Why trust is important in any relationship

Trust is key to every relationship, and the following are some of the reasons why trust is so important:

  1. Because without trust you would not be able to have confidence to share your feelings, emotions, and self with someone else. Trust means to believe. When you extend your trust to someone, it means that you have no doubt in your mind about the honesty, integrity and credibility of the other person.
  2. The second reason trust is so important is that no relationship can survive without trust. As soon as the trust breaks, the relationship breaks. This can be seen time and again. Cheating is a break in trust, lying is a break in trust, any break in trust creates problems and eventual dissolution of the relationship, especially if that trust is not restored.
  3. The third reason is that trust is the foundation on which a relationship is built. If you don't trust a person, how can you love them? Without trust no one would extend their heart in love, after all, what if someone took advantage of you?
  4. Trust initially is how a relationships starts, and it is through the development of trust that relationships grow.

As you can see, trust is essential to a good relationship. The following is an example that illustrates the importance of trust:

Sam and Sally meet. And, like every relationship, they begin with trust in each other. They believe in each other and their good intention without much proof about the others character. As their relationship grows, fissures start forming because of doubts about whether the other person can be trusted? Sam got in late and had no explanation; Sally never returned his calls. Her explanation was not very good. They start to ask themselves if the other was trustworthy from the beginning or were they fooled? Or they might start asking themselves if the other person has changed. Such doubtful thinking causes tremendous strain in the relationship and with the breaking of trust, the relationship breaks. They go their separate ways.

Now you may bethinking who really cares, they may not hve been right for each other. The point is, no matter who you are, and whether or not someone is right for you, you could run into problems with your relationship if you do not build trust initially.

How do you manage to build the trust in the earlier period of your relationship?

If you want to build trust in the beginning of your relationship you have to be willing to ask questions and seek answers. For example, if there is a change in the mood of your partner, you should find out why. Talk to your partner and talk about the reasons. Even if the reasons are innocent, like they are facing career problems, rather than hiding them, ask that they talk about them to you, because when they don't, you feel as if they are hiding something from you, and it makes you feel uneasy.

If you want to build trust in a relationship, you have to be trustworthy. If you are not being trust worthy, you will find yourself in doubt about the trustworthiness of your partner.

Trust is like the cement of your foundation. If it starts to crack or crumble, the whole building will be unstable. Your whole relationship will be unstable. So, be worth of trust yourself, seek for trust and you will find that your relationship is stronger and better.

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