Sex after 50

If all you know of sex was what you saw on television you would have to assume that only people in their late teens and early twenties have sex, and that all women orgasm multiple times, and men are buff and attractive, and can last for up to 8 hours.

Ok.maybe not, but the truth is, according to popular media images sex at midlife and beyond never happens, and once you are over 50 you might as well forget it. There is a lot of confusion and misunderstanding about later life sex, and whether or not you can have it, how often you do, and whether or not it is any good. So, let's take some time to sort through the fact and the fiction:

Fiction: Beyond a certain age, people have little interest in sex. Only creepy old men get horny, and that is totally disgusting.

Fact: The truth is society is what has made desiring sex after age 50 seem inappropriate. However, there is no age limit on sexuality. However people age 50 and over may find more sexual satisfaction from the overall quality of the relationship than younger people do. So younger people turn to sex for satisfaction, and older can find other means. However, there have been several surveys done that say those who are sexually active after 50 find their sex lives more satisfying than they did before they were forty.

Fiction: As a man ages, he loses his ability to get an erection.

Fact: While it is true that many older men have trouble getting an erection, it is not because of age itself. It is generally because of diminishing hormone levels. However, even with this problem many men can still get an erection it just takes more arousal, is not as firm, but sex can be just as pleasurable for them. However, unlike some of their younger counterparts, they will not be able to get a second erection for several hours.

Fiction: Once a woman passes 50 her emotional and psychological well-being change, and that is why she loses interest in sex.

Usually it has nothing to do with emotional or psychological, but is actually physical. Often the hormonal changes at menopause can affect a woman's sexual response. Sex may be uncomfortable because of low estrogen leading to vaginal dryness, or it may be very energy consuming, so not as exciting. However, for others sex drive can increase after menopause due to a shift in the ratio of testosterone to estrogen and progesterone.

Fiction: A woman loses her ability to have orgasms as she ages beyond 50.

Fact: Nothing could be more off. In truth, most women orgasm more frequently and with more intensity as they age. Sex gets better, not worse!

Fiction: Masturbation diminishes your ability to enjoy sex with a partner.

Fact: While for some masturbation can cause psychological blocks for enjoying sex with a partner, for others it can help maintain erectile function, or keep vaginal tissue moist.

Fiction: After age 50, couples don't have regular sex because they have lost interest in sex or in each other.
Fact: Generally if couples over age 50 aren't having sex it is because one partner has illness or disability, as it can still be very pleasurable.

So, to sum things up, sex after age 50 is still possible, and plenty of people still maintain their sexual relations, not to mention the fact that many, especially women, actually enjoy sex more as they age, rather than less. Of course, sex isn't going to be the same as when they were twenty, but the changes that take place aren't all negative. In fact, for many, once a female passes menopause, the fact that they can have sex without worrying about pregnancy can lift a burden and make for much better lovemaking. The fact is, that although you may not have as much energy for sex as you did when you were twenty, at age fifty, chances are you know your own body and your partner's intimately, and, know what your partner finds pleasurable. It's likely that by this point in your relationship you've shed any sexual inhibitions, and your sexual confidence and experience probably result in better sex for both of you. So, while you may have it less, you will likely enjoy it more!

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