Why we need friends

Everyone loves having friends, and they make life enjoyable, but do we really need friends? Yes. The answer to that question is simple. We need friends. The reasons are as follows:

Friends comes with friendships, it is through friendships that we often find ourselves and enjoyment in life. Friendships often help to give our lives purpose. Friendships help to bring satisfaction to your life because you care about someone, and you know they care about you in return.

They are the channel of love and affection. Love and affection is a big part of life. Without love and affection life would be cold and dark. It is often through friendships that we first get to feel for someone other than ourselves. We tend to be selfish beings, and so finding a way to focus outward instead of inward is huge. It is through friendships that we do this.

Friends are someone to spend time with. In life you get busy with work, school, family, etc. There is a lot of pressures and stress that come with life, including paying your bills, being a good parent, etc. A lot of times friends are just what you need to help alleviate some of that stress and pressure. You spend time with them and have fun with them. If for no other reason we need friends for this.

When there is a friend with us we feel secure. It is easier to make tough life choices when you know you are being supported. The same goes for making stupid choices, that is why when kids run in a big group they sometimes make poor decisions. However, for all the bad, there is ten times the good. Feeling secure is important, and when you have friends you get this security.

Where we have friends we feel happy, and who does not want that? We need friends just so we can be happy that people love us, want to be around us, and care enough to be there.

When we have friends we have a huge support system, support is as important as oxygen in some cases. It is our support systems that get us through tough times, whether those tough times are emotional trials, financial trials, physical trials, etc.

When you have friends, you find comfort which you can't get from others. If you were standing in a street crying because your frog died, and some stranger came up to you and put their arm around you, would it comfort you as much as if it were someone who knew your frog and understood what it meant to you? This is why we need friends.

Friendships is important and we need friends because even though it is very possible, and highly recommended that you become friends with your blood relatives, friends are the family you choose. Your blood is not a choice, even if it is totally enjoyable, and you would choose the same people if you cold. So, we need friends so that we can learn to form relationships that are not forced upon us.

Everyone needs friends for different reasons. Maybe you need friends so that you are not alone in the afternoons when you get down and start thinking negative thoughts. Maybe your neighbor needs friends so that they have someone to dote on and take care of. We all need companionship, love, and acceptance, and that is why friends, and the friendships we form are so important.

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