When your boss doesn't respect you

worriedmanonphone19220161.jpgIf you work somewhere that your boss doesn't respect you, it can be very uncomfortable. The majority of people spend over half of their life at work, so it is a good idea to find a job you love, with a boss that treats you right. Having a boss that does not respect you is a bigger deal than you may realize, here is why:

When your boss doesn't respect you it makes for an uncomfortable or unhappy work environment. You may feel yourself walking on eggshells, wondering when they are going to get mad at you, or thinking that they are just waiting for you to screw up. This can often lead to poor work performance, as it creates stress and leads to discord in the work environment.

When your boss does not respect you, you often don't respect yourself, and start to think that you are not qualified, or are lacking in some way. Lack of self-confidence in your work, often leads to poor work performance. Suddenly, they are not only right, but justified in their lack of respect for you, despite your abilities of qualifications.

When your boss does not respect you, this means dealing with higher stress levels. This never translates well. Stress can be a motivating factor to get things done, and get things done well, but prolonged or continuous stress leads to decreased performance, and eventually a break down of some kind.

So what can you do? The fact is, what you should do is going to change with every circumstance, but you need to do something, as working with a boss that does not respect you can not end well.

Is there anyone above them you could speak to? If you feel like their lack of respect is unjustified and is causing any kind of unfair or unrealistic treatment, it might be wise to go above their head. Often when someone does not respect another individual they will belittle them, and this makes it rather uncomfortable to face them directly. So, talk to them first, and if the situation does not improve, go above their head.

Why don't they respect you? If you can figure out the reason they don't respect you or take you seriously, you can try to address it specifically. This can be a real aid to working through the problem.
Is there anything you can do to change their opinion of you? If their opinion is set, then often it won't matter how well you perform, etc. it is not going to make a difference, but sometimes they just need to see some display of strength or self-confidence from you can really help. Stand up to them, voice your opinion, and don't be afraid to stick to your guns.

Can you get on a different project or department? If all else fails, look for a way to retain your job, but work with someone else.

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