Kicking Your Butt into Gear: How to Get and Stay Motivated

Being in a rut is one of the most unpleasant things that you can be in. It affects your work, it affects your relationships, and it can even affect how you view life. This is why it is important to know how to get and stay motivated.

A lot of people often overlook or take the cultivation of their motivation for granted. As a consequence, they suddenly find themselves feeling at a loss or stuck despite things looking okay from an outsider’s perspective. So we would like to take this chance to discuss how you can cultivate and sustain your motivation.

What is Motivation?

This refers to the thing that gives you an extra spring in your step. You can even refer to it as what gets you out of bed every morning. It is the very reason why you do what you do and what gets you through hard and stressful times.

Some call it their inspiration but mostly, it is your motivation. Motivation is critical because it can mean the difference between accomplishing your goals and letting them lay stagnant and inert.

Getting Motivation

Before you are able to sustain motivation, you must first have it. While it can be something that is organic, it may need a bit of help. So here are a few ways on how you can build or get your motivation started:

Set a Goal

Having a destination is always good—otherwise, you’ll just be going forward aimlessly. Having a clear goal gives you an idea of what you need to do and what you’ll get by the time that you’re done.

Get a Buddy

If you feel like you are lacking motivation, talk to someone you trust about it. You would be surprised at the difference another person’s opinion will make. They can talk you through your rut and give you the jumpstart that you need.

Maintaining Motivation

Once you have your motivation started, it is important to keep stoking it. Here are a few ways how:

Keep a Progress Journal

Nothing keeps your motivation going like having a physical representation of your progress. It triggers the reward sensors in your brain and can release endorphins which can drive your energy further. Keep a journal or an app wherein you can jot down what you’ve done for the day and how much closer you are toward your goal.

Schedule Your Breaks

It will do you no good if you keep pushing forward with no rest. Your motivation is a blade that needs to be tempered in order to be sharp. Schedule your breaks both long and short. They can be little pit stops toward your destination.

Always Remember

Motivation is something that you need to work on. While it is something that would be good if it was a self-sustaining things—it sadly isn’t. So you’ll constantly need to work at it in order to meet your overall goal.

What ways do you have to start and sustain your motivation?

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