the reasons as to why he never calls.

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