What qualities do award-winning residential architects have?

What qualities are with award-winning residential architects? The myths surrounding award-winning architects are they’re being portrayed as working on the project single-handedly.

Yet, nothing is farther from the truth because a team of expert individuals is usually the reason behind the success of a residential project. The specialisations of the various experts helped to create an award-winning residential design.

Successful projects that garner awards for award-winning residential architects need essential qualities, to include:

They take time to read

Award-winning architects believe they become stronger as they take time to read and peruse design and technical magazines. An architect becomes a better designer when he/she becomes more technical. And one of the best ways to acquire technical skills is to read and practice things read in technical magazines.

They draw or sketch

Drawing or sketching by hand is an essential communication tool shared by many award-winning residential architects. Expressing an idea to a client is best done with a sketch. Some architects don’t hone this skill but award-winning architects do.

They give back to the profession

Architects have organisations that thrive on memberships and tutelage from experienced and award-winning architects. A good architect knows the importance of giving back to the profession. This means joining various organisations for architects. It is only through this way that the interests of present and future architects are protected.

They accept criticism

Multi-awarded architects got to where they are at because they are not easily offended by criticism. They make every project their top priority but remove themselves from an idea. They let go of their egos for they understand that all types of creative professions are subject to criticism. They feel that criticism should add or help in the value of the project.

In the same manner, good architects make suggestions and questions instead of outright criticism. They have found that this works better to encourage the team to try harder on the project.

They listen

They listen to their clients and their team. Each project is not considered as “my project” but “our project”. They acknowledge the expertise brought in by other members of the team. The desired intent of a project often comes from innovative ideas from other team members.

They think and develop their design and style

A project does not mean copying from attractive designs seen in design magazines. Good architects do not also piece-meal attractive parts of structures seen in magazines and claim it as their own. The design comes from looking closely at the specific requirements of the project, measuring the space or site, and listening to the needs of the client. Solving the issues on hand encourages good architects to come up with innovative designs and creations.

They speak up

Being too afraid to speak up to a client when the design seems to be all wrong is not the character award-winning architects possess. Yet, they don’t shoot down the ideas of clients either. What they do is to resolve the issues by providing feedback, advice, and expertise.

Award winning residential architects in Sydney do not work alone. They may be the first team member at the start of the home-building project. However, they also need the expertise, ideas, and experience of other team members such as contractors, electricians, and plumbers to make the right design for every home.

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