Design Guidelines for using Baby Room Wallpaper

One of the stressful, yet exciting activities for new moms-to-be is decorating the nursery to make it perfect for your baby. What’s the first agenda on the nursery decorating idea to do?

 Limited experience with designing can make decorating a daunting task. If that is your situation, the relatively quick and inexpensive way of decorating the nursery is using baby room wallpaper.

A focal point is instantly created with the use of baby room wallpaper. Themed wallpaper can instantly brighten up the ambience of the nursery. Being easy and quick to remove is perhaps the top advantage provided by baby room wallpaper. This means that redoing the room as your baby becomes older is simply to strip off the old wallpaper.

Designing the nursery using baby room wallpaper may include:

The ceiling can be wallpapered too

The ceiling can also be wallpapered as well. It is a good idea since your baby will be spending more time looking at the ceiling than on the walls of the room. Make the room look bigger than it is by using light-coloured baby room wallpaper on the ceiling. On the other hand, a larger-sized nursery can become cosy and welcoming with darker-coloured wallpaper such as a navy blue on the ceiling.

If you are lucky to own a few very good pieces of furniture, the focus will be on them when you wallpaper the ceiling. Instead of competing with your lovely furniture, using clouds or star wallpaper designs on the ceiling will provide the perfect background. Fancify supply baby room wallpaper that could add personality to your baby’s room.

Using posters and decals

Repeating the designs and patterns is not all about wallpapering. The chosen theme can be mixed, matched, and complemented with the use of posters and decals. One wall with a giant map poster can complement a travel theme nursery design.

Decals can also be mixed into the theme to create a personalised design as well. Animal prints can create a mini zoo environment or woodland creatures or fairies to complement an enchanting forest theme. Using the right posters and decals can make these design ideas come to life.

Accenting a single wall

Covering the entire wall of the nursery with a single pattern can become overwhelming and boring. Using the same big patterns and bold colours on all the walls can make the room too busy.

It is a better design idea to use bold colours and big patterns on a single wall. This provides a statement to the entire room. You can even use different wallpaper patterns to create a division of the room.

For instance, the playpen or changing table area can be complemented with brightly patterned wallpaper. Or you can go for a nautical theme by using wallpaper with boats and waves designs. The effect becomes striking when this kind of wallpaper pattern is used behind the crib of your baby.

Using textured wallpaper

Textured wallpaper is a good design to have in the nursery. Using them diverts from the usual smooth and flat wallpaper textures. Silhouettes and animal shapes can create a fun feeling for the nursery walls and room. Common wallpaper themes can look livelier when they are paired with textured wallpapers.

Decorating the nursery is more about you as it is for your baby. It will be a long time before your baby starts to become interested in the various designs placed on the walls. The best design is something that pleases you. We are here to help you. Contact us at ________________.

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