Tips for Dealing With a Plumbing Emergency

Everyone has faced a plumbing emergency at least once at their homes. The ability for handling a plumbing emergency can be beneficial for people. Hiring emergency plumbers is one of the easiest ways of dealing with plumbing issues.

While there are many people who can handle everyday plumbing problems on their own, it is the ore complex issues which require the services of an emergency plumber. Doing so would help resolve the issue much faster and prevent greater damage to your home.

If you ever find yourself facing a situation like water flooding your living room or leakage coming through the roof, make sure you have the number of an emergency plumber handy. Meanwhile you take the following precautionary steps before help arrives.

Dealing with a plumbing emergency

While anyone can panic when the actually emergency strike, there are certain measures which you need to take so that things don’t get tough. The first and foremost is to make sure that you keep your cool throughout the ordeal. Take a deep breath and keep the following steps in mind when an emergency occurs:

Shut of the water supply

Make sure to shut off the water source as fast as you can. This would prevent the water from getting into your hoe and causing damage. In case of a flooded toilet simply shut off the water supply near the case of the commode. In case of a bigger emergency its best to turn of the main water supply.

Switch off the water heater

Another step to take in case of an emergency is to shut off the water heater. Doing so would help avoid the damage to the unit. Shut off the heater as soon as the water supply is shut off, this would prevent the heat from becoming trapped inside the heater and blowing it up. In case you have a gas water heater, make sure you turn off the gas supply as well.

First tend to the smaller leaks

If you are able to locate the source of a smaller leak make sure you handle it first. If you have plumber tape at home in your tool box, make sure you adhere it to the leak to prevent excess water from oozing off. If you don’t have the tape, don’t worry you can even use a rag and stuff it down the hole to prevent leakage.

Also keep in mind that despite shutting off the water supply there would still be some left over water left in the drains. Make sure that you open up the drains. If water is blocked in the drains, you can make sue of a plunger to help resolve the issue. Avoid putting anything else into the drain as it could complicate matters.

Last but not the least when you call an emergency plumber, make sure you follow any direction which they give you. This can stop a matter from escalating. 

Make sure you hire a reliable emergency plumber.

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