Advantages and disadvantages of polished concrete floors

The number of people who have polished concrete floors in the Gold Coast has risen in the previous years. This is because this kind of flooring is not only beautiful and attractive but also the right flooring to invest in any commercial building and also residential building. The polished concrete floors in Gold Coast are not only installed in the living rooms and bedrooms but have also proven to work better even in the modern kitchens and bathrooms. Although most people think that installing polished concrete floors in the Gold Coast comes along with advantages only, you should also know that there are disadvantages of installing the polished concrete floors. The following article discusses the advantages and disadvantages of polished concrete floors.

The advantages of concrete floors

1.         They are affordable.

When you compare the prices of buying and installing other types of floors like the hardwood floors, tiles with polished concrete floors in the Gold Coast, you will realise that polished concrete floors are affordable. Even when it comes to polishing this type of floors, the cost is more economical. This has made the polished concrete floors to be the most affordable type of floors in Gold Coast.

2.         They are durable.

Once you have installed the polished concrete floors, the floors are not vulnerable to delimitations, failure, and also breaking off since it is very hard and strong, and hence, they will always remain in place. The polished concrete floors in Gold Coast will last for a very long time, and hence they will not frustrate you, and your floor will always be smart no matter the length of time the floor has been there since you polished it.

3.         Polished concrete floors cannot be damaged by water or mould.

Other floorings that are used by other people are always damaged by moisture and even mould, but when it comes to polished concrete floors, they will still resist them. This is why they are recommended for use by people who have allergies.

4.         They require low maintenance cost.

The fact that the polished concrete floors are durable makes them require no or low maintenance costs. This is because they will remain permanent once you have installed them, and unlike other floors, polished concrete floors do not require waxing, stripping, and refinishing. Once you have installed them, that is over.

5.         They are versatile.

The polished concrete floors home in different designs and colours and thereby giving the homeowners in Gold Coast a chance to make their best choice of the polished concrete floors they like most.

6.         They are friendly to the environment

When the polished concrete floors are manufactured, the manufacturers do not use chemicals that are dangerous or harmful to your health or the environment. Since the polished concrete floors are not prone to allergens and fungus, they are safe to the environment, and all that surrounds the environment.

7.         It is easy to maintain polished concrete floors

Unlike other floors, when it comes to maintaining polished concrete floors by , you only need to sweep the floor daily and mop it. This is very easy, and hence the level of maintenance required is low.

The cons of a Polished Concrete Floor

1.         The floor is very hard.

Although the floor hard making it to last longer, it is also a  disadvantage to the people living in the house with polished concrete floors. This is because unlike other floors, polished concrete floors are uncomfortable since of its hard nature.

2.         The polished concrete floors are cold.

The polished concrete floors do not retain much heat in them, and hence you have to install heat cables so that the amount of heat loss can be reduced. This makes the floors to be very cold.

3.         They are loud.

Like other floors, polished concrete floors are also loud, and hence they do not block the sounds coming from the house.

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