Buying the right kind of caravan awnings

If you are thinking about expanding your living space you may consider buying caravan awnings. The awning is really useful for all kinds of travel conditions. It allows you to maximize your living space whether you are camping or simply staying over for a few hours. Not only that but it also offers protection from the harsh Australian weather. If you want some privacy you can even add in annex wall or screen to your awning to help personalize your living space.

Advantages of caravan awnings

  • One of the major benefits of caravan awnings is that it allows you shade from the elements. If the weather is too hot or if it suddenly starts to rain and you are out camping you may want to sit under the shade provided by the awning.
  • It is also quite easy to setup an awning. All you need to do is to follow the instruction booklet which has been given to you and you can have it set in about less than 10 minutes.
  • You can even use it to extend your living space. For example if you want to add an extra room which might also double as a seating area you can simply add an annex by building a wall with the help of an awning.

Types of caravan awnings

There is a variety of awnings available in the market. Each of these serve a different purpose. The most common kind are as follows

Roll out awnings

These kinds of awnings are suitable for all sorts of caravans and flat sided motorhomes. If the walls of the vehicle are curved or you own a camper trailer it would not be the best possible awning for you. When in transit a roll out awning can be clipped to the bottom of the caravan to be kept securely in place. Another benefit of these kinds of awnings is that these are easy to maintain and clean as well. You wouldn’t have to worry about its maintenance but just ensure that you give it a proper dusting every now and then and spray it with a little water to keep the mud and the dust away.

Automatic awnings

These kind are slightly more expensive than the rollout awnings. However if it is not an issue you might consider buying these because of the ease of use that they provide. these come with a side mounted case which can be operated electronically with the help of a button. These are ideal for camper trailers and also work with motorhomes which has curved walls.

Box style awnings

These kinds of awnings are usually popular with people who own motorhomes. The fabric is more tensile and has extra strength. This helps prevent the water from pooling and flapping. You can even add walls as privacy screens which can also provide weather proofing.

The above mentioned are the most popular kind of awnings. For more information on the best awning for your caravan make sure you contact Kakadu Annexes and Caravan Awnings.

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