Damaged Sheetrock in an Older Home

When you purchase an older home, you will need to expect to make repairs to the home. An older home will have older pipes, older drywall and older paint. Updating these items does not take a lot of money; it will take a lot of your time. With some time and patience, you will be able to update your home exactly the way you want it. One of the many replacements and updates you will need to complete in an older home is damaged sheetrock

Fixing the sheetrock in an old home can either be done by you, the homeowner, or you can hire the work out to a professional. Depending on the amount of damaged sheetrock that needs to be replaced, will help you determine what source to use. The more sheetrock that needs to be repaired, the more money it will cost you. Ask for an estimate from local companies that specialize in home repair. You can also measure the amount of sheetrock you are going to need and price it out at your local hardware store. When you replace damaged sheetrock, whether a small panel or full wall, you will need supplies. The supplies needed are sheetrock, sheetrock tape, and sheetrock mud. Once you have fixed the damaged areas or replaced the sheetrock, you will need to repaint the sheetrock.

To fix the sheetrock in your older home, texture the walls before replacing each wall with new sheetrock. Start by fixing any holes or damage that has been done to the sheetrock. When the holes have been fixed, texture the walls with texture paint. You can purchase the paint in a spray can or you can also roll it onto the walls. When the texture is applied it will help hide any imperfections that were left behind on the drywall. When the texture has dried, apply a new color of paint. The new paint will also help the home look newer and will make the walls appear fresh without any damage.

As you repair the damaged sheetrock in your home, take some time and check behind the sheetrock. In older homes, you may find water damage that has happened. Water damage can create mold which is harmful to you, your family and your pets. As you pull off small parts of your sheetrock, look for the mold that could be there. When you find mold, you will need to clean and kill with a solution and chemical that will make it go away and not return. Hiring a professional to look for mold will give you a guarantee that you have no mold in your home. If you find mold later, the professional that inspected your home will help cover the costs.

Many older homes are linked to asbestos. Asbestos is a harmful product that can cause different cancers and different diseases to you and your family. Before you start any project on your older home, have an inspection check your house for asbestos. If you do find asbestos in your home, you may need to have the asbestos removed. Removing the asbestos needs to be completed by a professional and not by you. The asbestos removed needs to be treated and disposed of the proper way. If you have a small amount of asbestos in your home and chose not to remove it, add new sheetrock over the asbestos that is located in your ceiling or your walls. To keep your family safe, have the asbestos removed immediately.

Restoring an older home will give you an adventure that you enjoy. Start restoring your older home with fixing the small sheetrock repairs that need to be made.

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