Do you need a Building and Pest inspection Gold Coast?

A mortgage loan that did not make it on time to purchase a dream home is a worse situation to be. A pest or building inspection that did not happen on time as the reason for the delayed mortgage loan can be terrible.

Yet, all these terrible scenarios pale in comparison to purchasing a property that turns out to be infested with termites.

Do you really need a building and pest inspection Gold Coast when looking over at potential properties in the area?

Why you need both a pest and building inspection

A company may carry both pest and building inspections. Some companies have qualifications to make them carry out pest and building inspections. However, the common practice is to hire two separate companies to handle separate inspections.

There is a big difference between a pest inspection report and a building inspection report. A building inspection report may identify visible termite damage done in certain areas. However, the report will not include other kinds of timber pests or existing termites.

Hiring the services of both pest and building inspectors to inspect a potential property is the best way to protect from financial risks. The reports submitted by these two professionals will either make you negotiate for a lower price or walk away from the deal.

Areas covered by Building Inspection

All accessible parts of the property will be inspected by the building inspector, to include:

  • Building sites to include driveways, garage, paths, garden shed, carport, retaining walls, stormwater run-off, any separate toilet or laundry, fencing, steps, and surface water drainage
  • Interior
  • Roof exterior
  • Exterior
  • Under-floor space

Some areas or particular items of the property can have a special inspection, to include:

  • Operable smoke alarms
  • Visible signs of asbestos
  • Electrical safety switch

Services involved in Pest Inspection

Termites and borers are timber pests that are invisible to the naked eye as you walk through an Open House. The wood rot happening to the timbers of a property can be easily camouflaged with a lick of fresh paint.

This is why it’s important to have a pest inspection or timber pest infection before you strike a deal with the seller.

Hiring the services of a pest inspector means knowing what you are getting into. It also means price negotiation with the seller with the discovery of a termite infestation.

The coverage of pest inspection includes:

  • Arranging access to the potential property
  • Spend at the least an hour or two to document and assess the condition of the property. Timber pest activity is included in the documentation along with photos
  • Inspect in great detail all external and internal areas including roof space and subfloors
  • Call the potential buyer the results within 24 hours to include the termite activity risk and other important findings
  • Send a formal report within the next 24 hours

Choosing the right pest or building inspectors

  • Licensed surveyor or builder for the professional building inspection
  • Adequate professional indemnity insurance coverage
  • Complies with content and format of the Australian Standard

Purchasing a property is a major financial decision that needs due diligence on your part. Peace of mind and a good financial deal are the just rewards for purchasing a property that has been properly vetted by both building and pest inspectors. There are many reputable pest and building inspections on the Gold Coast that can carry out the necessary work for you.

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