Air Conditioning Service Gold Coast

Just like any other object or material used by humans to live a comfortable life and satisfy either his needs or his whims and caprices, almost all products lose their warranties and end up classified as wear and tear — sadly, it must go since it is subject for disposal.

Yet, let us make an exemption or give the  benefit of a doubt to the air conditioner. Regardless of its model and production date, it can and will be maintained or rather repaired by skillful hands. A lot of the spare parts or components in an air conditioner can still be fixed when you trust the people behind air conditioning services in Gold Coast.

Using both manual dexterity combined with unquestionable knowledge in electrical components, a service man would be able to detect, identify and troubleshoot problems with malfunctioning air conditioning units.

Before considering the repair or overhaul of air conditioning units, periodic or preventive maintenance must be taken into consideration.This article will hopefully explain and elaborate how air conditioning service in Gold Coast takes place

How often will a cooling unit be serviced?

Depending on whether your AC unit is window type or split-type, similar components are present and housed into each product. Aircon servicing which constantly includes repair or maintenance, must be done once a year for newly-purchased units. However, for AC units over a year to three years, semi-annual or quarterly unit check-up is recommended. Depending on the country where you are living, AC units are still utilised, as long as they are still functioning, even if the unit is already over five years or even more.

Disadvantages of non-maintenance of AC units

The answers are simple for this issue. Ignoring this required procedure will probably turn your AC units to being inefficient and ineffective. The longer you fix or solve the problem, the greater will be the damage to your cooling units. This means that it will entail a lot of money and a minor problem would cost you a fortune if you would prefer to linger with it for as long or as much as you want. Expect a constant or a regular  deterioration in your cooling unit’s performance and worst, operating your AC under such delicate conditions will eventually result in exorbitant power and energy consumption; thereby, shedding a lot of cash from your pocket.

Cleaning and replacing AC Filters

Similar to the human body, the AC unit is also capable of sucking or absorbing dust and dirt, regardless of whether it’s operational or not. While the former has the ability to excrete waste, the latter needs to be manually and routinely checked and cleaned for better  cooling performance. Significantly, there is an abnormal air flow in your cooling units when the filters are clogged-up with dirt, moist and dust. Operating your AC units under this condition will probably block the normal flow of air and since your filters are filthy, it will also carry the same amount of dirt into the evaporator coil and cause it to reduce the normal heat-absorbing mechanism. Buying or purchasing a new set of filters for your AC unit will eventually allow you to save power or energy by five to fifteen percent.

The same recommendation applies to other AC components like the AC coil fins and condensate drains.

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