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watercoolertalk10053456.jpgThere is a taboo on office romances. While there are a number of television shows that depict successful, and not so successful office romances, most people know that you should not date someone you work with. The most obvious reason is that you will have to see them every day, so if it goes bad, then you are in for a world of frustration. So, with this in mind, what can you do when you like someone at work?

Liking someone you work with is not an uncommon practice, it is just fraught with risks, such as having a public relationship, getting teased, it ending badly and putting a strain on your work, etc. It is easy to fall for someone at work, or at least have a crush on someone at work. You see them daily, and have ample time to get to know them, flirt, etc. In addition, if you do have a crush on them, it is not going to pass quickly simply because you do not see them any more. It can be downright difficult when you have a crush on someone at work. So, what can you do?

If you like someone at your work, start by asking yourself these 3 questions:
1. What is your office policy? Many offices have a policy about dating amongst employees, forbidding it, or requiring certain forms and paperwork to be filled out before it can take place. Knowing what this is, so you can take the proper precaution is a good first step. This way you do not jeopardize your job because of a fling, or a crush.
2. Do you have contingency plans if things backfire? If you like someone at work, and you attempt dating, and you have a falling out, what happens at work? How often do you see them? Will it be difficult to work with them after? Are they your boss? Could you lose a big account or client because of it? Know what your risks are and what your options are.
3. Is it worth the risks associated with office romance? Sometimes the risks are minimal, sometimes they are huge. Only you can know what you want from the potential of an office romance, and only you can know if the risks are worth the potential reward in your eyes. However, before you make a choice, take the time to think this through and determine what it is you want.

You can't help who you like, and if you like someone at work, it might be worth looking into, but you need to be careful that you go about it in a way that won't put your job or comfort in your work environment at risk. It is one thing to flirt at work when you work somewhere temporary, it is another to put your career on the line for an office romance.

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