Let’s Get Started: Top Three Things That Affect Your Quality of Life

Welcome to Improving Your World’s very first article. We’re extremely excited to have you here with us! We would like to get started by discussing the common sources of troubles that affect the quality of life most people have.

Our writers came together to think about the biggest reasons why they had felt or continue to feel like their lives weren’t in the way that they wanted it to be. These are what they all came to an agreement about:

#3: Surroundings

The immediate surroundings of a person can refer to their homes, their offices, or even the very town or city that they are in. When these conditions aren’t ideal, they can really do a number on the individual. External stressors can really bog down the mental and physical wellness of a person. So if you aren’t happy, take a look around you. Are you where you want to be?

#2: Relationships

People are social creatures. We love to interact with others. So if this is not available or if the interactions or the state or source of these interactions aren’t very good, we suffer. The effects of bad or toxic relationships can stay with a person for years to come.

This is why the quality of relationships that a person has can strongly determine their quality of life. So it is important to do periodic analysis of the people in your life. Are you sure they should be part of it?

#1: Finances

Money, money, money! Sometimes it can seem that our lives revolve around it. Money empowers experiences and the quality of life that we can secure for ourselves. Money can also be the source of massive stress and problems—especially when the money problem isn’t even ours.

This is why getting a strong handle on finances is necessary. Are all your financial ducks in a row?

Always Remember

You can always change the situation that you are in. The power necessary to effect change in your life is in you. Are the top three things that affect your quality of life in a good spot right now?

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