Caring for your wooden furniture

Good quality wood furniture can last for decades, in fact a life time. However, one does need to take proper care of it too. The best of the wooden furniture becomes susceptible to wear and tear when we fail to care for it properly.

In order to make sure that your wooden furniture stays as good as new, keep the following advice from the people at furniture store in Sunshine coast in mind:

  • In order to prevent permanent rings forming on the furniture due to heat damage, one should make use of coaster plate. These are easily available at any furniture accessories stores or can be bought online as well. Food which is piping hot should be placed on the wooden furniture because it can cause the marks of the vessel to appear on the surface. The best way to protect the furniture is to make use of tablecloth or any other decorative placement mats.
  • Avoid placing expensive furniture in front of the windows where the sunlight streams in. If possible keep the furniture away from the source of light. Similarly it should be kept away from vets and fire places. Heat and light can increase the wear and tear. Therefore it better to avoid these triggers altogether.
  • Make sure you dust the furniture on a regular basis. The dust particles can sit on the wood and cause a film to layer on top of it. If dusting is not done on a regular basis, it would accumulate and cause the furniture to lose its polish. Use an old cotton shirt and avoid wet wiping. The moisture can cause the wood to swell and cracks would start to appear. If necessary relegate the wet cleaning occasionally.
  • Using commercial polishes and prays can actually spruce up the look of the furniture. However, these shouldn’t be used on a regular basis. The buildup from these commercial cleaners can also cause a layer of film to develop and start attracting dust which would become difficult to wipe off.
  • Do cover small nicks and scratches immediately to prevent further abrasions. Products like liquid polish can help take care of these minor issues.
  • On the other hand if the damage is too deep or has occurred over the years it is best to get professional help. A carpenter can suggest either sanding or reapplication of another stain to make the furniture look new again. Doing so would increase the longevity of the furniture.
  • If the furniture has been stored away and you want to reuse it, you might need to go for oiling. Stored furniture which hasn’t been covered properly tends to become dry. In order to avoid that old and decrepit look, make sure you use a suitable furniture oil.
  • If you furniture needs to be re-waxed, make sure you do it to improve its life span. However before you wax the furniture measure you have prepared it well with the of soft cotton would help get rid of any residue. Once that’s done a thin coat of wax can be applied with the help of a soft flannel cloth.

Keeping these things in mind would help ensure the longevity of your furniture. Make sure you checkout some classic pieces at furniture stores in Sunshine coast or choose to order custom made furniture so that you can achieve the exact look that you want.

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