Affordable tile removal: fact or myth

DIY projects have become popular and appealing in the past decade and today. The reasons to make DIY jobs attractive to people are varied. However, these two foremost reasons contribute to the irresistability of DIY jobs, to include:

  • The chance to learn and master a new skill
  • The satisfaction of a well-done project

A DIY tile removal project has its share of pros and cons. The complexities involved in tile removal suggest that it’s a job for professionals. But
can you actually get cheap tile removal? Hiring professionals make tile removal a safer, cost-effective, and quicker project when entrusted to professionals.

Yet, is affordable tile removal more myth than fact?

Benefits of Hiring a Tile Removal Expert

Tile removal can weigh heavily on your time, effort, and money if it’s a DIY project. Hiring a tile removal expert gains the following benefits, to include:


Watching DIY videos of tile removal looks easy and straight-forward, making you feel you can do it. After all, hardware stores are willing to rent out their grinders and jackhammers. However, tile removal also poses a lot of health hazards.

A lot of dust can be produced simply by removing a few tiles. Once airborne, the clouds of dust are likely to settle into anything in the home from you, furniture, carpets, drapes, and more. Lungs can quickly become irritated with the dust motes resulting in poor air quality and upper-respiratory issues.

Even careful cleaning-up will never assure you a dust-free home.


Removing tiles is a long process project. Getting it right on the first try is not guaranteed. There will always be nasty surprises along the way that will make you feel inadequate. Your ventilation system, for one thing, needs to be professionally cleaned when dust particles invade them. This adds an extra expense which you’ve wanted to avoid in the first place.

These issues easily make you see the cost-effective way of hiring a tile removal expert. An expert handling the job saves you unnecessary stress and money. Their tools with attached advanced vacuums ensure the capture of dust as quickly as it is produced.

These high-powered tools prevent any clean-up job after the tiles have all been removed. This leaves your home and furnishings pristine and safe before and after the tile removal project.

Removal of debris and junk

Tile removal experts remove the issue of debris and junk disposal after the job. This type of service is usually provided free of charge, saving you fees charged by waste disposal companies. Removing all waste material is part and parcel of service-oriented and experienced services provided by professional tile removal companies.

Latest technology

Professional tile removal companies are equipped with the latest technology to handle the job seamlessly and easily. Tile removal used to be a messy and noisy project. The latest technology in tile removal tools has removed these issues. This means that the tile removal will not only be dust-free, but it will also be noise-free.

Installing new tiles adds aesthetic appeal and value to any home. However, tile removal is not a DIY project for the health hazards and the long process to get it done. The noise decibels given off by jackhammers are another unattractive thing to contend with.

Hiring a professional to do the project is a safer and more cost-effective option.

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